SNS 339: Broken Casting Braze Repair, Spray welding Bearing Journal


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    This week we have a couple repairs to help out with at Lance's shop. We do a braze repair on a part out of his Rockford open side shaper that was broken during disassembly. We'll use my Eutectic XFC 16 brazing rods for the filler. Lance also had a shaft in for repair. Turns out it had a badly worn bearing journal so we used his newly acquired Eutectic Terodyn 2000 thermal flame spray equipment to repair the shaft in quick order.
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    1. R. Mo

      My dad was a qualified boilermaker in his younger days. I love watching people like Lance and Adam doing their thing. Men's stuff. Have fun guys. One of my favourite channels!

    2. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam, I have to admit, I too have brazed rod scrap together to get another rod. Glad to see I am not the only one.

    3. Spiro Aggelis

      Who the heck thumbs down these videos??


      Do you ever use cast rods to gas weld cast repairs?

    5. D|M Photo

      Had never heard of spray welding before seeing it on the channel, and it is really really cool. Just the fact that it's possible to make that type of repair kind of blows my mind.

    6. Jiwbink w

      Watching this sure brings back the memories! I spent nearly 30 years welding,from production exhaust pipes to Cert.Welder in Iron workers Union. Disability took my out. Make the most of each day,we are not promised tomorrow!! One of the best bits of advice I ever got(as A young guy) came from an old hand that worked lead mines in Idaho. He said,when A man is telling you something you're not familiar with or don't understand, let him keep talking,he may touch on tsomething you ARE familiar with! Love thinking back to those green hand days.. Good video!

    7. Cinders Wolfhound

      Nice of you to show your friend lance how to use all the new equiptment he has bought Some people have too much money to waste

    8. Jay Kaye

      Gee no comment younger than three days? Abby is doing great camera work.

    9. Compass Precision

      Very professional video. Enjoyed it a lot and will be checking out more on your channel.

    10. Steven Portillo

      Who knows what glasses he is using? Are they for welding and grinding? I’d like to get myself a pair.

    11. dale bennett

      I took welding and machining class together. I am very glad I took both.

    12. dale bennett

      Nice lathe.

    13. DieselPunk Cummins

      Having done dozens of repairs just like this I would have preferred to see this done with TIG. Flame brazing these parts is old tech and much slower and less controlled. Tig brazing has so much more control.

    14. Greg Hare

      When I first started in the trade as a machinist nearly 50 years ago, every welder and machinist had to know how to braze. I now work in a shop where we have about 25 welders myself and one other machinist. Of these myself and the other machinist are the only ones who know how to braze. It's not as easy to learn as you may think a lot of tricks, a lot of things to watch for, and hard to explain but you have to really be able to see heat. I learned from my dad who had over 65 years in the trade.

    15. prophaniti1

      Do you keep old worn shafts to use as bar stock to turn down for future jobs?

    16. Carl Thor

      Fun learning new processes.

    17. JR Palak1976

      Abom79 once again demonstrates mastery over metal! I like watching these braze repairs.

    18. jlinkels

      Who did that excellent camera work? It took me a while before I realized that actually a third person had to be present. Adam and Lance both on screen and the camera being operated.

      1. jlinkels

        @Andy B Very wll done. She deserves credits

      2. Andy B

        His wife Abby

      3. Roy Reynolds

        I think I heard Abby at one point.

    19. Rick Silvia

      Your videos make me miss working in a machine shop

    20. Mel Coats

      Hey Adam, a couple of your vids were shown by Quantum Tech HD: Cool!

    21. di. mythios

      Always love a professional work with their hands.

    22. Charlie Brown

      First I really like your videos. Second I believe you were saying how rough the bottom of the stoker engine was, can you use this Spray Welding to build it up enough to smooth out?

    23. pat rafferty

      Hi Adam I just noticed how to buy shirts. sorry about that . The problem is that I never see out videos. I'll buy them very soon. your show is fabulous. Greetings from Ireland.

