SNS 340: Stainless Steel Fixture Plate, Granite Surface Plate Stand Modifications


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    This week I am working on a stainless steel fixture plate for Roy Crumrine @crummywelding We'll use the Flexarm to quickly tap all 81 1/2-13 holes plus the chamfers. Also this week I finish out the improvements to my granite surface plate stand by adding some new casters and tubing for them to mount onto, plus give it a much needed coast of paint.
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    1. TK1

      What a nice Flex Arm, I've used many over the years but yours is the Cadillac model! Thru hole, I would use a gun tap but spiral tap also gets the job done. Love your video's!

    2. Taygetea

      What's that tool with the blue handle in the middle and threads on each end?

      1. Taygetea

        @D.R. Matt Thank you!

      2. D.R. Matt

        tap go no go gage

    3. Robert Mintz

      I love moly d , used it all the time at Nummi , only thing is you MUST do a good job of cleanup , & use WD40 or your mill table will rust because of the sulfur in it . Also that flex arm is great . By hand ? , never ! when you can do it with a machine , machine is the way to go . And oh yes if I remember correctly you - do not use on aluminum Great vid Adam 👍

    4. Stephen Hope

      I like that tap over a std tap. I used to use a tap-matic way back when (1980's) but your tool reverses faster than the tap-matic, if I remember right. Good job.

    5. npc

      so nice...

    6. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    7. Amaging machinery SM

      The champ looks small. I used old time to make a tapping machine, but it's cool.

    8. carol shawol

      That flex arm is an amazing tool I'm sure also very expensive

    9. Leif Gunnarson

      Make a protecting cover for your nice surface-plate. One might use a piece of heavy water proof tarp material and sew it in the corners. Glueing might work, but sewing is way better. Best is glueing plus sewing.

    10. Jefté Santiago

      Where do I can get an apron like yours?

    11. SCG

      That tapping arm turns those jobs into butter!

    12. mrz80

      Good lord but that looks tedious :D Y'know, it occurs to me that that free-arm rig looks a lot like what a lot of luthiers cobble up for routing the edges of carved guitar tops for binding. And in passing, I must confess to a certain amount of jealousy at the nice lineup of Kennedy and Gerstner tool boxes you've got along the workbench back there.

    13. skyshark425

    14. Jim

      Adam, StandRidge should sennd you one of their surface plates for FREE seeing as how you have been advertising their products for so long!!!!! :- ) ( -:

    15. Jim

      Lay a piece of black carpet on the bottom shelf! It could help protect tools, tooling or parts in general :-)

    16. stewedapple

      A gun tap would be a far better choice of tap IMO. Spirals are great for blind holes, gun taps will align better and are near on indestructible.

    17. RJMachine

      Its not like every home shop can afford that tool unless it was given to them or someone else paid for it. Get real !

      1. RJMachine

        @John Smith No doubt its a bad ass tool and that it has many uses if your into that type of work. I just don't see a justification for a huge expense like that that sits idle the majority of the time. 100% correct about sending it out to someone that already owns it !!

      2. John Smith

        That's exactly why it's wise to send off your work for one-off jobs like this.

    18. Douglas Rose-Innes

      Hay Abom .....what happened to your thumb ......

    19. Keith Monarch

      I certainly never seen this drill flex unit, like that. Yep that's a lot of tapping. I'd love to see how worn out that tap.

    20. ThatGuyThatDoesStuff

      Thanks for highlighting Send Cut Send. I reached out to them today. Their people are very helpful and their pricing very fair.

    21. MWL4466

      Those Hy-Pro taps are very good. A couple weeks ago i tapped 168 .625" holes in qt100 steel and the tap performed great. It does show some wear but its not trashed.

    22. Kv Eng

      The lap finish is spectacular. Great Job Lance Baltzey and Adam !!!

    23. Compatibilizer

      Never had a tap that could survive 80 holes in stainless, what's the secret?

