SNS 343: Installing Hose & Cord Reels


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    This week Abby and I get to work installing some new Reelcraft Industries hose and cord reels for the shop. I add two small hose reels for the milling machines and two 50' reels for general use, also a cord reel to replace the use of loose extension cords. We'll machine a couple of custom mounting plates for the ceiling, and Abby gets to work using the @Flex Machine Tools Flexarm.
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    1. PoignantPirate

      I'm glad you got this done, You seem to be 'reel' happy now.

    2. Jason Turner

      Abby 'The OSHA Violation" Booth

    3. Sorrea

      That woman is more valuable than all the tools in your shop. Protect her at all costs.

    4. Katharina Blum

      air supply. I guess not too many fans who like both Abom79 and air supply.

    5. Martin E

      Anyone know what happened to the other shaper? It seems to be missing.

    6. L Stein

      Perhaps you should have Abby tap one with a tap handle to help with context? Those hose reels are going to be a big problem when you want to use your gantry!

    7. Coby Smolens

      Love that your lady friend was out there helping, and having a blast in the shop, and your interactions are adorable! You guys are a great team.

    8. John Carder

      31:28"Reel happy with the way this is turning out."

    9. Connah Jones

      why did you put the push fitting on the wall and the pull to insert on the hose? probably an oversight but really good video and im glad that the set up will work for you

    10. Dan Gilson

      Adam, A suggestion. There is a tool called Clamptite. (I am not affiliated with them in any way.) They are great for putting clamps on hoses. All types/all sizes. They can be used for clamping other things as well. I have had that tool for 20+ years now. It always works well. Using it you can purchase bulk hose and nipples and assemble your own hoses to any length you want at a lot less costs. It typically takes me about 10-15 minutes to setup a new hose. Just a thought.

    11. Homebrew Horsepower

      More Abby. She's awesome.

    12. Single Shot!

      Great set up Adam! Good to see your wife too! She’s willing to learn and help!🙂

    13. Nicoya

      That T plus 2 stuff is such a pain in the ass. Makes a complete mess, the brush-in-can is a pain to use, and when I use it on air lines I always end up with at least one fitting bubbling and no amount of tightening will get it to seal. Sometimes it works if I leave it to stiffen up for 24 hours, other times I Just give up and use teflon tape instead. I think it works much better on larger pipes, like with water pipe where it's 1/2 or 3/4 NPT or larger.

    14. Ron Wilken

      Adam, great video as usual. One comment I will make is that when you change your power outlets and breakers to 20 Amps be sure to put in Ground Fault Breakers. They will ensure that any potential faulty ground on a portable piece of equipment will not end up with electric shocks causing you to drop a machine or worse electrocute yourself or anyone else using them especially if they can reach outside to potentially damp locations.

    15. sons424

      Abby your the best! Abom your ok too LOL, from Jerusalem!

    16. radicalanddangerous

      I always enjoy your shop/machining videos and I'm so glad you finally mentioned what the name of that air gun was. Even with it being OSHA approved, I've never had a air gun that put out that kind of air pressure. Well worth the money. I could have saved a bit but I went with the all metal gun. Thank you Adam!

    17. Chick Denike

      Don’t forget, it was your machine work that made you the star that you are. As you know, those skills fade quickly as you spend less time making chips and more time generalizing about new tools and equipment. Just a thought from someone who has “been there, done that.”

    18. debaserNYC

      wow, that mic sounds great.

    19. Phil Bohrman

      I'm really upset, Adam, that you have had a hose discharge valve (presumably made in the USA) that hasn't leaked forever and the new one out of the box from China does!

    20. Phil Bohrman

      Congrats Abby for getting Adam to let you use "his" toys. Great job! Adam, great job with the reels.

    21. Bart De Bruyne

      This channel is all about product placement now!

    22. Jim Brown

      Abby is a real sweetheart. She is so great to drop everything to help out.

    23. Bob O`Bob

      Be sure you get Abby's input on where those bump stops go, to be sure she can reach!

    24. Joel

      Watching you and Abby work together is such a joy. You two are gonna give Steve and Elizabeth Summers a run for their money 😁

    25. William LoPresti

      It is funny how Abby was trying to keep her workspace so clean in her use of the cutting oil. She just could not stand making a "mess."

    26. Michael VanGundy

      Piping air is your opportunity to expand the tank size of the compressor. Use 3 or 4 Inch black iron and weld in a 1/2x6 nipple cut in half. Weld all of the branches on top and the last one on the bottom as a drain. Pipe it to the outside with a valve inside to blow out water and debris. Don't use light weight pvc it will one day shatter. Pex is good and cheap, black iron is tough.

    27. Jan Visser

      Adam, for the rigidity of the sawblade slide the support towards the vise. I know, I often forget it as well😏

    28. Saadat Saeidi

      Dear Abom, I enjoyed watching the video as always. I am sure you are aware of this matter that, if you use any load close to max capacity of the extension lead, you better unreal all the way due to heat accumulating because of hi current. Cheers mate

    29. TheRedneckAtheist

      Might be a case of confirmation bias but anytime I buy a new nozzle or chuck I always put a couple of drops of air tool oil in them before first use, never had an internal leak.