    24. pat rafferty

      Hi Adam. How do I buy shirts

    25. Marcus Oliveira

      Oi sou do Brasil e gosto de ver tu trabalhar também sou torneiro mecânico!!

    26. Christopher Baize

      How to reach you again maybe have a job for you I would enjoy to see on SEprom

    27. TedGNE

      Out of curiosity what would the rough cost on a shaft repair like that? Obviously it’d differ from location to location but I’m just curious on a real rough idea a shop might charge for something like that

    28. Pill Pusher

      Abom showin off those mad brazin skillzzzz... Nice

    29. Chris Bond Garage

      As usual, great video! Really like these, I take this work for granted not seeing the details that take place. Your videos and detail are well done sir.

    30. Chris R

      That's some Fantastic Workmanship.

    31. D.mushroom Hunter

      I watched the video of you and Lance lapping your reference plate. And it took me almost the whole next day to wrap my head around the tolerances of what that reference plate is... A single strip of Scotch tape is 1000 x thicker than the deviation in your entire plate.!! It's nice to see the other side of the story where you're showing your expertise in brazing cast iron and machining back to precision!

    32. Многогранник

      Лайк от друга!) Спасибо за видео!

    33. pea kay

      Can you spray weld if you are just trying to fill one side of a shaft? Like if you had big gouge on just half of the piece? Does that make sense? Does it have to be turning for it to work I guess is what I'm asking or can you have it in a vice and then turn it on the lathe?

    34. mqL49J

      1:40 Comrade Abom, surely you remember that Taiwan is, was and always will be native Chinese soil, as are the rest of South China Sea islands, in glorious perpetuity.

    35. David Stansbury

      Another awesome, informative, interesting video as always. Thanks for your time and knowledge.

    36. George Stolz

      Hi Adam. I have finally watched all of your Abom79 videos from the beginning of time. Lol. I have enjoyed all of them, and look forward to the future. Great work and content. Best regards.

    37. Dark Winter

      So, my dad was in the navy back in the 1960s; and was at one of the naval air stations, when someone knocked over a 2000 PSI gas bottle, breaking the valve off. He tells me that it went 3/4 of a mile down the runway, thru an airplane, and into a CMU block building, fully penetrating one wall, and getting halfway thru another. Fortunately, nobody was hurt; and the plane just needed two of it’s panels replaced.... got lucky that day.

    38. 682 70

      Nice Adam, thanks to you and Lance.

    39. Jon Bidinger

      I always get a kick out of spray welding.

    40. ShawnMrFixitlee

      Great share Adam , Passing the know how . Sure ENJOYED !! Thanks..

    41. Joseph DESTAUBIN

      I might guess that your audience's demographic likely doesn't care that much, but repairing something like that is almost always the environmentally responsible thing to do. Just so you know, I appreciate the effort, incidental or otherwise.

    42. P Adams

      Lance did a good job too. Thanks for all Adam.

    43. sam yeates

      thanks for sharing!!!

    44. Mike Dyson

      What type of powder are you spraying

    45. Markus Scheffler

      Did you put the shims in the bore to remove the graphite slug easier?

    46. usman ali

      i'm seeing spary welding first time , its really amazing and time saving

    47. Jeffry Blackmon

      Good to watch the work go so well. Metal spraying looks like fun. Thanks.

    48. aintnobitchms

      liked for algorithm

    49. fire surfer

      I was thinking it needed to be redesigned for disassembly. Put some flats on the broken part, add some cold rolled steel and screw it together. It doesn't need to be round, just a hunk of square steel, drill a hole, bolt it together.

    50. RB

      For that broken collar, could an access hole be cut into the machine in case future maintenance is required in the future?

    51. Trevelyn Brown

      I could see Abom in the Army. Grenade launcher no thank you flamethrower yes please .

      1. Double Dare Fan

        I personally think the Hacksmith would be better suited for that job.

    52. Trevelyn Brown

      This is a example of true friendship . Helping each other out . I would hate to see the replacement cost with the import tax today .

    53. R Hood

      Nice video gents!

