Thermal Flame Spraying Centrifuge Shaft Repair


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    This video will show the spray welding process I use to repair a badly worn bearing journal on a shaft out of a Decanter Centrifuge, used to extract edible oils from solids. The equipment I use is the Eutectic TeroDyn 2000 used with oxygen/acetylene, and the ProXon 21021 powder. I'll share the entire repair process including tig welding the groove that was cut into the shaft, setting up in the lathe, flame spraying, and finishing back to size.

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    1. scottgm321

      Camera woman got a great smile out you. Thanks for another awesome video.

    2. Nick Majdanski

      Do the minimum and maximum measurements for the bearing race come from the bearing manufacturer?

    3. Don Kintz

      Excellent Demonstration I always enjoy watching your videos and love the way you explain How and why your doing Every step Thanks Adam👌👍

    4. sjowners

      Haha glad it's not just me that has inserts randomly break.

    5. cyranox

      Hi, what powder is suitable for thermal spraying bearing seats on a cast iron excavator travel motor casing? Thank you so much for your video.

    6. Dave Gill

      Amazing Bloke, Amazing Content👍👍

    7. Todd Fletcher

      How much can you build up a surface?

    8. Лишнего нет

      Спасибо за интересное видео👍🏼,от нас лайк❤️Заглядывайте в гости.

    9. Edgar Milson

      I thought you would install the bearing?

    10. Fab Funty

      I always recite the *Abom79 indicating theorem* : "loosen your highs and tighten your lows" seems like a good motto anyway

    11. carlos eduardo abril

      buen trabajo

    12. carlos eduardo abril

      buen trabajo muy practico el sistema de pulverizacion termica para recuperacion de ejes , felicitaciones sr abom 79

    13. Hope TV

      I'm here to support but sorry I'm a lady not interested this heheheh but nice of u sharing all of this gud job sir

    14. john ruppert

      When I was young, I watched a GM Twindisk marine gear housing damaged by a spun bearing, output shaft bearing bore, repaired with metal spray.

    15. Patrick Dorion

      that's a nice receipt from ITS 😁

    16. Jon Gerber

      stuff machines well . Purty . Thank you for sharing .

    17. Ricardo Alvarado

      I would like to suggest you use long sleeves when welding, to avoid exposing your forearms to UV Light

    18. Peter Magoun

      Love to see the shrink job!

    19. OO

      💥well done 💥👍

    20. The Flat Garage

      @ "...600degF..." , would that considered the spray-metal 'fused" or "soldered" into the native material?

    21. Jesse james

      I absolutely love the spray welding process it's awesome to see parts being fixed/ repaired instead of replaced. Great job Adam keep it up 👍

    22. chevyfahrer

      wow,now adam has a cameraman/woman ???

    23. Chris Belobrajdic

      Please move or, at least, crosspost to Rumble. I can no longer support YT and I enjoy your channel.

      1. Chris Belobrajdic

        @Fart Soundeffect Bruuuuh, you do you. I've politely asked Adam and it's up to him.

      2. Fart Soundeffect

        Bruh, just use youtube

    24. ShawnMrFixitlee

      Great share Adam , I sure love the spray welding vids . Sure saves a ton of $$ .. ENJOYED !!

    25. 1justice2012

      I came here from Trenton & Heath.

    26. Michael Scott

      Adam, always great to see new content. Love seeing the spray welding! As an aside, I wanted to pass something on to you. I've been watching another SEpromr from Amarillo, TX, Precision Transmissions. It's amazing to see how quickly Richard can disassemble a transmission. Anyway, he's mentioned several times about how he's starting to have trouble getting a particular bushing for his transmission rebuilds. He's been concerned that he's going to have to get complete assemblies in order to replace a bushing. I thought that it might be something that you might be able to make for him, so that he wouldn't have to get more expensive parts in order to get the one part he needs. Thought if it worked out, it might make for a regular project for you. Just a thought. Keep up the fantastic work!

      1. James Wuertele

        I watch the same channel. Great family, and I learn a lot from his tear downs.