    30. David Hall

      Nicely done you Got to have easy access air and power in the shop.

    31. Ronny Dowdy

      Abby is a great addition to the shop. The improvements are great. I really enjoyed watching Abby use the Flex Arm. Like watching you two do things together.

    32. Dale Sather

      Let Abby know that a unionized machinest in Canada working in Northern Alberta would earn 1/4 millon a year before taxes keeping in mind 3600 a month is substance pay and that is tax free so just under 50k so I'm interested to know what the annual income any of the skiled trades earn a year in Florida

    33. TheManLab7

      How did you end up with that black nail? I've seen it before but never asked.

    34. Anthony Curreri

      Remember that circuit breaker and receptacle size (amperage rating) is based on what wire size (guage) you have. So those 20A receptacles and 20A breakers should be connected to #12 wire.

    35. Tristan Hali

      Why spend so much on quick connect fittings for permanent hose reels into your shop line?

      1. A Forman

        I agree.

    36. pandorafalters

      Internal leaks on pneumatic tools is something I've been running into a lot, the last few years. Even made-in-USA stuff! On most of them it seems to be a total lack of deburring around the internal valve surfaces. Touching those up with a kiss from a drill usually solves the problem for me.

    37. Douglas Thompson

      I am sure you know about the ferrule and crimp hose ends and unions but I am left wondering why you didn't make your own whips with them as you can adjust the length to the exact length plus they are reusable if you ever need to redo the ends. Probably much more reasonable than paying someone to do a one time fitting that is not reusable.

    38. Stuart Penketh

      Great informative video ! Nice to see Abby helping out. On that 50 ft. airline, the connection line, seemed to go over the top of the steel line fixed to the ceiling. Any particular reason for that, or am I seeing things ? Stay safe, Stu

    39. Andy Delle

      I'm sure you know this, but make sure the wire is 12 gauge when upgrading the circuit from 15a to 20a. It looks like all your electrical is in EMT conduit so it's easy to pull new wires if needed.

    40. Ronald Jennings

      Looks good God bless🙏

    41. OO

      💥Well done! 👍👍

    42. phillip murphy

      Get her a shirt made that says watch me tap that. Lol

    43. Arthur Owen

      After Abby helped, you didn't extend your arm to help her get down from the step ladder. You just left her up there and she had to get down by herself. Not cool.

      1. digitalradiohacker

        Not cool - But safe. Three points of contact and all that. A decent step ladder, well deployed, will be far more sturdy to grab hold of than a white knight reaching out at full arms extension. Adam keeps his shop immaculately clean and tidy, and he doesn't seem to tolerate worn-out tools. I doubt the ladder is wonky / sat on junk / wobbling.

    44. horehey *

      No reflective safety vest. Unbelievable that you would put her in that kind of danger!

    45. DeepPastry

      Why did you use the nice quick connectors on the wall? The other, manual ones, would of been much better there since you are not going to be operating them very much (hose changes, moving entire reel). Use those nice ones on the operating ends of the hoses. EDIT: Did the switch to China mean they passed even a tiny bit of those huge savings on to you, the customer? Since they passed on that lower build quality.

    46. wireedm1

      Oh, I really like that work stop you're using!

    47. Rick Hawkins

      Always enjoy your videos, just west you guys, in Gulfport. Where would you suggest I look for a used floor stand drill press? Possibly a used Delta or used Jet

    48. Roy Wilson

      "Reel happy" - no pun intended! Love the videos and nice to see Abby. Stay safe

    49. Larry Walker

      Products made in China is not good I would have returned them

    50. mo tech

      Beautiful seeing Abby get involved with machining! Way to go Abby!!!! ❤

    51. c0mputer

      Hell yeah, more Abby! Beats looking at your ugly mug for 30 minutes...haha

    52. Matt Talbot

      Wrecked 'em (seal)? Damn near killed 'em!

    53. Brad

      I wish I could explain why I find watching this kind of video so interesting and fulfilling. Not exactly the words I’m looking for but I’m sure you understand. ✌️😎🇺🇸🇺🇸

    54. James R

      Abbey you go girl!!!!!

    55. Bradley Williams

      SO Good 2 C Abbey participating in the Shop Adam it could become a Family Tradition !! Not the Hank Williams Jr kind of way (No Disrespect) But a good way. A little Encouragement & Direction Abby could Really Help u out around the Shop ! Way 2 GO ! 🇨🇦

    56. Pierre .Fortier

      Good job

    57. David Squibb

      Have her do one by hand and then the flax arm be easy she my take your place

    58. jjb

      Abby, you are one good Flexarm ad.

    59. SuperBrainAK

      wow those are really convenient! its nice to see your shop get some well deserved upgrades!

    60. Mark White

      thats really neat to see abby doing that

    61. RI_Bred

      Very nice upgrade. Quality stuff!

    62. John Boyd

      NIce work Adam. Most people don't understand that compressed air is one of the most expensive commodities in manufacturing. Gotta find those leaks!

    63. jerry colter


    64. jerry colter


    65. Tsunauticus IV

      Adam... you’re not a bad looking guy. You’re selling yourself short. Big time.