    54. Robert Proteau

      That spray welding is one the coolest things I have ever seen.

      1. Dark Winter

        Actually, no... it’s quite hot. 😉

    55. chrispy

      Life is too danged short. And a good friend is a TREASURE. Relish the opportunities to spend time with each other. Excellent work. Can’t wait to see the next episode.

    56. Streaml1ne J. Moose

      Should make an Abom sized pencil from that graphite :)

    57. Paul Mace

      I wonder on a small part like that if furnace welding would work. You ought to experiment with that.


      Thanks you videos tutorial next time videos brother good videos tutorial next time welding work 👍

    59. RagazzoMafioso

      Adam: Cut 100% your daily intake of sugar, and sweetener. You will see results on about 2-3 weeks.

      1. Dark Winter

        I dropped 30lbs just by switching from high-fructose corn syrup sweetened soda to diet soda. No other dietary modifications were made.

    60. jamiroph

      Awesome video! Great fun to watch and learn even if its not something I'll ever practically do myself. With the brazing repair I'm assuming that the workload forces aren't going to be a concern? Or is that method structurally as strong as when it was a single piece?

    61. leon colyer

      Always good to some trip being handed on to somebody else 👍👍👍👍👍and Lance will pass it on to the next person 😁😁 good luck from Victoria Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    62. TheClintonpage

      If you close your eyes lance sounds like Patrick swayze

    63. TheBig Pedro

      So what about that steak dinner?

    64. Larry Baker

      You are a great American my friend great information as always.

    65. Mikhail Krikunov

      Must include some BBQ and grill shots at the end🍖

    66. Rodney Kiemele

      Excellent video, Guys, Thanks

    67. Мастерская ЧПУ Фрезеровка /Workshop CNC

      Well done guys, man's work! ⚙️💪👍

    68. Classic British Spares

      ACRA - Taiwan, great machines

    69. Dave Post

      Whenever I see spray welding in the title, I stop whatever else I am doing and give 100% of my focus to the video.

    70. John Butterfield

      My boss asked me not long agin if I had ever herd of spray welding I said I herd of it and thought I saw Abom doing it on SEprom. We might be doing some shaft repair in the future so I sent him this video. Thank you very much for the content. You probably have no idea how helpful and informative you are.

    71. tim clarke

      I’ve been meaning to ask what the hell did you do your thumb?

    72. Ronny Dowdy

      That's what friends are for. Helping each other

    73. Gene Allen

      I really like that you show the picture of you, your father and grandfather at the end. It's heartwarming.

      1. Luke Augustus

        It really is. I swear there's a picture of my grandpa, my dad and me (when I was 4 or 5) looking at our farm right after we lost a couple barns in a big wind storm... But I've never actually seen the picture (maybe it's just in my head?) I always think about my grandpa when I see that picture of Abom, his father, and his grandfather

      2. rickseeman1

        Yes it is. I feel like I know them.

    74. jjb

      Lance, fast for that learning curve. You know why.

    75. Disaster In The Homeshop

      I'd personally wanna keep that spray welder much more than 6-8 inches away from my shaft....

    76. asusy

      Both of you are the real wizards!

    77. Mad Jack 33

      My 14-40 lathe appears to be the same machine as Lance’s without the VFD option but is branded as a Truturn 1440. It is made in Taiwan and I assume it was imported by a company called Turret machinery co. LTD in 1995 according to the tag on the lathe. It is a very nice and capable machine. Glad to see another one that looks identical to mine.

    78. ty2148

      Ok I don't feel nearly as bad now. I thought I was a cheap bastard for tigging all the tails of welding rods back together. Good to know someone else does that too.

    79. hibiki54

      There are a lot of youngsters and even young adults that feel that it is easier to just cut out new material and re-make a part. If you have to order material or you local supplier does not have it in stock for pick-up, then repairing the original part using spray welding, brazing or tig is the way to go. I once made 2 shafts for a customer that runs a small bottling shop. One of the two original shafts got worn down and needed to be replaced, however they accidently damaged the back-up shaft so that put them in a pickle. I saved them from shutting down for a couple days because I took the original shaft, spray welded and turned it down to practically brand new. Took me about 3 hours to finish and cost my customer an arm and a leg for having me work on a Sunday, but they didn't shut down and everyone was happy.