    27. Jocke Thörngren

      Hey Adam, nice to see you again. Hope you had a nice xmas and new years. I'm from Sweden so I work mainly in Metric, and if I come across Imperial measurements I DON'T convert them to Metric as not to introduce that slight margin of error. Now I know you work in both systems with ease (so I envy you badly), but on a job like this I don't understand why you wouldn't just measure it in Metric? I mean wouldn't it be easier to sneak up on that nice even 70 mm (tolerance is -0.002/+0.015 mm on axles I think), instead of chasing 2.756496062992126 (etc.) inches to get as close as possible? 2.7568 is REALLY close, but that still turns out to 70.022 mm, which in Metric would be over the tolerance...this why I hate conversions. Love your videos man, keep up the great work.

      1. Stika

        If you have calibrated imperial measuring instruments , you use imperial. Inspection tools cost lots of money. Also, me personally, I can conceptualize in my head how much 0.00008 inches is, but .002mm means nothing to me until I convert it.

    28. Mature Patriot Machining

      You answered my question. I was wondering about possible warpage. It looks good.

    29. Twobob Club

      Honestly, Happily watch you indicate stuff in. Craftsman in action. Solid job

    30. Eduardo Rosales A

      I always enjoy your work. Excellence in craftsmanship is always joyful.

    31. Leif Gunnarson

      You mentioned that the paint on the back-side does not really matter for the accurate registration in the chuck, certainly true in this case. Perkin-Elmer though, missed a tiny flake of paint on one of their instruments, rendering the Hubble-Telescope all but useless until it was reparied with corrective optics :) An error of Nano-Meters I recall :) Also, how would some paint change anything, when you need to adjust and tap the workpiece anyway, like you or anyone must do allways to get some acceptable accuracy. Over-doing things is a waste of time also. The balance can be difficult to know. An interesting thing about Inches and millimetres, is that a "thou" is 0,025mm, about 2,5x coarser than a hundred of a millimeter. I think this has an unnessersarly psycological implication on the machinining of things overall, bececause like in the US, people in Europe are like stuck in measurments, eventhough I know, skilled people are not stuck in units of measurments. Thus, a Swiss or Swedish tool, such as a simple indicator has 2,54 more finer resolution, compared to a comparable US one. "One Division = 0,01 mm" Don't get me wrong, I regard you and other American Machinists highly skilled and I know you all know this. Perhaps hunting for 0,01 mm is more waste of time than 0,025 mm, often it is. Europeans might overdo things 2,5 times more :) Certainly I understand smaller dimensions and how important they might be. One thing I can not understand though, is the use of fractional measurments such as 1/16 and so forth. One could use 1/16th of a centimeter as well, but no one in Europe would like that. We would have to do the Math to see the decimal dimension. We are truly Decimalic, thanks to the French :)

      1. Ellie Price

        @Stika Slight correction; that would be 5/16 + 4 ten thousands = .3129 which of course is never used as you pointed out.

      2. Stika

        No one I know in the US machining industry uses fractional measurements. In more precise work, all measurements are in thousands (of inch). It is never mixed, as in 5/16 and 4 thousands, its just .3129 inch. Unless you are machining larger items, like bolt circles, they may be indicated as 6 inch bolt circle +/- 0.02.

    32. Common SENSE


      1. Leif Gunnarson

        Not to the rate it does affect them at all. The distance from the chuck and the rotation, providing natural air-cooling, the small contact surfaces on the chuck jaws, the chucks great heat-capacity for its heavaviness, negates the problem. If the bearings are warmed up ever so slightly, it is not a problem. It might be good for them to be warmed up from 5°C to 30°C. The heat-transfer to the Bearings is neglible in this setup. Doing the same heating a short Axle or Round-Stock, using a Collet-Chuck, directly inserted into the spindle, might be quite different and possibly harmful to the spindle and the front bearing as well. The collet-chuck and its bushing would die first, from excessive annealing (>250 °C) then the spindle likewise, then the front bearing smoking, if enough heat is applied. One would have to want to destroy theese things in the order. It starts to smell badly and smoke from burnt grease, long before the complete disaster, but skilled people can see or understand if it is too much heat long long before. No exeperienced machinist would ever come close to this.

    33. Wet 3200

      Говорила мне мама, учи Английский.

      1. Арсений Фёдоров

        Так учи, в чём проблема-то. Он ничего сложного не говорит.

