SNS 337 Part 1: Knuckle Boom Pin Boss


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    This week we have a pin boss to machine for my buddy at the welding shop. This goes into a knuckle boom that is used to pick up trash. Part 1 will cover getting it set up in the lathe including use of the steady rest plus indicating it true and ready for boring.
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    1. TinyMaths

      I learned the importance of looking after your back recently when I felt some funny sensation when stupidly trying to life something that I should have had more assistance with; it's taken 2 months of avoiding heavy lifting for my back to return to normal so I can actually get proper sleep. I forget (I'm almost 50), that as you get older you will be more susceptible to injury. Sometimes in our workplace I think EGO plays a part in causing the guys to try to manage a certain amount of weight without proper technique and assistance, and sometimes, just moving something by lifting it yourself seems to be the 'quicker' solution, so it's sometimes a question of convenience, which is what I did (and look what resulted); Silly really, because if you put your back out, it's going to affect your ability to work and the your overall quality of life in other areas.

    2. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    3. Jim Carter

      Good Evening Adam, I really enjoy your channel, in this video can tell me specifically what is the tool holder you are using that allows you to use the CNMG insert on the short, I have been unable to locate this tool, any help would be great.

    4. D|M Photo

      You do a great job explaining. It all makes perfect sense. As someone with a terrible lower back, I really like seeing you use the sky hook to save your back. 👍. Lower back issues are awful and anything you can do to avoid unnecessary strain is a good idea.

    5. JMF 123

      I absolutely love this channel. Thanks for the great content, Adam.

    6. Josh Wurst

      How much does that sky hook weigh to lift up and down onto the lathe all the time?

    7. Josh Sanchez

      Yep gotta work smart not hard. That skyhook seems like an awesome shop purchase

    8. GUY POPEY 02

      hello to you aboom 79 I see that there is a small crane on the tower to carry some parts, yet given your size you look solid. do you have health problems? Good day to you .

    9. GUY POPEY 02

    10. Nicholas Chiappini

      These videos are so helpful. I work on a ship with a lathe and I know how to use it all thanks to you abom

    11. Jose L Rodriguez

      Never ceases to amaze me how you center a 4 jaw chuck 30 times faster than I do! :)

    12. Cemeng Chiling

      the right tools make the objects precision

    13. Cristiana Barsuglia

      How do I find the indicator holder you used, "Rotodial"? All I found on the net is for phone systems

      1. Chris Graham his caption is not accurate in the video.

    14. Joey Longfured

      I hope your thumb heals up well. I see you hit it pretty good.

    15. Ann Koehler

      Absolutely loved how you explained everything, from beginning to end. LOVED IT!!!

    16. Timothy Mckern

      Work smarter not harder

    17. Олексій Левенець

      sky hook -this life hack? OMG!

    18. Tete Rouge

      The sky hook? Fetch a bucket of steam.. Ask for the "Steam raisor".... Next to the "long wait"... Its by that back door.... I'll just get it now.... Weight.... 🤔

    19. whedge 78

      What do you do if you can’t get the end dialed in? I run into that problem sometimes doing long shafts.

    20. RP Mechanics

      Awesome job and video.

    21. home serve

      I think in the beginning I could hear your back saying Hallelujah. great video as always

    22. Jonathan

      Adam, my mother was a physiotherapist, and I'm glad to see you taking your health seriously. It's not big or clever or manly or whatever to skip measures like PPE or good manual handling practices. This stuff saves not only lives, but quality of life. That Sky Hook looks like a real asset for the stuff you work with. Please also pass on my thanks to (I assume) Abby for running the camera. It improves the videos so much when we can follow you around doing ops like this, spray welding, etc.

    23. Thor Hammer

      Who are you trying to convince that the sky hook was a good idea? (Your Wife) LOL

    24. Dwight Brown

      The small crane you use is really cheap compared with back surgery or even a trip to the ER!

    25. Bears Rod Shop

      Have to agree with others on back pain,,,I would like too have a Sky Hook to assist me, but affordably has me using a HF boom lift. Think my back surgeon will thank me too (@@). Lov too see big iron being turned,,,Now that I have moved up from a SB 9 to a LeBlond 17, can't wait to mount the 12" chuck and turn some dies for our Pexto 617,,, :)>, Thx for sharing Adam,,Bear.