    80. Sharting Khumbubbles

      Imagine that .....Abom polished Lances shaft and it was ALL caught on Camera !!!

    81. Bryan H

      Yep, I believe Lance was right. You should have used two torches. The 2nd torch's job is just to put heat into the larger part as its conducting heat away so fast. That works well and you actually use less acetylene (heat), and time, in the end. But, it takes a good team, just like you and Lance, to pull it off.

    82. Henry G

      That was a awesome brazing job!!! Don’t think I’ve had noticed after the fact it came out so great !!!!!!!

    83. Gabe Whisen

      Graphite plug great Idea never seen that before I had had some copper parts machined to weld steel and aluminum parts we used to repair often drilling augers and aluminum pipes that keyed together and we repaired those worn keyways by placing copper key in there and welding them up

    84. Касадор

      oh, I would like to come to you for advanced training, but the circumstances do not allow this to be done, I'm joking)). But the videos are very exciting and do not scold that there is a subscriber from Russia.

    85. Bruce Boschek

      That isn't a c-clamp it is a C-CLAMP.

      1. a man

        I C what you did there.

    86. j rehtil

      Adam: seeing you with friend Lance made me wonder where your friend Gil would be? PM me please

    87. kc8bdr

      Lance called Adam "Professor" That got me thinking that Adam would be a great shop/trade school teacher.

      1. Trevelyn Brown

        I have been saying that from the first time I watched him work .

    88. Rob Langfield

      You mentioned that you had gout. Something that seems to work really good for some is Mulberry’s. A small handful a day and you might be able to ditch the pills.

    89. hawkwing

      good jobs guys

    90. Ben Grogan

      Out of curiousity - How far out of spec would a bearing surfrace have to be for you to reject the idea of spraywelding it? I remember you mentioning in a previous video that its a much colder process than trying to build up with normal weld - if there a point where it becomes thick enough it risks shelling away? or would any rejection simply be a time concern of "I can rough out a new shaft faster than we can build on more than thous?

    91. Roger Moore

      Very nice brass work

    92. Kenneth Pensyl

      It's surprising that you didn't make a new part rather than repairing the broken one.

      1. frump99

        Did you watch the entire video?

    93. Bruce Boschek

      ACRA machines are made in Taiwan.

    94. Scott Roland

      Why did you open the joint so much for the brazing? Wouldn't just cleaning the casting as originally broken, and brazing the crack be stronger? Thanks for the education! Scott

    95. bcbloc02

      So is Abby the official camera operator now? Lance got in spec on his first try. He will be fixing all kinds of stuff now!

      1. bcbloc02

        @kevin riese I don’t know. I only know one guy that does that sort of repair work. 😈

      2. kevin riese

        I bet Lance could even fix ......................... ow lets say a mill that had been dropped. Just an example not saying anything specific.

    96. Wayne Higden

      Thanks again for a trip down memory lane back to the 60s when I first saw spray welding done when I was an apprentice machinist. The shop had a dedicated lathe for spray welding only. It had an exhaust hood mounted above the ways. I don’t think they used a gun like you have.

    97. EMIL GABOR

      Spray welding is excellent but is pretty expensive . For larger parts it is money saver. For that shaft, probably not, but you need to learn on something... Grate job

    98. Michael VanGundy

      Brazing iron is uniquely difficult. The flame from the Flux makes it very hard to see the puddle. When you pull the torch completely off to see you are letting oxygen get to the molten metal. Keep the flame adjusted so it is slightly carbonizing and pull straight back, not waving away. The movement in the puddle is slow and alternating between the rod and torch. First to one side then the other. A smaller tip helps.


      Great job Adam and Lance. Great way to keep things rolling for sure !! Thanks for sharing with us, Fred.👍👍👏🏻👏🏻