SNS 338: Instagram Chip of the Year Winning Prize, Freddy Micro Plus


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    After a little delay getting through customs, I finally received my Instagram Chip of the Year winning gift, a new Freddy Products Micro Plus coolant filtration vacuum machine. I'll share a complete once over on the new vacuum and how it functions. Check out their website for more info on the machines they build and service
    Also in this weeks video is a welding support arm project I worked on recently, and Joe from the welding shop stopped by to put the Flexarm machine to work.
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    1. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    2. Nathan Quinlan

      Shop vac isn't even in the same sport as this Freddy. Looking at the website for this product I have no doubt one could leave it in their will to children. $$$$

    3. mike malliski

      Congrats Adam, very nice equipment you won.......

    4. Bears Rod Shop

      That steady rest is awesome,,,I don't do as much welding as did 40 years back as a structural Iron Worker,,but now that retired & 68,,love burning those 7018's once again. Have a Everlast 256s, but tigging looks like Fido's Butt,,,as Jody would say,,,hehe! Have a great year Adam,,Love that flex arm too,,,Bear from TX.(PS. Got our Lebond 17 set up and ready to start throwing some chips,,(@@)!

    5. D.mushroom Hunter

      I posted on the wrong video so I'm starting over again. I've been watching you I think more than a year and every time I watch I'm more and more impressed. A setup like that could produce almost robotic perfection with a MIG welder!! I have a 10-minute project that I would love for you to do for me as a quick project video.. it's a 3 inch disc 1/2 inch thick with a 3/8 16 x 1.5 in stud polished as smooth as you can get it to make a meat pounder out of my cocobolo handle! If that's something you'd be willing to do I'm more than willing to pay for shipping handling and for your time!! More importantly I'd be proud to have something in my kitchen that you and I put together to prepare food for my family!!

    6. Pete Howlett

      No cover on your surface plate Adam?

    7. William Murphy

      Joe replacing your fence with an iron one?

    8. Peter Edis

      Totally deserved Abom 👍🏼 Well done man.! 🙇🏽‍♂️

    9. bo_bo_deluxe

      The nice orange Freddy color is very Satisfactory.

    10. David Hall

      Congratulations. Can we see Freddy do some work soon?

    11. Ronald Kubert

      im a 48 year old manual machinist same job for 31 years from mass

    12. Ronald Kubert

      I think i need your help with a reed vise NO405 that i have aquired ..i watch all your tube and see that you have a similar one all the vise stuff..looked online with not much luck..i was looking to find your contact stuff..i dont know how to do that how do i do that?

    13. pmailkeey

      Adam, daft request - but any chance you can get that cardboard box the vac came in sent to Big Cat Rescue, Tampa ?

    14. Gavin Hoole

      Some rubber stops on the ends of those rods would be cool.

    15. Phil Bohrman

      Super tool. Happy machinist!

    16. ItzMikeOmg

      That is a nice looking vac.

    17. Мастерская ЧПУ Фрезеровка /Workshop CNC

      Good thing you have, good luck colleague!

    18. olaf dossier

      looks like you had a "kinetic exchange" on your left hand thumb there ;)

    19. Tom P

      Flex-Arm = zero blisters. Priceless!

    20. SolarMill

      @15:01 Boy howdy!

    21. Mel Parker

      I like your channel. I use step drill bits because I do lots of plastic work and they don't pull your drill bit into the work. Do they make a step drill bit with no steps?

      1. Mario Spielberg

        Yes they do but here in Germany they are called "Schälbohrer".

    22. Andy Neal

      Miss the first 23mins to much yaba yaba. It's a very nice industrial Vax separation unit. With 10 mins of shop work. Still not see the Vax working.

    23. Al Eldon

      1st time writing opinion. Good luck but I am not interested. I will not say more. Make me say more with more such video and I will. Thx for video. Good luck with it.

    24. Henry G

      Congratulations on the chip win as always awesome content!!!!!

    25. Petey Bones

      9:31 Yo Adam!! Ask Simon over at Freddy if that color is "Lucifer Orange", like Triumph uses on their bikes. Love it, man!!!👊🤘😊

    26. Sue Rooney

      Nice little blurb from Paul at IGChipOfTheWeek!

      1. igchipoftheweek contest

        Thank you

    27. Kenny Bisset

      Shame this channel used to be about metal work and engineering, turned more into a presentation channel.

      1. just tim


      2. Lincoln Satterthwaite

        cutting edge engineering does job shop work and makes great videos about it

    28. Trav Clement

      At first I didn’t think much of this machine. After watching this I need one!!!

    29. Paul Nunnemaker

      I have an off question, what carbon steel is best for making custom cv axles and do you have to harden the steel after

    30. krbruner

      Wonder if you could use it to filter your Evaporust. Remove the rust particulates out of it, make it last longer.

