SNS 341: Machinist Jack Pattern for Casting


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    For this weeks machining project, I am making a pattern for a machinist jack. This style of jack I have always loved and used hundreds up times. It's my favorite one but I want to make one that will working with my Kurt 6" milling vise since the original is a bit too tall. This pattern will be used to make a sand mold and then cast with cast iron at the @Windy Hill Foundry
    This will will be the master pattern and I'm sure I'll make making some slight adjustments to it as I move forwards. There will be another video soon on the foundry day with Clarke.
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    1. Matt Sigafoose


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    3. Zahid Khan


    4. tacticalconcepts

      @Abom79 Adam, I foresee a kit being sold with your version of this clamp. You may want to consider selling these? You could sell raw forgings, Forgings with the completion kit, complete units. Although the forgings alone would be worth it.

    5. Marcelo Pereira

      Sou novo no canal eu vi seus video pela primeira vez e até agora sou seu fã número um parabéns pelos video muito bom

    6. TinyMaths

      Some people watch Soap Operas or reality TV, because, to them, it's almost therapeutic. For them, it satisfies some inner need. I come here.

      1. Martin Hallmann


    7. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    8. Donnie Dale

      Been watching your videos for quite a while, gained a lot of respect for you, so I got a question. I have a moriseiki engine lathe, It has a left hand 11/4 4tpi metric lead screw on it. I have read that there are 29 degree and 30 degree leads, do you know or is this crap. My lead has some wear and I am looking to buy a replacement, or is it possible to machine one? I am a novice and I have wanted to do this all my life, so I consider this just another challenge. Been a welder, fabricator, boilermaker for 45 years, so I am not totally new to this work.

    9. glenn moreland

      Good video

    10. CMAenergy

      I think I would have V slotted the hold down portion, and even put a cone shaped hole in the portion for the threaded jack This would have save some heavy cutting out and steel when casting. Especially when your casting a whole lot of these, as the costs will rise

    11. Dave George

      Grinding eccentric bolts is on my list now...

    12. Dylan Klavins

      There are going to be machinists down the road with whole collections of tools that were made or designed by their favorite youtube machinists that they learned their trade from- Rucker straight edges, Renzetti blocks, Stefan’s flat stones, Fireball fixture plates and squares, Abom’s machinist jacks...


      20:00 how is called this type of eccentric tool kits? Where can I I but it?

      1. David Miller


    14. DAT Blitz

      At 15:11 are these excentric clamping nuts? I have never seen them but they look awsome! could you please share some more information of them? Many thanks in advance

    15. Amaging machinery SM

      Nice work ~^^

    16. beartastic

      Thats just amazing, you're able to crank one out of solid steel faster than I would CAD and 3D print one..

    17. Andy Somogyi

      Nice, but since you’re just using this as a pattern, wouldn’t it have been way easier to make it out of wood? And since you’ve got a nice steel one here that you just made, couldn’t you use that as the part itself instead of casting another?

    18. professormag

      Adam, sounds like maybe your spindle bearings on the ole mill are in need of attention.

    19. lambomucierlago

      Hello Abom...i work in a pipe fab. company and a 30" lathe needs a new shaft 2 3/4" can i reach out to you and talk about this dilemma I'm having...thx

    20. S Bunker

      That was brilliant... slightly different presentation style... and it's the best yet... you even had "hooks" ... actually a masterpiece... thank you for being both massively entertaining and informative. I will save and dissect this many times - God Bless you and your family

    21. John Roberts

      Great content thanks for sharing

    22. soupisgoodfood

      Haven't seen a vice like that before. I assume it can pivot forward? Did you use it to put a draft angle on the sides?

    23. Szary Myszak

      Just leave it to Adam to make a solid steel pattern; why bother with cheap plastic or wood? ;-)

    24. Мастерская ЧПУ Фрезеровка /Workshop CNC

      Good processing, the machine works well.

    25. Jade Francis

      Good Video. Soo tired of the fluff filler intros, let's get to the video. Great work and keep it up.

    26. Joseph Palmer

      Maybe drill a shallow dimple in the middle of the spindle? The location of that hole isn't critical, and you could just cast the "center punch" as a feature right out of the sand.

    27. Jeremy Matthies

      Adam, great idea and video. You have me already impatiently waiting for the casting and final machining. 😀 keep up the awesome work.