    24. manu de hanoi

      the chamfer damages the the threads, the tapping damages the chamfer, it never ends

    25. DarkestDot

      Spray Paint the plywood?

    26. Ray Morris

      Haven't seen the channel in a while and was pleasantly surprised to see that Adam has gone full SEpromr and gotten a camera person. I know that saves him a lot of aggravation and time with not having to deal with setting up and moving the camera around while he's trying to actual get some work done.

    27. Biker Max

      Yet another excellent video Adam. I really enjoy your calm and professional approach: you always explain what you are doing and why. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    28. Ty L

      That machine is the cats meow

    29. eweol 12

      I would use a diffrent thread drill for the plate because the one you use is actually designed for blind holes. A thread drill for through hole would be better in my opinion.

      1. eweol 12

        @Dikky Bee Sorry, I live in Germany. We call the tap "thread drill".

      2. Dikky Bee

        Actually it is a spiral flute tap, not a drill as they do not drill, they tap. They only come in one tapered end angle as that is all they need as they are used mostly in machines and not by hand. Hand taps come in 3 different tapered ends, machine taps do not.

    30. JohnMc

      Great camera work Abby. We like the OSG taps too!

    31. X the Unknown

      Great video Alex; always interesting things to see. Can you do a video on how you would use a sine bar? I have an idea, but I'd like to see how a pro does it! Thanks!

    32. Tim Ramich

      Whenever I get any kind of steel laser cut, I always have to make the holes to be threaded considerably smaller, and then drill to size, as the laser hardens the metal surrounding the hole. Does stainless not act the same? I'd think it would work harden even worse than plain steel.

    33. Karine Tovmassian

      I was sent here by the cobblers. I have no idea what I’m doing here. I write resumes for veterans and law enforcement for a living.

    34. Chris

      I wouldve screwed up on the 64th hole

    35. Double Dare Fan

      Tapping holes by hand: Something Matt Cremona would do on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


      Acuracy is paramont. No " wiggle room"

    37. Georgie Tirebiter


    38. Cromer Tyres & Mechanical

      can you imagine tapping all those holes by hand

    39. The Brink of Destruction


    40. Mike McClune

      I remember my dad telling me about the plant he worked at throwing away several surface plates in the mid / late 1990's, said he wanted to bring one home but had no way to unload it from his pickup truck😂😂🤣🤣

    41. Nameofthegame

      It’s cool that you can see the low spots with the camera filming it.

    42. Timothy Ross

      Awsome looks great.

    43. SleepyLizard

      Great Vid Abom. Thanks

    44. Paul Tavres

      Seems like Dual shield wouldnt be economical or needed to put a weld thats holding those two items together ???

    45. TommyBoy

      now you need to build a nice felt-lined wooden cover for your surface plate

    46. Darkmann


    47. Gnarlington

      Good ol' flex arm. We have both the big hydraulic tap arm like you do and the pneumatics for smaller projects in our shop. All I do is low level machining and tap holes at work and I can't imagine what it would be like to try to do it all by hand anymore haha.

    48. Matt

      Very nice but you shouldn't chamfer the holes after tapping because it can cause the treads to roll over

      1. Matt

        @arfon jones For me it was a general rule that was drummed into me when i was doing my apprenticeship about15yrs ago

      2. arfon jones

        Would that be detected by the 'go' end of the 'go/no-go' gauge or would that be just a general process rule


      Those 123 blocks are a little off, they must have dried out a little over the years. Or they warped from having them on the window seal in the sun. LOL

    50. Munir khan

      Very good 👍 👍 darling mashen

    51. Da Grizz

      Since you're tapping thru-hole, why not use a spiral-point tap, instead of the spiral-flute?

    52. AURktman

      I love SendCutSend, I’ve ordered from them before.

    53. Ed Finnerty

      Heat up a needle and stick it through your nail already! Haha Its been weeks and I bet that hurts, get it over with finally!