    34. Jon Doe

      That was a nice job you did Adam. Far less expensive than buying a new part, very informative re: the product manufacturer, and the method and steps used to accomplish this job. Blondihacks recommended your channel and I'm really happy I explored. You machinists are a great "family" to be associated with. Applause and cheers from Indiana!

    35. Stanley Kmiec

      Terrific job Adam, thanks for sharing. Take care

    36. Pia Vig Dalsgaard

      You the best man.. Good to see that you are not present at Capitol Hill .. But focus on this Spray thing...!! Love it .. gives US all hopes in this Covid19 and Election twist times!

    37. G. K

      imagine getting paid twice for the same job,thats buisness

    38. charles farber

      Hey i have question for you

    39. creed 6.5

      super nice job

    40. Jacob Kari

      Hey Adam I believe I have found a larger capacity steady rest for your Monarch, if you're looking for one let me know. I can send you a link.

    41. Joar F

      So satisfying video! Love the videos when the chips changing colors. Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪 😀

    42. Andre van Wyk

      Nice job. I wonder why those flame guns don't work something like a regular spraygun so that it can be used with one hand.

    43. Bryan Dreggors

      Still not using the shield I see lol 😂

    44. Саша Ппп

      Adam, don't you fear to do things like this with fire and abbrasives on your really good lathe? Why don't you get some scrap lathe, maybe only bed and two stocks, for your welding things, and place it with other welding? I usually use old woodturning lathe for things like this, and completely avoid to go with any fire or even sandpaper to my lathe

    45. tobias jansson

      Hey Adam! I wonder where to buy the equipment you use (eutectic terodyn 2000)? I work in a maintenance department (Seco) and I think we would benefit a lot from it. Thanks for another great episode.

    46. digus

      They produce oils, from edibles uh- let’s just say “nut oils”..;)

      1. prpunk187

        Bout to heat me up some "nut oils" myself lol

      2. misael puente


    47. Eric H

      Wow damn fine work and repair I hope the customer is happy !

    48. Saint Leibowitz

      spray welding has always been fascinating to me

    49. Jon Tisdall

      Nice repair. Can anyone tell me what make those goggles are and maybe suggest a supplier ? Thanks in anticipation.

    50. ROBRENZ

      Nice work Adam! ATB, Robin

    51. Shodan Lieu

      Despite not being a machinist I really enjoy your videos. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into the visual aspects of showing what you’re doing on a job. I also really appreciate the care you take in describing not only what you are doing, but why you do it. For me, this is the best part. I know you could all kinds of technical jargon, but you don’t, and. I can pretty much follow what is happening and why. While just seeing a quick time-lapse and finished product of what someone has done is nice, I don’t find them as rewarding. Great work. Thank you. Cheers

    52. Mike N

      Interesting video, nice to see the new spray welder in action. I found cutting the thread for more surface area interesting.

    53. Craig Ferguson

      none GEA bearing, should interesting

    54. boltonky

      Great video and its interesting to see spray welding in lathe was used for it in a past life and could do with this when i restore vintage parts

    55. Lobotomy’s And-Pelosies

      Formally know as “Sickandtiredofcomplaining” is back!!!! And in true fashion we all must thank the one the only 🧔🏻 Mr Billy Maze!!! Bringing the smack down on all you posers who build “Flex-boats” from chicken wire and laughing at all who never stayed up all night screaming infomercials while blasting rails of OXYCLEAN!!! Feels good to be back....hope Steve summers finished that garage cause 🧔🏻 Is on his way!!!✌️😘💕😂😂😂😂🥳🥳🥳🥳

    56. Felix Mueller

      Adam , when was this spray weld , build up method developed ?

      1. Doug Ankrum

        @Felix Mueller Carpenter?....this would be like mixing some wood glue and sawdust, spreading on and waiting for it to add some 'extra' amount of material....of course with wood, you just use shims...

      2. Shodan Lieu

        According to this article the technique was invented in 1909, which completely shocked me. Cheers. Author links open overlay panelStephanSiegmannaChristophAbertb1 rights and content

      3. Felix Mueller

        Thanx for the replies . I'm a carpenter. This is something I never heard of . After stumbling appon Abom79 , I was hooked !

