SNS 337 Part 2: Knuckle Boom Pin Boss Completed


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    Finishing up the machining on the new pin boss for the knuckle boom. This goes into a garbage truck used to pick up roadside trash and debris.
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    1. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    2. david anderson

      brill vid.

    3. donald naymon

      Great video. Nice work. Thank you for sharing.

    4. Theo Pasanduka

      Hi can you also say your demotions in mms please (metrics)

      1. Bernard Will

        1 inch = 25.4 mm , so you can calc alone

    5. steve shoemaker

      Thanks again...Adam...!

    6. Bob Vines

      Adam, thank you for sharing your thoughts/thinking process as you do projects like this!

    7. Keith Callcut

      Hi Adam. Keith Callcut hear in the U.K . I find your video's great to watch, I always find some thing I can use. The Sky hook crane you use on the lathe, are they only available in the U S A as I don't seem to be able to find it in the U.K Keep up the great work. Keith C

    8. rotch s-garage

      Sending the apprentice to look for the sky hook is not a joke anymore XD

    9. John Apel

      Good couple of videos. Reminding us of the basics. Well done. And I got to smile twice at the Booth trio at the end. Thanks.

    10. T Kirkwood

      Thanks Adam!

    11. harish bairagi

      Y not wear safety gloves ???

      1. harish bairagi

        @Dave E 🤬🤬🤬🤬

      2. Dave E

        @harish bairagi Shop press?

      3. harish bairagi

        About all machines have rotating motion . I think no one a single machine without rotating motion.

      4. Heliarc welding and fabrication

        any rotating machine i a workshop you shouldnt wear gloves, section rolls, plate rolls, mill, drill, lathe, linisher etc . . .

      5. [Whatever name goes here]

        Gloves on a lathe are a massive no-no. If the fabric gets caught on an edge, it won't let go like skin does and you will lose at best a finger, at worst your life

    12. Martin Eastburn

      When I was using my tool post grinder, I used a screw out of the metal box. It was dripping with oil. It produced a beautiful finish on a friends boring tool. He got one oversized. I had to hold it twice and that was tricky - being a novice and low use since a Junior high working at home shop. The second half of the shaft was without oil - and the finish quality was poorer than oil finish. It had pits and such it was smooth I could drag a steel rule across the round and across the line. No telling if there were a edge was.

    13. Mature Patriot Machining

      Great usual.

    14. John Swaggerty

      You’ve taught me so much! Thank you brother!