    26. Larry C

      All this precision is likely wasted on a garbage truck

      1. Chris Graham

        i always believe its good to practice being accurate on things that don't need it so when it comes time that you DO need it, its second nature.

      2. Leo Arc

        It's good practice to do a good job. Not losing standards.

    27. Mopar Stephen

      Great advice on the back - I can tell you for sure, I wish I hadn't let ego get in the way of common sense 20 years ago. I feel it every day now.

      1. Terry Coombs

        And in another 20 years you'll feel it even more .

    28. midgoog2

      As a young man I worked for the Chrysler Co. here in Australia as an engine assembler and would fit crankshafts to the Cyl blocks all day lifting them by hand because it was quicker than using the clumsy hoist supplied. 40 years later and I'm now paying for that choice with a fragile lower back. So to all those young "bucks" out there I say don't be a hero. Just because you can lift it doesn't mean it is a smart thing to do. Cheers Eric

    29. 4 spd life

      That crane is a great idea my safety supervisor told me when your leaned over and lifting every 10 pounds is equivalent to 100 pounds of force on your lower back so that piece would be equivalent to 450 pounds of force on your lower back

    30. John Roberts

      Great content thanks for sharing

    31. Paul Hunt

      If you had to control length with more accuracy, when and how would you measure it? Can you open the steady rest and measure the length from the chuck end with a long hook scale or possibly a long caliper? Controlling length with no reference point in this type of set up has always troubled me. I am asking for the best methods, hoping for a suggestion that doesn't require removing the part for bench length measurement. I understand that only one end is faced at the end of this video, and length will be determined when facing the other end in part 2 video. The customer determined the non critical length on this part with saw cuts and instructions for allowable cleanup material removal. But what are best methods to use if length is critical? Could the trued end be referenced from the chuck face or referenced from the face of a 4 legged hard stop mounted on the chuck if the part diameter is too small to contact chuck face? I have seen such end stops used in high volume production set ups. Adam doesn't have DRO on this lathe and references with travel indicators from known locations. But I want a technique to control one off length in a similar 4 jaw and steady rest set up.

    32. Mature Patriot Machining

      Your explanations remind me of my High School Machine Shop Instructor. Set up and ready to Rock and Roll.

    33. joeashbubemma

      Just watched a video from 2017, you look HALF the size that you were back then. I'll bet your back and knees feel a lot better. Keep it up Adam, you're doing great!

    34. Reaper Restorations

      Adam, it's YOUR back, no need to explain. i used to be a welder. We always lifted stuff that was way too heavy. one day the boss had four of us carry two 1200lbs I beams down a steep gravel driveway, then lift them over our heads into a ceiling while they rested on ladders. we did stuff like that on a regular basis. The boss wouldn't have to live with an injury, so why should he care?

      1. joeashbubemma

        Sounds like you had real crap boss. I wouldn't ask my guys to do anything I wasn't willing to do myself. Work comp insurance is insane, just ONE injury can cost you tens of thousands in premiums, not to mention the pain and suffering of an injured employee. Business owners who do this kind of stuff are idiots.

    35. Colin Clardy

      Adam this will probably get lost in the comments, but in complete honesty your channel is one of the best things I’ve found on SEprom or anywhere. I work long days and more often than not your videos and a whiskey is how I decompress in the evening. With all the BS politics and insane rhetoric out there, it’s a welcome sanity check to stay grounded in something REAL. Thanks for what you do man, it matters.

    36. Thomas MacLean

      how did you not use the plasma cutter in any of your vids

    37. Matthew Sykes

      Skyhook... work smarter and safer, not harder. It's easy to work hard and pile on the damage as a young guy, comes back to bite you. Although those hooks come in around the 25lb mark.... Great video as always though I do have a question. Just for an assist while getting the work secure, would a dead centre pushing the work up against the chuck face be a good idea?, purely to hold the work steady while you tighten down the jaws?? you could use 2 of the jaws as a sort of cradle then remove the crane before getting a proper grip on the work with all 4 then remove the dead centre?? just curious

      1. Jeff May

        How much does the Skyhook weigh to put it on the tool rest?

