SNS 342: Windy Hill Foundry Meet-Up, Making Sand Molds, Stuck in Mud Picking


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    This video is about the annual meet-up at @Windy Hill Foundry in Mississippi where a few of us get together to hang out, ram some sand, and pour some cast iron. Unfortunately this year Clarke Easterling was running into some problems with his furnace, but we all had a great time hanging out for a couple of days, even getting do too some Mississippi picking!
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    1. Davo’s Shed

      I love watching Clark’s Chanel. Such a nice bloke Well done to everyone. Don’t worry everyone knows nothing is ever easy.

    2. james130211

      Everyone's Type 'A', yup.

    3. anthony kotsop

      Billy Bob Bunter's workshop ..

    4. John Lennon

      Sometimes you learn more from seeing what can go wrong. It will always be something, or we wouldn't need plan B or plan C. Sometimes you need to know when to stop and regroup. Much better than having someone get hurt due to rushing or taking shortcuts. Don't pour metal when you are overly tired or stressed. Clean up all the tripping hazards. Make sure that everyone that is going to help, knows EXACTLY where and how to move by doing a dry run. Don't wear clothes that will melt like polyester and don't wear shoes that will melt when you step on some slag or if metal splashes onto your laces it will be impossible to get the shoe off. It is a fun but perilous hobby.

    5. Adeb Alnasser

      What a beautiful company, I hope to be with you someday. I feel happy watching you do different things, And I tell myself you should do it this way, then do it as I think. It's a Machinist inspiration👍👍👍👍👍

    6. WTP1776

      Way Cool video Adam...Thanks!

    7. glenn moreland

      Good video

    8. Single Shot!

      Very interesting! What happened to the foundry?

    9. Dave Ash

      Are you folks not subject to any sort of lockdown or social distancing advice, or was this filmed a long time ago or something? Don't get me wrong, love the content, but it is a little jarring when seemingly the rest of the world is staying 6 feet away from other humans.

    10. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    11. Al E

      I have zero experience with this, but it appears to be incredibly labour intensive. Is this the way everyone does it, or is this a more “traditional” method and there are faster and easier “modern” ways to do it?

      1. Buddy Barnhill

        this is Mid-Traditional, old way was floor molding. there are faster more modern ways to do it with automatic molding machines... but the foundry industry is still very labor intensive.

    12. Earle Clemans

      Kindof a strange place to ask but im looking for a 5hp horizontal mill if you know of in az

    13. Videos of no meaning Just to pass the time

      “In the wild” lol. Honest, I’m not laughing at you. We’ve all been there! Lol.

    14. Mike Bartlett

      Being a first responder when he said type A I was thinking blood 🩸 type 😂😂😂😂

    15. Abomcha ningthoujam Abomcha

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    16. beartastic

      .. what i took from this is that you need an abom sized furnace:P Thanks for sharing!

    17. Terry Bush

      Too bad the furnace gods were not in a better mood, but great content despite. Thanks for sharing.

    18. tufinal

      Hope Adam dosen't mind but anyone interested in watching heavy machining like Adam did when he worked at Motion, and more, check this SEpromr out, cutting edge engineering australia. Amazing stuff.

    19. Scarface 39

      Looks like a pretty good bunch of guys!!! Stephen needs to “ Get Out and Fix Something “!!!👍🇺🇸

    20. Keith Jurena

      I have an old vise I broke..if I made the patterns..of course it would need machine work too. I got the oxyacetylene and Harris 55 but not had any Round Tuits.

    21. FreightDawg

      Clarke knows his stuff Excellent vid

    22. iEXCEDO

      It's not Adam's fault the poor guy owns a Ford lol

    23. Bears Rod Shop

      Real stuff with real people,,,got love it,,,Next casting I hold in my hands, I will remember how much labor and skill it take from raw metal to a finished product. Thx Adam,, and Howdy to all that made this a great to waatch video...See ya' on your next video,,Bear in TX.

    24. Chas Carpenter

      So, big fire, my deduction is, crucible split apart.

    25. eli hayman

      Awesome! I live about 25 miles from there!Love your videos man!

    26. mark mccann

      How can I have you do machine work for me ?

    27. Jason Robison

      @6:47 not sure if I'm reminded more of Tremors or Final Destination.

    28. Rhyno186

      Members of the BGSA: Big Galoot Society of America

    29. dtiydr


    30. Andy Somogyi

      If you pack the sand in the mold, and let it sit for a while, does the sand dry out, and fall apart?

      1. jimW133


    31. Ray Collington

      Squatch253 on SEprom restoring old caterpillars, is in a pickle with starting engine blocks, I reckon you're the man who could help him.

    32. Sevil Natas

      And not a mask in sight. No social distancing. Travelling to get there. I like most of these SEpromrs but horrible examples and possibly killers of their own relatives.