    66. Peter Adkins

      I would love to get my wife tool hating self out in the shop. what a awesome way to spend sometime together.

    67. Clive Gregory

      You have got yourself an apprentice.

    68. Jonathan baker

      Nice to see Abby, and nice air line reel install.

    69. cam2dre133

      We need to see Abby more. Nice vibe

    70. ferrie76

      Abby, I Guess you should get yourself a Abom T-shirt! 😏😂 I know how much you love you’re tee’s Greetings from The Netherlands

    71. ThatGuyThatDoesStuff

      The number of know-it-alls and safety nannies in the comment section is unbelievable. Here to tell Adam everything he's done "incorrectly" and to write out their own safety PSAs. One guy left NINE different comments of this variety. Can you imagine trying to be friends with these people? They're in the shop with you, every two seconds you're doing something wrong or getting some general PSA about shop safety. These people have to be absolutely insufferable to be around.

      1. Patrick Eigenmann

        I am a professional Head Chef of a restaurant. I watch Abom mostly because of his passion for precision, old machines and love for machining. Even when i don't understand everything, it's top notch content. Considering Adams skill level, it's beyond me that people still think they have to tell him how he has to do his job. Baffles me :-). PS: Adam if you read this, you effing rock!

    72. Barkley Gentry

      Been a minute since I've watched. Now your lovely wife is helping! 👍👍

    73. Dave Leland

      Teamwork! I love it.

    74. user990077

      40:16 Be careful with 150 PSI when using air nailers or staplers. 150 PSI is a little to hot for those guns.

      1. Ypop Nun

        and air-powered grease guns they all run around 90 psi

    75. user990077

      How soon until we see Abby in a welding helmet?

    76. John Slee

      reel-ly good!

    77. Richard Head

      _I love it when Abby participates in the videos!_ 👍 _You found a diamond in her, Adam!_ 💎

    78. philip denner

      now i have to go fix my system !!

    79. James King

      Now, fire suppressant

    80. Terry Bush

      Interesting shop upgrades. Good job Abby! Thanks for sharing.

    81. kodo nosaki

      Today, I still occasionally have a need for Permatex High Performance Thread Sealant part #56521, which is a 50 ml tube. It has sealed bone dry against: transmission fluid, air compressor fluid where the drain plug screwed into a cracked boss, and air and water lines. As per my initial instructions from Permatex, filling the void of 2 threads around is adequate to seal well. This 25+ year old product has never let me down! Bonus - it has a 30 minute repositioning time, and cured it is a mild thread locker.

    82. John KS

      Would it have been an idea to have a dedicated tee in the air line for misting?


      To me, it's a blessing to see tattoo-free arms.

    84. Big Bill at Iron Garage

      Looks good. I myself I'm in the process of adding a new hose reel to the shop. I really like the power cord reels. I'm going to have to get me a couple of them.

    85. Laurence Coots


    86. Laurence Coots


    87. TheTsunamijuan

      GO Abbie, you rock for getting out there and doing stuff in the shop. Bonus points for the smile and great attitude.


      OK, am I the only one that is seeing a problem with your A frame gantry system? if I remember correctly, that thing just barely cleared your fluorescent light bulbs. Hopefully you've already thought that through.

    89. Frank B

      Looks great.

    90. chuxmix65

      There's Sunday jobs, because tomorrow is Monday... and there's someday jobs. Always feels great when you get one of those someday jobs done! I don't mean to be too critical, but handing Abby the correct size bolt and having her see it work in the threads she just cut would have been good.

    91. The_Waziverse

      My gosh are those some expensive reels. Great if you can afford them, but gosh...

    92. Gabe Whisen

      Hi Abby no disrespect Abom just we only see some celebrities on the other channel

    93. Anthony Freeman

      Great job Abbey. Well done. Anthony

    94. Bbonno

      She is fun. Can we keep her?

      1. chuxmix65

        Abom can. Bless him!

    95. wilgecko65

      I may be deaf, don't know what she's saying, but I can see that she's having good time learning to use flex arm tapping!

    96. Evan Lightner

      Your shop is perfect, I’d have a field day in there lol

    97. K4x4 Map

      wow love the help you are receiving versus negative criticism...gosh darn did I put my business out there? you guys are true ambassadors to the channel. thanks for the tip to ceiling mount the electrical cord reel "from a swivel" sometimes the seemingly simplest things in life require a simple approach! I'm done wrapping a cord from the ceiling! hopefully they make a 50-75' length @ 31:15 =exactly!!

    98. Jesus von Nazaret

      Tom Lipton sowed some pretty nice aircouplers some time ago

    99. Evan Lightner

      Those are nice. I bought a 25 footer at harbor freight a couple years ago and actually plumbed the garage for air. Life changing lol

    100. The Fixer Of Broken Stuff

      Take an old terrycloth towel like a bath towel and rip off a strip about 4" wide and be the shoe shine boy to remove the excess dope. Theres something about terrycloth that really removes the dope without smearing it out.

      1. truckguy

        no doubt about it terry is the best. Make the best glue rags for woodworking too