      2. Matthew Sykes

        @Stephen S Heh, yeah I do now. The most heavy lifting I do now is just cardboard and pallets though that's mostly dragging them about, easy work by comparison

      3. Stephen S

        Lifting 45lbs away and out from your body is extremely stressful on your lower back. That activity put me in a back brace for 6 months. Work smart.

    38. The Metal Butcher

      Adam, have you ever tried 00 grease for steadies? I find it works a lot better than way oil, especially on Aluminum.

    39. Deeran Foxworthy

      Pretty sure you mean machining a knuckle boom pin LIKE A boss.

    40. Dan-o

      Electric motor and remote control for the sky hook next

    41. cfaber

      Adam, for jobs like this would the "live center chuck" that CEE uses help?

    42. Nolan Taylor

      I admire your ability as a machinist. You have really got your workshop sorted out nicely. Thank you for all the information you so freely provide. I do wonder why you haven't made a wrench for your "Steady Rest"?

    43. Bob Powers

      I really like watching a craftsman ply his trade. I especially appreciate the verbal explanation as to why you are doing what you do. I'm way too old to ever use any of these tricks, but I love learning about them anyway.

    44. bcbloc02

      No more power lifting for Adam! lol An old friend of mine said people get old. That is why we invented hydraulics. :-)

    45. Robert DeBusk

      Enjoyed the setup and use of the Skyhook. I am curious about how you place and remove the Skyhook each time you need it. What picks it up to install it on the lathe? Be Careful and Stay Safe. Bob

    46. jeremy doblinger

      Saving your back is smart.. I'm 35 and I'm saving mine as well.. it's like when you see people using there hands to pound on stuff.. I was tought to never do that on the account your hands will be crippled later on..

    47. c0mputer

      Love the explanations. I needed a refresher on steady rests anyway. Haven't used mine in a couple years.

    48. Tom Steemson

      Watching you centering the piece, it looks like you've done this so often that the process is virtually a reflex.

    49. Bryon Rykard

      Skyhook: working smarter not harder.

    50. Tom Nugent

      Never to basic for me a non-machinist. Thanks for explaining how it is done.

    51. Rocco N April

      I love when the steady-rest comes out!

    52. Rocco N April

      I've said it before and I'll say it again, I could watch you indicate all day. I love that you always get it nailed! Also now I believe I need a hammer that doesn't have a handle for some reason :) And I'm a computer guy, heh.

    53. Stuart Haidon

      As someone who currently has a back injury, I can sympathise with wanting to not have a back injury. Best to do what you can to avoid them; you only get one.

    54. Allen Cavedo

      You give up on the Rode Wireless Go?

    55. Allen Cavedo

      New titles I see. Must be using the new editing software.

      1. Abom79

        I am and I can't seem to make the titles look the same as the previous software.

    56. Bob Bendt

      I like that sky hook. Wish we had those 30 yrs ago. Many a machinist had back issue lifting those heavy pieces. I know I would have used it. I don't blame you for using it we only get one body in a lifetime so you should save it when you can.

    57. John McMickle

      Joe only had it cut to length if the ends were close to parallel.

    58. Mark H

      Is it just me, or does the detent on the Skyhook sound like a dolphin?

    59. Nigel McCoy

      Is it possible to use jaw tips or inserts that have a bit of a radius to grab onto something long & round like this piece?

    60. Nigel McCoy

      I love all your videos. Great narration, awesome projects, plain ol smarts.. Keep it up 👍, with ❤️ from 🇨🇦

    61. badmonkey0001

      Props for saving your back, This Old Abom.

    62. Peter W. Meek

      How much does the Skyhook weigh? If you have to move it from machine to machine, it must have some effect on your back. EDIT: I should have waited to see part 2 before I asked this.

      1. Peter W. Meek

        @Santos Speed Shop Day Care & Assisted Living - They do. It's mounted on a sizeable roll-around cart for which you must supply (or buy and pay for shipping) a sizeable weight package. I considered it, but felt I could not afford the shop space for this cart, much less the price of the portable Skyhook itself. (BTW, the weight of 28# (plus whatever mounting base you plan to use) is revealed in P2 of this SNS.)