      1. Sevil Natas

        @Merescat No you. You mom gay....

      2. Merescat

        Please stop watching if this offends you. /sheesh

      3. Arturo Meuniot

        Wear your face panties and live in fear. These Men will not.

      4. Rob Knight

        @Scott D. I had to look up Kruger-Dunning - it's got Slay Tanic written all over it. Very funny ;-)

      5. Scott D.

        Ah Slay Tanic, I don’t think I have seen a better example of the Kruger-Dunning effect in action. To think that somehow every epidemiologist alive has missed that viruses land on the eyeballs, and that they have not determined that masks don’t work because of this. Truly a ground breaking discovery of worldwide importance. I honestly despair for this world for the proudly ignorant appear to be growing in number every day. Tell you what. If you can find a link to a peer reviewed scientific study that proves that infection via the eyes is a statistically significant vector of infection for COVID then I will acknowledge that you have a point, and that it is not on the top of your head.

    33. mark mccann

      I need to find someone that can surface and bore a 25hp evinrude block for me any tips on finding a place ?

    34. Grey Pilgrim

      Seeing Stephen Cox there. Alright!

    35. tjfast

      Did you two talk about what caused the fire? Might have missed it if you did.

    36. madcap magician

      it's all good.. 😁👍

    37. bcbloc02

      Load trailer heavy on front will help with traction.:-) Time for everybody to pitch in and buy Clarke an electric melt furnace. :-)

      1. Jonathan Gray

        @Keith Jurena he doesn't melt enough to need a arc furnace, he'd be better off with a induction furnace.

      2. Keith Jurena

        Three phase EAF? He has the land..they are noisy as frig and smoke like an AA meeting.

    38. Mike N

      It should be illegal to have so much fun!

      1. Grey Pilgrim

        good folks, good times.. what is better?

      2. Jeffrey Martin

        It is... During covid! They are over the occupancy limit of that shop!

    39. Glenn Felpel

      Didn't see anything of Lance. Did he make it to the gathering?

    40. nixxon

      Awesome video. One of the guys, shown on a photo at 36:04, looks just like Keith Rucker at

      1. Terry

        That's because it is Keith

    41. Javier Aviles

      Awesome . I watch the video from last year .‘great time .

    42. 7th_dwarf

      How is Steven's dialect called? Is it Appalachian by chance?

    43. Michael Shinn

      Miss the Cast Iron Gypsy. Laura would have loved this.

      1. Anthony Beasley

        I watched this, thought of Laura and went to her channel.

    44. Robert Kohut

      Nice!! Great times regardless...:-)

    45. Timothy Forney

      To bad about the furnaces, but like you said, things happen. Can you get some pictures of that vise when it's all cleaned up?

    46. Coffreek

      Lance is going to wear out at least one buffing wheel, but the finish on that vice is going to be perfect. He won't be able to stop, until it is.

    47. Dave Wood

      Hey man getcahold of Salvage Workshop he's looking for answers on some old cutters and stuff if u see his latest video he walks threw a friends old machine shop u might be interested in some of it ...old vises,milling machines, lathes, lol

    48. Redchrome1

      Bless y'all for having good country fun. Playing in the barns looking for good 'junque' and getting stuck in the mud. I hope this sort of thing lasts for a long time - too few people today know about it. I'd love to see y'all have people like Martin Molin (Wintergatan) and Stefan Gotteswinter at future get-togethers! Give them a taste of American country living.

    49. Kenneth Crips

      Those glass topped Gasoline pumps have been converted into way cool Aquariums. They are completely restored to how they looked when in use but instead of fuel the top is filled with water.

    50. Ron Saillian

      Hey Adam check out cutting edge engineering's site great work, might give you some ideas!

      1. Mr Nick

        Like how to be a machinist again & not just a cash for plugs channel?

    51. 1911wood

      That Andrew Alexander is cool. He’s James Bond cool. I loved that vise he got. It was fun seeing him get it. Nice video, look forward to seeing the finished jack. Lance’s projuect looked interesting too.

    52. Pill Pusher

      "safety squints engaged"... Ave has permeated the interwebs even when he's not here

      1. Rory Anakin

        @Houston Aaron definitely, have been using flixzone for since november myself :)

      2. Houston Aaron

        A trick : you can watch movies at flixzone. I've been using it for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.

      3. Mr Nick

        If you can't come up with original content any more then just steal what you need. Keeps the cash rolling in though.

    53. Tracy Norrell

      If this from a while back? I seen to recall that his forge was shutdown about a month ago for maintenance and repairs. I hope he's not having more problems again.

      1. Bob O`Bob

        I'm pretty sure this is a more ordinary one-day or two-day sort of problem, while those weeks-long outage type problems have been solved now. Adam was mentioning build-up of slag, which just happens day to day.