    28. Disaster In The Homeshop

      I heard that in the Machinery's Handbook in the 'Depth of Cut' tables the scale is graduated from 1 tenth up to 1 Abom79. Great video as always.

    29. Bart Youngblood

      Loved the filing footage that was sped up. It looked like you’d had too much coffee to drink!

    30. ktmcole23

      Did you change your flood coolant to chicken broth

    31. therealjpow

      it’s fun watching each new video and slowly watch your left thumb nail grow out that scab under it. btw i hate those damn things…😂

      1. Karl Johnson

        I've been secretly watching Adam's nail recover. He needs an appointment at his local nail beautician's bar once that bruise has gone :-)

    32. Aaron Belknap

      Very cool! Although, find a shaper project! #becauseican

    33. Fuzzy Johnson

      Very simple and elegant. I think a slight chamfer around the top of the bolt boss would look nice.

    34. ShawnMrFixitlee

      MASTERPIECE Adam .. Really good work ! ENJOYED

    35. Rich1ab

      Abom hogging those small surface mills like a boss!

    36. DIY build List

      Will these be available for purchase?

    37. Bob Adkins

      Great stuff as always. What a great teacher, I have learned so much in a few weeks. You need an apprentice/sidekick.

    38. David Keegan

      I have some how missed 100 episodes of SNS!!! 441 vs 341....where did they go Adam???

    39. Bears Rod Shop

      This may be one of my favorite video's to date. Loved the use (@ 3:44) of the no. 7 tap holder to run the vise screw,,,I have to set mine close to the mill now (@@).. I am going to use poplar wood that I saved from a 1932 up wright piano to practice on first,, and learn more the use of my 10in rotory table,,Great camera work also,,really enjoyed the whole teaching method. On a note note,,those free older piano's have a lot of useable items,,,wire to make springs - HD double roller casters - the heavy cast iron sound board (Plasma table now) and most used poplar alonf with oak and walnut. Something to think about,,, Thx Adam,,Bear

    40. Nathaniel Langston

      Looks awesome!! It's cool to see complex curved and angled parts machined on a manual mill!

    41. tortron

      That thumbnail tho, ouch

    42. David Hall

      Looks like a very useful and fun little project.

    43. Joseph Maytum

      Even his molds for castings are perfection. Nice work.

    44. Dave MAR

      3D printer not working?

      1. throngcleaver

        That's exactly why I bought a 3D printer........patterns for sand casting.

    45. Keith Monarch

      It looks like, that you are using some nice inserts!! The chips are hot 🔥 pretty good 👍..

    46. nigel smith

      Another great video, So I was watching this and it reminded of a similar problem I had on a tool set I used on my wood lath. If the pillar section wasn’t bolted down but instead was threaded and had a shaft with complete grove sitting into the plate, then a set screw holding it in. Turning the pillar would raise the threaded post with any top support of your choice! Saving a lot of space, bottom plate thickness could also be changed to allow more threaded capacity.

    47. Marcelo Holl Cury

      Superb photography and editing! Finally paired with the machining quality!!! :))

    48. Eduardo Rosales A

      Always your work is amazing. Now we are locked waiting to see the mold and casting, hoping it to work.

    49. Gerard Lochmans

      On the clamping fixtures....if the round hole in the "nut" also excentric would be placed then the clamping reach would be much larger?!

    50. Larry Shedd

      Great job Adam. Looks really nice can't wait to see casting

    51. Nanuck54

      I Love making tools and Fixtures, one my most favorite operations

    52. jon lowe

      Nice to see him using the sky hook. Wish I was that smart lifting stuff in my younger days

    53. scottgm321

      The miter bites remind me of the upper control arm camber kits for Ford trucks. Pretty cool. Love watching you make things. Thanks for the videos.

    54. stevenjparkinson

      Hi Adam, I regularly see you using your Noga demurring tools. Do you have a set or did you acquire them individually? If it was a set, which one do you recommend for the greatest flexibility? Regards, Steve

    55. Gerrit Geldenhuys

      always love your vids, but why not 3D print it.

    56. Jack Connan

      I must be honest , i did look around quite a few times during this video ! every time i heard my name

    57. DesmoFan

      OSHA frowns upon 22:57 xD

    58. Windy Hill Foundry

      Finally got to watch, did an excellant job on that Adam👍

    59. Michael Cerkez

      Good video Abom, putting those lift screws in you haven't been watching Lyle have you? If I may say you have the touch Sir.