      2. Santos Speed Shop Day Care & Assisted Living

        i was thinking same thing. I bet they sell a floor mounted sky hook to help you lift your skyhook off the machine.

    63. Anonymous Viewer

      They don't teach this in the schools anymore I'm sure. All the young kids in my shop just out of school think they are machinists, they can sort of write a program, then set up and promptly crash a $100,000 machine, forget about manual skills, they have none. Love that old Monarch, spent lots of hours on one, even dream about it sometimes...yikes!

      1. whedge 78

        I’m manual only, couldn’t wire code to save my life.

    64. Денис Васильев

      Abom 79 have you lost weight?, You look good !!! Suits you.

    65. dingus153

      While I work in a different industry, something that resonated with me from the early days of my training is "there's nothing heroic or manly about hurting your back"

    66. Will Josephson

      Adam, your comments on how to set up a 4 jaw chuck with stock on the lathe are the best. I have never touched a lathe, probably never will, but I've learned so much from watching you about how to think about mechanical things. Thanks.

    67. Steinmar Gunnarsson

      Why are young people never thinking about their back muscles ? My theory is that´s because they haven´t overstarined them..... yet. Using all the helping aids in order to minimize stress on muscles and bones will make your life better and (for those who want) you can work more years and be even more prodictive for that period.

    68. Ronny Dowdy

      When I was a machinist I wish I had a sky hook bach in the 70s and 80s.

    69. Jonsered

      But how do you lift the sky hook ;)

    70. Jason Lloyd

      "Hey Man"... take care of your back. Also your knees.

    71. Guillermo Carrillo

      45lbs for the stock, I wonder how much the crane weighs and the strain it creates placing it up on the lathe?

      1. Santos Speed Shop Day Care & Assisted Living

        @Will Josephson I think he meant the strain on your back installing it on the lathe.

      2. Will Josephson

        Almost nothing compared to the force of taking a heavy cut in steel.

    72. Mateusz Skowroński

      Classic Abom79. Really enjoyed it! Thanks! :)

    73. ShotgunAU

      I have 4 different back injuries from poor working posture and lifting, I live with constant pain 24/7, I've had 6 operations so far (2 of which were surgery) and heading to my 7th procedure in a few days, I'd say the sky hook was your best investment yet. Kudos Adam, much love.

    74. Larry Cleeton

      I'm with you on the lifting issues. With that big lathe you are lifting things relatively far away from your body. Instead of just up and down forces on your back there are rotational forces on the back. Those are the ones that usually get you.

    75. Nick Mazur

      I saw this video when it came out recently, I wonder if this tool would be a useful tool for rough centering long cylinders and/or round material?

    76. outsidescrewball

      Enjoyed your discussion on process!!!

    77. TD5 Disco

      Good the see the family photos return at the end of the videos. Nice job.

    78. Justin Reed

      I would love to see abom would machine a line bored tube where the outside is still rough forged and the ends are saw cut. I machine that kind of material every day in my job and would love to see how he would set it up to make the inside run true in the lathe.

    79. apx5777

      That tubing is almost as big as my lathe😂

    80. Reed Abit

      How much does the skyhook weigh?

      1. routercnc

        It’s ok, he has another skyhook to lift that one . . . :-)

    81. Luka Madunić

      Respect to you for health advice! If you gonna machine part for an hour or two you can as well spend extra few minutes to look after you health.

    82. WreckDiver99

      Great Video today Adam. Like everything else, practice makes things easier with time. Watching you fly through a 4-Jaw indication is always amazing to watch, but I also know you've been doing this since you were a kid (well, you're still a kid to me lol), and probably done this 100,000 times at a minimum. Me to do this? Probably 10 minutes, but A) Never done it, B) I'd be doing it slower. I'm sure that as I did it more I'd get more practiced, similar to things I do that make people say "HOW did you do that so fast"...Practice and doing it thousands of time. Anybody that knocks you for using that Sky Crane has way too much time on their hands I guess. I too suffer from neck issues as well as lower back issues now (too much Covid Weight), anything I can do to reduce my bending, or strain on my back I do it. Might make me look like a sissy, but that's fine, at least I'm not going to be getting hurt. I was young and dumb once, throwing around heavy equipment without help, lifting things that two people should be lifting by myself, etc. It's not that I CAN'T do it, I just know better now.