    54. Gabe Whisen

      Dang it Abom you done made me subscribe to another channel

    55. Josh Schneider

      Wonder what he would want for that Logan lathe and all its bits

    56. John Roberts

      Great content thanks for sharing

    57. John McCormick

      Good times , no matter what! Enjoyed.

    58. TMM

      27:08 OH&S look away now

    59. Paul Krueger

      Stuck in the Mississippi Mud , the sun goes down. The tide goes out, everyone one begins to shout Hay. Hay..........

    60. Agapios Agapiou

      So wild that in needed a cage to retain!

    61. James Hodgson

      Fascinating gap bed lathe from a maker I’d never heard about but from the centre of the UK machine tool making area. I’d thought maybe the CF Smith might be the one from Dean, Smith & Grace but that seems to be another Smith. Bit of a mystery.

    62. Kevin Auld

      I've been fallowing Clark and lucky Jen for a long while and I know he did quallity work and I know from experience there are some things you can't control and I'd bet in the future you will never find Clark with out a backup for his backup 😁 he's a good man . I've been there my self .

    63. Rob Smith

      I'd love one of those old gas pumps, but the cost to get one here in the UK is reeeeeedicuuuuulous

    64. Stuart Penketh

      If we didn't see all these problems, we wouldn't know how difficult it actually can be ! Thanks for a really informative video again, Adam. Keep safe, and keep on machining ! Stu

    65. Kevin Auld

      I resontly have been working on my grandma's van that is now mine at first I coodent find the parts for a 1969 to 1974 brake drum gmc that fits olds Delta 88 chevy corvette GMC G-10 so I went on line and finally got the parts from the other side of the country and they have started to arrive and they do fit and will work but they are not the quallity I expect and to be honest they are so thin and different from the original I'm scared !!! How much larger do I have to make the pattern to get new casting's made of the arigenalls I whont the quality you expect from a new classic .

    66. Random Observer

      You guys sure know how to have a good time!

    67. Zahid Khan

      Grate study about metal casting but furnace problam part of job.

      1. DavidKupy

        @Andy B You should have fun with Kevin Auld's comment.

      2. Andy B


    68. Jeremy Matthies

      Hey Adam, great video of all your friends. So that blazing inferno towards the end, guess you could say the furnace had a melt down 🤣. You may not have gotten the pouring done but hey, the best part of all that is getting to spend time with friends enjoying a wet but beautiful spring country side. Couldnt ask for a better time. Safe travels home.

    69. voron11000

      Is that Pete from Sampson Boat Co?

    70. Nicholas Ewert

      RIP Clark’s lawn.

      1. Hill Top Machine Works


    71. Brian Alexander

      30:10 Blazing inferno - Adam: Clark's been having some problems with his furnace... and the understatement of the year award goes to...

    72. Brian Alexander

      We have quality mud here in Mississippi.

    73. mojo65

      All rim no rubber get you stuck every time!

      1. M Major

        I agree, but honestly, I don't think that truck is too bad off considering it's a tow rig. I like a bit more sidewall, but it isn't going to do any better in mud that those tires unless you air down.


      Thanks for sharing with us Adam, too bad the pours couldn’t happen this time. Glad we got to see that things do happen and the get together wasn’t a total flop. Keep up the good videos. Fred.👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👋👋🙏🏻🙏🏻

    75. James Barisitz

      Tough luck for the pours. Great bunch of folks there. Let's see them when they are done. ✌

    76. Bible- Machine

      KEN Machine NC ❤️

    77. Al Ward

      Hi Adam . Nice to see you all together , and I thought glory be was that Mr Stephen Cox . I know it don’t always work out . Like I say to my wife , you should be with me when I’m alone . I do some of my best work . Catch you next time thanks Trucker AI retired.

    78. Bruni

      20:40 should've put some chains on the rear axle before you went in

    79. Windy Hill Foundry

      Great video, I've got to get you a new camera. My height width ratio looked 1:1😁

    80. Tom T

      Love that red Lincoln Idealarc welder with the crank wheel on the front! Unlike the modern inverters, those things last forever! I know of several that are 50+ years old and still going strong! Transformer type welders are bulletproof, but Miller doesn’t even make transformer power sources anymore! Sorry the furnaces choked!

    81. Bert Blankenstein

      No worries, perhaps you get the castings soon.

    82. oceanpout

      Thanks for sharing !

    83. Robert Price

      Hey man it is what it is an the best part is all you guys together having fun. Thanks for sharing still enjoyed it. Thank you

    84. Peter Riis


    85. dtuer

      Covid prevention?