      1. Mike McClune

        the nail will have to just grow out, blood has clotted, had the same thing happen to me before a small jewelers drill works really good for that as well

      2. Matt

        The blood would have dried by now

    54. just tim

      Everyone should have one of these.

    55. David Davis


    56. Brett Cox

      In the U.K. “crummy” is a word to describe something that’s not very good. I was kinda confused by the video title “crummy fixture plate” 😂

      1. Jordan Bettis

        It means the same thing here. The "crummy welds" guy is being ironic.

    57. Phreadrick Hejrick

      Booth Machine Shop and Tapping Services

    58. Ken S.

      Love that Flex-Arm . But note : as good as what Molly-Dee is .... it can be nasty stuff to work with -- check into it .

    59. 007Vergara

      Awesome work. Think you could fix a watchmakers lathe bed for me? I'm in orange beach

    60. geir kleven

      I can powertap with a drill, but i am a real man

    61. Barnaby0014

      I think it would be cool if you could make a folding handle for that left side of the Flex arm. I dont know how practical that would be but im just thinking with how it moves a periscope handle would be really cool.

    62. D.mushroom Hunter

      I wonder if the lube you're using is molybdenum based.. when I worked at The foundry the additive molybdenum, we used in the high temperature exhaust manifold castings was high silicon Molly we used to call it as a slang Molly B denim.?? It was extremely expensive I think one volume cup was $50...??? And weighed about a pound and a half?? But I think the traits were very similar to lead where it's a very slippery and malleable??? Seems to me I remember they had a machine to mix scrap graphite,molybdenum, and gear oil to grease the train rails..p.s. was that a test skipping over the go, no go thread gauge? If I was going to look for a new hire in a machine shop,.. a little bit of OCD would be high on the list requirements!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but what you guys went through to make that stone as close to AA is the very epitome of attention to detail...Full Stop!!!! isn't it somewhere around 40-60 millions of an inch overall flatness??

    63. The voice Of Reason

      I can see your diet has gone completely out of the window. You're probably heavier now than when you first went on your diet. WTF is wrong with you

      1. Darkmann

        @Mason's Workshop ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he's right tho

      2. Mason's Workshop

        Please dont watch the videos if you're going to come out with ignorant comments like that.

    64. Luis Fernando Ordaz

      Sub al español

    65. Многогранник

      Привет!) Спасибо за видео! Очень интересно смотреть вас! Лайк вам огромный от друга!)

    66. David Brown

      One word.... Brake. The black plastic cover is probably a wheel brake..

      1. arfon jones

        Which he mentioned at 23.09

    67. tclancy13

      Love the channel Adam, haven't watched in a while - you're looking good brother.

    68. Randy Lofgren

      You can’t beat them OSG taps I love them.

    69. AintPC

      It'd be cool if a DRO could be fitted to the flex arm to show depth of cut. Would need some sort of contact sensor, then the DRO starts counting after the cutting starts. Seems useful for driling depth and to get consistent chamfers across a workpiece and maybe other stuff.

      1. Sylderon Machine Works

        Wouldn't even really need a DRO for that. You could just have a dial indicator with a long stem, perhaps mounted on a rod with a clamp to adjust the length it extends.

    70. Jerry's Garage The Money Pit

      The more I watch your videos, the more I want to continue to invest in more precision tooling. I have a lathe, but no mill. My next acquire.

    71. Virginia Hoffman

      What an amazing tool, the Flex Arm kicks butt.

    72. Pawpaw

      The Flex Arm saves a lot of time. I had a boss years ago that wouldn't buy any time saving tools since it would cost him money in what he could charge the client. I am 63 years old, so there has been a lot of tool upgrades in my years.

    73. Tyler Stewart

      It's interesting that the blocks appeared to be out of square on the 2" side.

    74. Elliot Stokes

      Insert HAPPY GILMORE "tappa tappa tappa" GIF here 😅 so kewl!