    31. Eli Duttman

      Adam, that arm rest you built reminded me of the ring stands and "monkey bars" used in Chemistry labs. Maybe you can increase the rigidity of the vertical member by adding a diagonal brace. It's hard to beat triangles for rigidity.

    32. 4n 2earth

      @17:01; Watch Adam get sucked into that monster machine, separating bone and brawn from liquids.

    33. John Roberts

      Great content thanks for sharing

    34. Calvin Stence

      Used a bigger of those to clean the nastiest lathe sump in history. Was an absolute necessity, you will love it to death.


      Thanks you videos tutorial next time boss ferfec the best videos you welding work steel

    36. Alden Fish

      The Freddy Machine looks great, but what blew me away is the packaging that it came in. Coming from the UK, it didn't get damaged at all. I noticed the DHL tape on the cardboard. My hat's off to DHL for taking great care of your new machine!!

    37. Rocco N April

      Flex arm thing is a beast!

    38. Ricky Bradby

      I was really interested in this style of hoover you was showing. More industrial than the domestic crap that's on the market over here. I've made contact with Simon today, I can confirm, he really is such a helpful and polite chap! Very willing to help and guide me to the right machine that fitted my small budget. Thanks to all. 👍👍👍

      1. A B

        for a small budget consider buying a used VAX 6131, discarding an original bottom bucket and getting a barrel converted into a cyclone filter.

    39. mnoxman

      Don't plug it in. It's A Dalek!

      1. Tom Oakhill


      2. Rocco N April

        Hehee. Eggs Stir Mix Bake.

    40. Jesus von Nazaret

      Did I overhear the price of the Freddy Vacuum in the video? What would it cost me to buy one?

      1. Jesus von Nazaret

        @TINRFD ouch, I guess quality has it's price

      2. TINRFD

        Guess around 2500$.

    41. Zachary Mihlrad

      Anyone else had a clump of chips get stuck in the middle of a long shop vac hose? Nightmare...

    42. Strattao

      Can anyone tell me what the green machine in the background is @ 6:22 please. I found one in the back of our shed

      1. Lemming

        Drill bit grinder, it's used for sharpening/shaping drill bits.

    43. Matthew Perlman

      The Freddy looks like a well made machine; looking forward to seeing it in action. Also I like that adjustable steady rest idea, especially for TIG work.

    44. Bullet Begone

      A whole lot of yapping going on if nothing else

    45. John Bonner

      Congrats Adam! Great content makes for awards far as I can see. Nice work.

    46. andrew r

      New tool day is always fun to watch and be a part of in your shop adam. Cheers.

    47. Seth Paulson


    48. Steve Waldner

      You do an amazing great job ! Thank for your great videos .

    49. twistedlv

      Nice! I'm happy to see that your peers appreciate your talent as much as a I (just a neverdunit enthusiast) do.

    50. Jason Lloyd

      Adam, you're a chip off the old block! (I'll see myself out, lol)

    51. WoLpH

      You're one of the largest machinist channels on youtube so you'll obviously get a lot of votes with the chip of the week/month. I'm not saying that you didn't submit beautiful chips, but this result was somewhat expected. And for Freddy this is near free advertising of course :)

    52. bcbloc02

      If I had had a sump sucker I wouldn't have killed my shop vac cleaning the sump on the big Monarch

    53. Jeffery Givens

      When you use the armrest, if you make sure that you put the weight on the end that goes in the tightening direction, it won't loosen up on you.

    54. Rodney Wroten

      Wow very nice Adam.

    55. Seth Bracken

      New title card looks awesome man.

    56. Skid6660

      Call me crazy but it looks like setting up some kind of mirror so you can see the FlexArm side-on would be a big ergonomics win. Almost every video I've seen has you bending over the table.

    57. Mad Jimbo

      People do need understand how nasty coolant gets. Sumps get moldy, etc. Nasty nasty nasty.

    58. Robert Ketcham

      I have really enjoyed watching your channel. I am so happy for you. Keep up the great work.

    59. Monk Music - Don't engage!

      128 Morons have down voted. How can you down vote one of the best channels onYT?

    60. Paul Charman

      Adam, you will not be disappointed with the Freddy, they are great machines and will do most fluid transfer operations you can think of. When I was working, we had 2 x 1000L units that were in constant use. I suspect you may find your tank capacity a bit low as you use it.

    61. Frank B

      I like your welding assist. I may modify it some and use it when I do bronchoscopy.I may pad it with pipe insulation. Frank

    62. Mad Jimbo

      A shop vac with two tubes and a filter basket.

    63. Gabe Whisen

      Fireball tool needs an industrial version of that for the garnet

    64. Paul Santi

      Man i love your videos, they help me out so much when i'm stuck on something. Side note how did you smash your thumb.

    65. Calyn Groover Sr

      what brand are your pants?