    60. bcbloc02

      Jimmy Diresta meets Tom Lipton style. :-)

    61. Aaron Engineering

      Another great build Adam. Thanks for sharing with us all. Regards from Downunder. Cheers, Aaron

    62. Bryan Valdez

      Good Stuff Adam! Keep up the good work!

    63. WTP1776 will have to cut down the top of the Master Pattern to make sure you get the strength from the 1/2 moon cradle piece not going too thin. Thanks Adam for great videos. WTP

    64. R Dodds

      did i miss something in your early setup? you need more draft on the bottom plate. it looks like you did 90 degrees. you have plenty draft on the upper section. its going to be a pain in the ass to pull that from the sand without issues every time.

      1. kinda blue

        At about 3:50 he mentions that he milled a 2 degree angle on all the sides for draft. That should be enough for something so plain and square, and I'm sure he would have confirmed that with Clark.

    65. angreeaf

      Now that's what I came here for years ago! Machining and gettin' right to it! Good to have you back

    66. Juan Cruz

      Me: drop an earphone Also me: go back 10 sec Lol

    67. Johan Wennerberg

      Adam, what kind of shoes do you use in the shop that can handle you walking in the metal shavings and chips?

      1. hwesson

        If you go to SNS 326, at about 30:15 he talks about a pair of his boots he recently got repaired.

    68. Tom Stewardson

      Abom79: Owns tens of thousands of dollars of vintage machinery, master machinist, can make nearly anything with such beauty and precision you might actually cry. Also Abom79: loses vise handle, uses Thor's tap wrench instead.

      1. pandorafalters

        "Thor's tap wrench" would be Abom's Greenfield No. 24. _Six feet_ long, so you can get enough bodies on that 3 1/2" tap . . ..

    69. Marcel Lucassen

      Because it's made out of steel all you have to do to get it out of the sand is use an on/off magnet like from an indicator stand ;-) No need for bolt holes to pick it up!

      1. Bears Rod Shop

        Now that's thinking out side the box,,I don't do casting, but removal of steel parts from my acid vate would come in handy,,,Leaky gloves resolved,,thx for the tip to Adam..Bear

    70. LockheedStarliner

      Mighty fine work.... can't wait ti see the casting.

    71. John McMickle

      Why not make the cone shorter and make bolts of different lengths to use with the base?

    72. John McMickle

      If you knew someone with a copy of CADD and a 3D plastic printer the pattern could have been done on that pretty easy. It has been five years since I used CADD but I think I could have done hte drawing in a half hour.

    73. Kenny Phillips

      Nice vise handle ...

    74. Jon M'Pb

      Great work as always, Seems like the cone is large enough to recess into for height.

    75. Zappyguy111

      Ah, Windy Hill, the guy who constantly comments about how heavy crucibles are. I hope Windy Hill Foundry gives it the thumbs up for casting and that it comes out better than planned!

    76. T Osselton

      My God man you have got to get into 3d printing I do sand casting at home it is quite easy but hopefully i'll try cast iron this year! It's all about putting more feathers in your cap! Lol

      1. kinda blue

        He had some videos where he got a 3D printing system. My sense is it wasn't a fit for him. Not everyone thinks best through a screen, keyboard and mouse. Adam's been working in metal with his eyes and hands for his entire career, that's where he's comfortable.

    77. Phil Bohrman

      Clever pattern making.

    78. Jeffrey Smith

      Sorry man, I wish I had something even close to that nice.

    79. MKE Gadgets

      I hope this is something you’re going to sell? I know I would take a few.

    80. Jeffrey Smith

      Adam!, where did you get that vise?...loose a bet?

    81. Hans Weber

      I got plenty of steel though. Yes you do.

    82. Martin Siemens

      Excellent finish Adam, it is incredible everything that can be done with manual machines knowing all the secrets of the trade! Great job ! I hope to see the next and many more videos soon !! Greetings

    83. Martin Eastburn

      Ok - now you are making a form - why not have it a universal form for several hold downs ! Make some without the bolt on round but have that a hole with a stud for another clamp to attach to. So in this sense, the slots become anywhere in the table. One in a slot and the stud rotating anywhere at any angle with a stud up !