      1. Chris W

        "Tappa tappa tappa" was from the Simpsons. Happy Gilmore said "Tap Tap Taparoo".

    75. Wallace Grommet

      Knowing nothing about machining, but a little bit about woodworking, how do you support sheet metal during drilling, or is it not necessary?

    76. Kyle Greer

      Guess you wanted them rollers?👍🙂🙃🙂🙃😎, 👋🧙‍♂️🇺🇸 Say Hello to Abby For me! Maybe can meet her at a summer bash if they happen again! It was nice meeting you at the two I went to!

    77. david ghiglieri

      That flex arm is a savior when it comes to doing a job like this. If I had to do it by hand or even in a radial drill press with a taping head I would still be worrying about breaking a tap on every hole

    78. Justin L.

      Adam I found this on TikTok. It’s clearly your content. Not sure if you gave permission or not. Just FYI.

      1. Justin L.

        @False Flag You're a real treat. You can have videos reported and taken down. Videos get removed from channels all the time. It's really not that unheard of. You must be new to the internet. I'm sorry your ignorance has made you so angry. Have a great day.

      2. Justin L.

        @ThatGuyThatDoesStuff They may not do anything but he can report it and have it taken down.

      3. ThatGuyThatDoesStuff

        Tik Tok is owned by China, the worlds front runner in stealing anything and everything. They are not going to do anything about the people on that platform stealing his content.

    79. Will Ford

      I'm getting loads of background noise and your voice is low in the mix.

    80. Mohabat khan Malak

      The Flex Arm is truly indispensable machine in the shop, just the time it cut out of doing all those holes and the accuracy is impressive. Cheers.

    81. John

      79 millions of an inch? Rough, but it will do in a pinch.

    82. bmxscape

      where is the oil coming from

    83. insert good name

      At first I thought the flex-arm was a frivolous ridiculous purchase but turning 30hours into 30minuites of tapping is pretty impressive!

    84. Evan Lightner

      That flex arm is really the tits for a job like that!! You’re Making machining stainless look easy lol

    85. Ron Dumontier

      That,s pretty cool. Would not want to do this by hand.👌

    86. Pete Howlett

      30 minutes! Wow...

    87. Patrick Beaumier

      Good job

    88. Steven Bliss

      I could only imagine tapping all those by hand. I once had a machine stand come in to the shop with mounting holes that were not tapped. Top plate was 1" thick laser cut carbon steel and already in paint. Nothing worse than tapping 5/16-18 holes into laser hardened steel by hand. I could have beat that engineer.

    89. Matthew Hawkins

      Loved it Adam. The little foot on the dial stand makes them so much more than just a slide about jobber. Awesome💪

    90. Harald Olsen

      Imagine tapping and chamfering all these holes by hand, the flex arm i`ts a ingenious tool

    91. Sean Knight

      Boy I love your shop. Cozy.

    92. shortfuse43

      Thatsa lotsa holes...Adam, which is best for chamfering or countersinking holes...a single flute or multiple flute?

    93. Scott Jones

      Love seeing the picture of the 3 generations. Every time I see it I remember the video of when your father brought you something for a repair instead of buying a new one and that reminds me of all of the times that I have been asked by the previous generations to fix something that in my opinion could have been replaced. By the way I am of from the same generation as your father. Wish so many times that I could have fixed more.

    94. Mattias Johansson

      There is a story behind that black thumb. Care to share it?

    95. hawkwing


    96. Peter Parsons

      i like that flexarm, hours possibly days saved

    97. Quentin Keavy

      Do you have a link to the tap set?

    98. SMEAGOL

      good even smeagol her from the uk ,we have just jot a mini lathe for work and many thanks for your content brought me back to speed after about 10 year and now i try and watch a video or 2 every day again thanks.. :)

    99. Liberty Cave

      That drill arm is awesome, You can paint plywood - lol. That plate is awesome too.

    100. Larry Shedd

      Great job Adam. Right tools and equipment make things game changer