    66. bigalhudson

      With the whole Brexit thing going on how long did it take to get your new ‘sucker’ from the U.K.?

    67. Gabe Whisen

      Nice work winning you've deserved that you making amazing chips for years before chips were even cool

    68. Chris White

      If it's from the UK then it'll be a "tea" mug, not "coffee". :-)

    69. Matt Gerling

      Adam's first demonetized video ever. All this talk about "sucking" and "blowing"!

    70. Brett

      Now there’s a gizmo!

    71. Andreas Lothary

      hey Abom, 2 Weeks ago i built an Armrest for the Rotarytable at Work and the Diffrence is huge!!!! I also can remove it if i want.

    72. Bill Abernathy

      Let's see that vacuum in action!!

    73. wmc wings

      Is that your newly resurfaced granite plate are using as a drop zone?!? 😱

    74. Bror Appelsin

      ...and my name is Bobby Brown...

    75. Robert DeBusk

      That Flex Arm sure looks to be a real time saver. Congratulations on winning the Chip of the Year contest, Freddy machine will be a big help for cleaning out those sumps. Be Careful and Stay Safe. Bob

    76. M F C

      Well done with winning chip of the year. Its great to have nice new equipment, enjoy.

    77. Michael Kenefick

      I think there is a quote in this some where. It goes " I think we are going to need a bigger shop".

      1. Matthew Perlman

        We all tend to get to that point in short time!

    78. S Smith

      Congratulations Adam.

    79. J Boos

      Sehr gut mach weiter so!!👍👍👍

    80. Urban Adventures

      Only chips I care about are tater chips and chocolate chips

      1. Michael Kenefick

        and peanut butter chips! =)

    81. john morgan

      Congratulations Adam. You could have done with a crevice tool for that vac, when cleaning out the bottom of the lathe when you serviced it. Is Freddy Micro, any relation to Henry Hoover?

    82. GS2008

      Congratulations Adam!

    83. Tomasz Staroń

      Its always nice to have a friend with a machine shop :p But why I'm the one with the shop, not the one with friends :p

    84. Rambozo Clown

      Is it easier to pile stuff on your surface plate now that it's lapped to AA? ;)

      1. Anders Wegge

        The filters will deffo not go out of shape :)

    85. MultiArrie

      Must be a uk thing to name vacuum cleaners, Henri and Hetty Numatic in the office Freddy in the factory

      1. mopedmarathon

        And Dyson In the landfill.......

    86. Joe R

      It's good to have friends with nice toys, that guy is probably saving 8 hours of tapping by hand or a $500+ bill from a regular machine shop.

      1. John Slee

        yes. when I first saw the flex-arm thing in adam's shop here I didn't really get it (probably because i'm a tech nerd who watches these vids to relax, not a machinist) but now I totally do get it. Huge time saving, huge physical labour saving, and more consistently vertical tapping. Brilliant

    87. David

      Love these contrived contest winner videos; so much mutual back-scratching going on.

      1. Ryan lukens

        It’s called Marketing and its been used to move product almost since there was product to move. Did you ever watch the movie “A Christmas Story”? Do you remember the scene with the Ovaltine/Little Orpah Annie decoder ring? Another “contrived giveaway” to move product. This is how business is done, if you don’t like it or don’t understand, that’s okay. You can change the channel.

      2. jimW133

        Walk away then.

    88. De Montalvo

      Awesome bro! Congrats!

    89. Jake Aikens

      So, what you’re saying is your new machine really sucks? Congrats. Well deserved. Can’t wait for the next lathe oil change.

      1. Peter Murphy

        It blows!

    90. Larry Baker

      God just keep on Blessing you with your big hearted self.

    91. BoringBar

      This would have been very useful to clean the oilsump in the monarch's headstock or the shaper

    92. Godfrey Poon

      Abom sure does run a blue chip operation.

    93. Motor 2of7

      It arrived in better shape than my new water heater, which got dumped on its side and they still delivered it. I’ve had some stuff delivered that was really beat to hell. Warehouse forklift drivers need better training.

      1. anonymous George

        Training? We don't need no stinkin' training.

      2. John Slee

        used to work in a building with a warehouse attached. The warehouse guys used to regularly smoke weed in their breaks and also if it rained during nightshifts, they'd take the forklifts outside and try to drift them. There were ... incidents.

      3. Sithus1966

        Considering how some of Adam's machines arrived that didn't even leave the country.

    94. Tristan Patterson

      Dude looks like he needs to get himself a flexarm, and some taps.

    95. Gavin Almeida

      Congratulations man, well deserved

    96. Bob O`Bob

      Trading pizza for flex-arm time? I wish I had local friends like you.

    97. 196LT AKA MikeLwork


    98. warren heyman

      That's awesome Congrats

    99. Robert Kohut


    100. Lee Petridge

      All this talk and we can’t see it work, not cool!!!