    84. Matthew Meuleman

      like the vice handel

    85. Dan Neumann

      My Dad died about 12 years ago. He left Me with an old logan 8 inch shaper. You have motivated me to put it together and get it running which i did this weekend . I am 55 now and remember when I was about ten years old and he brought it home. The end of the ram was bare and had no clapper on it and He had to make everything on the end of the ram. I though about My dad the whole time I was working on it. I actually mounted a vise and took a few cuts.

      1. im18is

        This was beautiful

    86. Jason Lloyd

      Adam, if you ever want to try a "lost PLA" casting, I'd love to 3D print one for you.

    87. Andrew Fernie

      Well that vice has had a life !

    88. Eccentric Smithy

      So you made it out of metal, just to send it out to be made of metal...perfect logic..

      1. kinda blue

        Adam 'thinks' in metal - that's where he is most comfortable.

      2. Timberwolf

        When you start to get into the details of metals it makes much more sense. Cast iron is used a lot in machining because of its vibrational properties. The fine/non crystal structure of cast iron dampens vibrations in ways steels (aluminums, titaniums, bronzes, etc.) won't. So, while it seem counter intuitive to make a metal mold for a cast iron product, realize that being made of cast iron is the goal.

      3. stonesie81

        Working with the materials and tools he has to hand, seems logical to me.

    89. Bruce Nitroxpro

      This is just beautiful, Adam. Splendid! Can't wait to see the finished castings machined!

    90. Peter Parsons

      that is really god Adam, love the way the components blend in. the cone section could have even have been plug welded. looking forward to seeing the casting

    91. William Murphy

      Imagine what happens when he gets a 3d printer....

      1. David Utidjian

        And imagine how boring that would be to watch on youtube.

      2. Bradley MacDonald

        He has one, or at least he did. Its been shown on some of his earlier videos, maybe a year or two ago.

      3. Maxwelhse

        My first thought as well. I know he's a manual machining guy, but wow... a printer would have paid off big time right there.

    92. Cameron Kane

      Can’t wait to see how the final product from the casting comes out😃

    93. Karl H

      Will you put these up for sale?

    94. TrainedTiger

      Look like its about time to let Freddy run on the lathe coolant. :)

    95. Dave Smith

      Two questions 1. Why not machine the slot in the pattern rarher than machine it in later. The slot would work perfectly as cast. 2. Why only 2 degree draft/tapper? Why not 5 degree so the plug would coe out REAL easy? Luv the channel. I learn a lot from you.

      1. MrPGT9999

        More complexity in the casting is more opportunity for the pour to mess up, so maybe that also factored in? I would probably have tried to give a more generous taper around the plug and the edges too, if it was my project. At my non-existent skill level, I'd need every advantage that I could give myself to draw the pattern out of the mould successfully.

      2. Pohjoiskarjala

        My guess is that it would be difficult to machine the slot with that 5 degree draft angle he mentioned for casting. the outer edges are pretty simple to put an angle on but i can see that inner curve needing a special setup

      3. Dave Smith

        @Andrew Gray Yes. But he also said he is going to machine it so he can use eithwer 1/2" or 5/8" bolt. He currently uses 5/8" in thr slot made for 3/4". So it seems to be a very loose tolerance and therefore it could accommodate an as cast slot. I'm just wondering if it makes the casting hard to do or something.

      4. Andrew Gray

        In respect of the slot, it means they can be machined with any size required. Adam mentions several times that the one he uses has too large a slot machined.

    96. Marcus Matthias

      I know thats not your type of content, but 3d printing this is an awesome approach.

    97. Bob Rosso

      HOG that steel

    98. bigalhudson

      Been looking for a second hand big tap wrench in the U.K. for ages. No joy 🙁

      1. David Utidjian

        @bigalhudson Even if you had the materials at hand it is cheaper to buy a new one. All depends on what you like to do with your time.

      2. bigalhudson

        By the time I purchase materials it’s cheaper to buy a new one. Trickle down of old tooling for sale seems slow in the UK.

      3. David Utidjian

        Make one?

    99. Slavepetrich SP

      You are parting of pieces like a real pro.

    100. Larry Schweitzer

      Nice work. Plastic plugs for the extraction bolt holes? Keep the sand out.

      1. Bruce Boschek

        Yes! My first thought.