      4. Doug Ankrum

        I worked in an Electric Motor repair shop in 1965, they already used a 'spray' welding build-up, but the process used a solid wire instead of powder...Eutectic, great quality stuff.

      5. Greg Warner

        I am not certain but i was using it in my step father's shop 50 years ago.

    57. EpM

      That was very satisfying..

    58. DaveSender66

      Beautiful work you've done here. Thanks for taking us along. Happy New year!!!

    59. Steve Johnson

      Everyone loves watching the spray welding. Thanks Adam.

    60. Dustin

      What does a job like that cost?

      1. sjowners

        I would think about $160 -$230

      2. Chris Webb

        Less than a new part

    61. Bottom Feeder

      I’ve learned so much from these videos Adam. Just you rambling little things that may seem obvious or insignificant to you helps rookies like me more than you can imagine.

    62. Crossbow Hunter

      @abom79 I thought a viewer gave you a digital micrometer why don’t you use that? Or did they not give you one that is big enough for that size part? The micrometer you use on video are they carbide faced

    63. Richard Brosier

      Thank you for all the videos you have made but I need you to get ahold of me I got some parts I need help to locate Just for Old Cincinnati drill press approximately in 1922 hope you get this message and get it back to me thank you

    64. Atallah Alnadi

      The other question is,does the type of flame affect the good bonding on the surface? And also does the regulating on the cylinder play any role?

    65. Atallah Alnadi

      Dear Adam.I was wondering if have you ever done such a job on piece of work and it didn't work? I mean you just did the procedure and apply the all parameters perfectly but the spray welding peeled out with out good bonding on the surface?? Because I tried a lot and only some of that attempts worked.

    66. Greg Warner

      Suggest ypu add a face shield to the goggles.

      1. James Wuertele

        Every video, there is one of you lol. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    67. Richard Trettin

      adam, if you ever need to remove a bearing race like the one they ground off, just wrap it in a rag support the race on the bottom on a block of steel and hit the race on the top with a heavy hammer. The race will break into pieces because it's so brittle. Watched my father-in-law diesel mechanic do this in the field.

    68. Ronny Dowdy

      Good job

    69. Jcc8t7

      this was a really cool and interesting video, glad it showed up on my recs

    70. Dubsy Dubs

      Surely the shaft takes 2 bearings and the top bearing area is worn as well, looks smaller than the thread. Just for the record I'm not in anyway doubting Abom it was more of an enquiry on the part.

      1. Doug Ankrum

        @Phreadrick Hejrick I worked on stuff just like this when I was mechanic at Blue Diamond Almond Growers...centrifuge to spin 350 degree cooking oil out of almonds....400-500 pounds at a time...there's another similar bearing and hollow shaft at the other end, and the very end has another oil seal to keep dirt and stuff out...there's also a Dodge compression fitting for the chain drive sprocket. Quite a few 'mechanics' used the same shaft damaging process for bearing removal. But, once you cut off the outer race and balls, you can heat that inner race very quickly to red hot, and it will expand faster than the shaft, you can slide it off....but don't waste time...!!

      2. Phreadrick Hejrick

        I *think* that's one end of a longer shaft or assembly of some kind; it's like an end cap or something. One bearing would do it! Plus seals and who knows what else...

    71. bigalhudson

      Great video. Was waiting for you to install the bearing but obviously not part of the job. After rebuilding a few gearboxes you don’t always have a shoulder to fit the bearing to re position so presume that’s the installer’s job?

    72. Matt Jorgensen

      Adam, quick question. I have a TeroDyn 2000 that I'm setting up. I'm being told by my Eutectic rep that I have to have 2 size #5 Acetylene tanks manifolded together to safely run the torch as the acetylene withdrawal rate is too high for a single tank. But, I see in your last few videos you're just running a single tank, and not a real huge one at that.. Is your experience that you can run the torch for short periods on the single tank without failure? What CFH of Acetylene were you running in this video?

    73. Ben F

      Awesome video! I'm studying Manufacturing Engineering and showed my materials professor your earlier video on spray weldind. He had never seen that type of additive machining before. Next semester he's going to integrate that technique into his lectures! Thanks for the videos always informative and interesting.