      1. dtuer

        @Slay Tanic The Flat Earth society is now accepting applications:-)

      2. Slay Tanic

        Do you wear a pair of swimming goggles when you're out in public? No, why would anyone do that? Why do you wear a mask? Oh, that's right, it's an AIR BORN virus. The virus can easily land on your eyes as much as you breath it in. If you can touch something infected, and touch your eye and infect yourself, the virus can land on your eye. No one ever talks about this, which is why having to wear a mask is pointless. The mask doesn't stop infected people spreading the virus, because most masks are useless in containing the virus within it. As for the number of deaths, it's hard to be afraid of a virus if there aren't many deaths. So you have cases like, got in a fatal car crash and died of the virus and the like. Or, send infected elderly back to nursing homes in many states. Hospital administration slobbering over putting patients on respirators instead of using treatment options first, as it pays double. Never mind the fact that it will only help you breath long enough for the virus to completely set in while your lungs fill with fluid for other infections to set in. Don't have to worry about being sued for this medical malpractice, as it's a "killer virus". Just ignore the hundreds of doctors who have found treatment options, because WE NEED A VACCINE! Oh, we have a vaccine now, wonderful. Just don't mind the fact that it alters your DNA, or that it leaks. It leaks you say, what do you mean? It means that even though you are vaccinated, you can still infect others. Did you know chickens have to take a "leaky vaccine"? Before they used to just get sick, but could recover. However, now if they don't get vaccinated, and get their chicken virus, they'll get cancer - lymphoma. Wonder what this virus will mutate into from the "vaccinated" public. No long term tests, but don't worry about it, it'll be fine. Just forget about it was tested on primates and 61 out of 63 females became sterile or that males became sterile and made females sterile from intercourse.

      3. birdman

        @NATERG8TER I doubt they all have had vaccines. In addition to being anti-maskers, I bet many of them are also anti-vaxxers. We've seen these same guys in videos and at events over the past year and they've never worn masks. It's that southern 'conservative-libertarian' spirit that makes them have bigger balls than brains.

      4. dtuer

        @Andy B Actually there's 561,000 dead and counting...

      5. Andy B

        There's always one

    86. Robert Laurer

      What? No Cast Iron Gypsy?

      1. Jos Diepenbeek

        After "the boost from Booth", back to the anonymity. No harm done.

    87. Zappyguy111

      I always find it interesting watching sand casters work, they hold and use every tool like a brush. And as someone who's done casting, I find I do the same thing, it works, and I don't know why.

    88. Djamel Hamdia

      What a bunch of goofs, I like them!

    89. Flying Z Customs

      Of course it got stuck.. it's a FORD!!!

      1. steve schumacher

        you couldn't see it in the video, but it was pulling a chevy

    90. John Everson

      I think the problem was the tires

      1. arfon jones

        @Peter Riis Carving up land like that is no joke and shows a lack of respect. Power companies pay big compensation for (unavoidable) land damage incurred whilst servicing power lines.

      2. Peter Riis

        And the driver...

    91. Tom Oakhill

      Adam chamfers absolutely every corner, even ones that will be deep inside when finally assembled. Here 13:00 we see Clarke doing the same thing. Leo Sampson Boat Co, at 6.45, shows chamfering the bottom corners of the white oak beams that will support the deck, so you don't cut your scalp when you bump into them while below deck, the same reason Adam chamfers his corners.

      1. Cody N

        Cheers for Leo!

    92. MicrophonicFool

      Him working the tiny corners of the sand before pour for some reason made my anxiety go up. That almost never happens, but just something about it. Obviously one can make a remold pretty easily, but still got tense for me.

    93. willard smith

      I have been stuck so many times.The worst part is when the wheels start to spin and the truck starts to slow and you wonder why you decided to drive there.

    94. Carl White

      I still can not wait to get my Foundry going, such a cool process.Thanks for sharing.

    95. Antapaan

      Maskless get together! Is this an old video from 2018?

      1. Thomas Stone

        good few people coughing throughout the video as well, but I'm sure that's just the parting powder....

      2. hubbsllc

        No, there are many parts of the US where “let ‘er rip” is the prevailing attitude and whoever runs up big medical bills runs them up, whoever longhauls longhauls, and whoever dies, dies. We’ll never be rid of COVID if this keeps up.

      3. birdman

        Nope, recent. All these guys have shown numerous videos over the past year of them having guests and no masks. Seems to be largely a Southern thing. If they get the COVID, they'll just blame the Chinaman instead of themselves.

    96. Steven Mayhew

      At least we got to see what you were intending to accomplish.

    97. John Ryan

      I swear this video was uploaded before Adam made the Jack?

    98. Kevin Haley

      Wish that anvil, vise, and gas pump were mine, yet your friend found them first so I loose. Nice to see a young man want to learn a trade at such a young age. Like you said,spending time with friends is always a fun time and as you know sometimes machines just don’t cooperate with us and our plans. Old Jewish saying,” you plan, g-d laughs”


      You need a Dodge lol

    100. M Cruse

      Clarke's gonna be busy getting those Ford tracks out of his land...