    83. Eduardo Rosales A

      Great teaching video.

    84. Travelswith Harley

      Wonderful more please

    85. Barry Boyd

      Those old Monarchs run so quiet. That’s such a sweet sound. What beautiful machinery.

    86. Photog 250

      Killin it like always man

    87. James Margarson

      Knuckle Boom Pin Boss jam nitty gritty, you're machining with the guy from the big bad city.

    88. Jonathan baker

      Love watching these type of jobs Adam........

    89. M F C

      I normally watch on Saturday night, but went to bed early last night, so today I get a Abom79 double treat at lunch time

    90. Axel Lambert

      Even in France we are watching this very good channel : C'est un cours parfait pour faire du très bon travail tout en préservant son dos. Bel exemple en prenant une pièce simple, mais avec la majorité des gestes du tourneur.

    91. Douglas Thompson

      It is not your back muscles that will really bite you in the arse the rest of your life but your discs and nerves. The muscles generally recover but you will never be back 100% if you crush a disc and/or involve the nerves. Then as you get older you get the double whammy of arthritis from that same injury. Fun, fun, fun. Just ask me how I know now that I am in my seventies. Good video.

    92. K Magnussen

      Work smarter not harder! Good example for all of those would be macho men with future bad backs.

    93. Tristan J. Cumpole

      Two indicators versus one; why use two if you're only working off one value at a time? The rest of the data is superfluous until you need it. Everything as simple as it can be, but no simpler.


      Very nice explaining every step.Keep it this way.

    95. Greg Dennis

      There is another guy that has a second chuck for his tail stock. That might be easier.. Any thoughts?

      1. hydramech DK

        @Vestjyden by the way look up specs before mention tolerances every manufactures have their own specs regarding reparement of their products this include oversize tolerances of bushings, bearings and sliding fits

      2. hydramech DK

        @Vestjyden stick the pinbolt in bushingsin the tube before welding. preheat welding area and weld evenly on both sides of sqaure tube on both tubes before cooldown. Heattreatment on area oppersite weldings untill pinbolt moves smoothly that is the way how to do it. I have done this for nearly 30 decades all over the world never had an asignment there this method didn't work . Ofcource as I wrote craftmens with bad skills and an atitude they know everything they only see failures and troubles coming

      3. Vestjyden

        @hydramech DK Heavy welding on one side of a pibe with a press fit machined before welding. I am curious how you can weld what with, lets say, a maks out of round fit within +/- 0,02 mm.

      4. hydramech DK

        @Vestjyden why ? when welded together it can be straightend with heat or weldings done correctly with the right skills it straightend it self true but ofcource workers with bad skills allways see problems or failures anytime

      5. Vestjyden

        The easy way would be a 3 jaw with no support. Remember the part will be welded after machining, all the great work Adam is doing, is a waste. After welding, the pibe is neither round or on size.

    96. Mathan Kumar

      The kind of machine works I subscribed for

    97. Paul Kevin Koehler

      I wonder if Adam needs a Sky Hook to move the Sky Hook 😂

      1. Paul Kevin Koehler

        @soundmaster1966 I think that he said 28 lbs.

      2. soundmaster1966

        What is the weight of the skyhook itself?

      3. Paul Kevin Koehler

        Ah, he covered that! Ya know, it's important to watch the ENTIRE video before commenting 😎

    98. Lại Quốc Bảo

      Abom, you realize that since you switched to the Mac, your intro now only in 1 ear, righttttt? Made me think that me headphone is somehow dead several time, lol

      1. George Stephens

        Adam's intro music has been left channel only for years.

      2. Lại Quốc Bảo

        @Paul Copeland Hmmm, interesting :) did I forget to put the other one in my ear?. So sad that SEprom doesn't have haha reaction.

      3. Paul Copeland

        Nope, not on my laptop. Your headphones are suspect!

    99. Ok Can'tbelieveit

      Been using your left thumbnail for target practice?? 😁