      1. routercnc

        @Abom79 Many, many years ago I had one of my Engineering teachers tell me to be careful when removing material as there was not a machine in the World that could put it back on . . . If only he knew !

      2. Abom79

        Very cool! I appreciate hearing that others are taking interest in this process. It definitely has its place in industry.

    74. Jefferey

      Would a Scotchbrite pad work better on the masking to clean and polish the part?

      1. Joshua Yingling

        That's what I was thinking too. It seemed aggressive using 220. But he is the professional here haha.

    75. gerald usener

      great job !!!

    76. Jessebob Æ

      Great video. Good pace & narration. 👍🏻🍻

    77. Thomas Hatcher

      definitely looks like an alfa laval separator part. not cheap to replace so repair is always the best option.

      1. Jan Visser

        Alfa Laval, that is what I thought as well. Dynamic balancing the whole assembly was the next.

      2. RANDOMFASTREADER aka mcfc

        I work at a waste water plant and i can confirm parts for those are not cheap

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      Big Like Thanks for sharing amazing video . see you around at my home. Give back support, stay connected. HAPPY NEW YEAR 💝🥳

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      Another part saved to live another day!

    80. Paul Tennis

      This is why I support Abom's channel. What an excellent video. And Abom looked like he was having a lot of fun doing it. BTW great camera work!

      1. Abom79

        I always enjoy these types of repairs 👍🏻


      Awesome video. I understand completely now. Thermal welding I mean. Thx so much

    82. desktop100

      Would you recommend this process for solid front axle outer spindles? Cant keep a bearing and seal in mine anymore. Already speedy sleeved for the seal. I wanted to do this to the spindle (hollow for 4x4 shaft) but the local spindle expert advised against the preheat for a vehicle spindle. My other option is to chrome it a cylinder shop and grind the bearing and seal surfaces back to max. What are your thoughts? FYI (New 1978 ford Dana60 spindles have been on order since March 2019- still no update from India)

      1. Greg Warner

        @desktop100 New Hampshire is not much better.

      2. Steve Johnson

        @desktop100 Give LKQ a call. They're the Walmart of auto wreckers and if it's not in stock in Manitoba, maybe it's in stock in Malibu and could be on the next truck headed your way.

      3. desktop100

        @Greg Warner Problem is, they are just as worn out as the ones I'm trying to replace, or been underwater in a swamp for 10 years.....Canada is where vehicles and parts come to die.....

      4. Greg Warner

        Have a large recycle yard do a search for your part. Buy two.

      5. desktop100

        @Abom79 Thank you for your quick and experienced reply. !! Keep up the great work.

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    84. BradPow

      I love th1000 grade. I hard turn 60rc gear bores to a 16 finish all day with those. Also great on interrupted cuts.

    85. Joe Clarke

      Whenever I see Thermal Flame Spraying I stop everything to take a peek.

      1. Jim Bob

        Yea buddy!

    86. A B

      What was the difference in diameter from when hot and cold unfinished

    87. Joe Reilly

      Anyone have experience applying this type of coating on a bore rather than the OD?

      1. Joe Reilly

        @Abom79 cheers big guy! Happy new year and keep the awesome videos coming 👌

      2. Abom79

        Eutectic makes an internal attachment but I have yet to use one.

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      Great machining 👍

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      5:20 , looks like the grim reaper outside the shop door 😬

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        He comes to Abom to have his scythe sharpened 😁

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      Does that connect to the bowl Adam could be duplex

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      Well done and a hat's off to the camera work! Nice close ups!

    92. Braden B

      How do we recruit you for some small turning work? I have a bridgeport but no tooling and my needs often require a lathe.

    93. dtimboggs

      Who makes your dark goggles?

    94. Tarmac Cowboy

      Man, you made a top-tier job there. That part looks good enough to eat now!

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      its amazing that stuff can stand up to any abuse

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      For me,Adam is just a brilliant teacher,I've seen many of his episodes and all of them are just fabulous.Keep up Adam doing great works and feed our brains with your perfect experiment. Atallah from Jordan.

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      Adam, just a rough order of magnitude what is the cost of such a repair?