SNS 336: Machining a Bronze Telegraph Handle, Tung Force Rec Insert Mill, Bandsaw Blade Change


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    This week I share the machining of a small handle that will be used for a restoration project. One of my viewers is restoring a marine engine telegraph machine and he's needing a small handle made for it. Sometimes the simple projects can be the most fun and rewarding! Before that I dive into the new Hydmech saw for it's first blade change.
    Also this week I'm testing out a new insert mill made by Tungaloy called the Tung Force Rec. This mill is available in sizes 3/8" up to 1" and uses the same size inserts. It's a perfect option for manual machine or Cnc! I've got a project coming up I'll be using this tool on and wanted to test it out first.
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    1. Costa, H.T.

      Beautiful family picture man

    2. Mirzoni

      No matter what feeds and speeds you use, i never can get good finish on this material.

    3. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    4. D W.765

      Hello Adam, Nice work, and information regarding the band saw. Very nice handle replacement. Nice carbide end mill cutters. Question, what size and make is your rotary table in the video. I'm looking at a 15 inch, older one made in USA. Almost looks like the one you were using. Thanks, Dave

    5. PeppersGhost

      I always order the stock version handle and machine it from there. I used to make them like you do but i dont have the Time.. About the bandsaw: The best standard and produced band saw. The design is really good. I mostly get my new blades from Poland. They are top quality. One thing with bandsaws, you have to do light cuts with less feed rate to make the teeth blend in every time you introduce a new blade.. And another thing, concider CNC... I came from conventional old school to cnc machining back to old school. That's the complete path. I hope you once set your feet on that trail...

    6. Larry snyder

      Great work



    8. Jeffry Blackmon

      When I saw 'telegraph handle' I thought it was for a Morse Code key! My error! I like the final product.

    9. Paul Wilkinson

      As soon as you said need to change the blade was gonna comment 'use an M42'.... nicely surprised :D

    10. Videos of no meaning Just to pass the time

      Thank you for all the content you bring us Adam. Greatly appreciated and I enjoy learning from everything you provide. I am merely an enthusiast with a vertical end mill, metal lathe, welding equipment and dreams but you help me put those tools to use.

    11. Ron H

      So, off topic question: What shoes do you wear at work? I've been tryi8ng different ones out, and i can't really find ones that are non-skid and comfortable for more than an hour or so. Thanks!

      1. Abom79

        Thorgoods Wellington slip-ons.

    12. Zahid Khan

      Handel beauty cool.

    13. Santos Speed Shop Day Care & Assisted Living

      Who really breaks in their saw blades, really, for real, who, really.

      1. Abom79

        Probably all of those people who asked me about how to break in a blade properly.

    14. tony smith

      Snapped and changed a blade in the week, not the same as yours but much the same to replace. No time to bed the blade in as we needed to finish the job.

    15. NewEvolution

      Those random audio issues sound a lot like the interference you get when there's a cell phone near your mic cable. Might not be a phone in your case, but I bet it's EM interference from something.

    16. Jerry Shelton

      Can your feed rate cause it to cut crooked

    17. smallathe

      Wonderful turning... :)

    18. Paul Ste. Marie

      Using an endmill as a form tool! I love it!

    19. Mohammadtaghi Dehghani

      سلام متشکرم

    20. Rickard Bäck

    21. marvin pybus

      Adam, a 4" Vise Grip step over clamp makes a good third hand while changing a bandsaw blade. Hook one leg into one of the holes on your upper wheel, use the other leg and pad to hold the blade in place, and you have both hands to fit the blade onto the lower wheel and then to tension the blade.

    22. Just1Guy Metalworks

      Shiver me timbers! All ahead full! That's nautical speak for "nice job!". 😉 Dammit, no emojis with an eyepatch so a winky face will have to do. Wow, I'd say that endmill did pretty good 😁. Thanks for the vid, Cheers from nautical Saskatchewan .

    23. Tete Rouge

      Haha Saw blades! What a pain!.... 🙂

    24. M K2984

      Adam,I think that you put the saw teeth on the wrong side, you will damage the saw blade and wheels. Best regards from Poland!

    25. Leif Gunnarson

      The blue nail in the thumb comes with hard work, agony, experience, and teaches things for the future. Everytime you hurt yourself, you will be less likely to do it again. However, if you are not willing to hurt yourself, you can not do anyting at all and will never be skilled like Mr. Booth. The skin of your hands looks smooth, I guess you put some attention to your paws :)

    26. Pelle Reinke

      Beautiful handle :) And those Tungaloy cutters cuts like a warm knife through butter, really impressive!

      1. Sue Rooney

        Thanks! Our customers love 'em!

    27. Tristan Patterson

      Can we get a link to those hardcore little insert endmills?

      1. Sue Rooney

        Hi Tristan, You can purchase online here, or if you'd rather go through a distributor let me know where you're located and I'll connect you with someone in your area. email me at Thanks!

    28. Holton 345

      That telegraph handle was beautiful. Great work, Adam.


      Nice #todoinventostv

    30. David Mcguire

      Know where I can get a 12 foot straight edge at

    31. Mark P

      What is this book you speak of called instruction manual. I always assumed that was just paper they gave you for starting bonfires.

    32. Bill Taggart

      Sweet little handle! Really nice work.

    33. Bill Rees

      that blade installation looks like if you used some magnets it would help

    34. Aquilux R.

      24:00 Jesus Christ man please put a high pass filter in and save our ears from the high intensity screech.

    35. soundmaster1966

      Adam, you made the handle twice? At 29:47 it is not the same as the end result at 30:08 ? The diameter of the shoulder was to small in the first approach, or? The final piece looks absolutely gorgeous. I guess we all would like to see these piece of art in action. 😊👍

    36. A HILL

      Yo canton ohio. Whats up abomb I'm from a lil west of Cleveland like 15 min. Canton isn't far. Alot of great companies in the home of the Ohio State buckeyes. Also I need a harley axle turned down wish I lived close to youbcant find anyone in my town to do it.

    37. Scarface 39

      Nice!! As usual 👍🇺🇸

    38. cptbimes

      Bronze has to be one of the best looking machined materials out there imo.

    39. Linda Sittmann

      Oh yea, enjoy you videos... Envy your skills... Other: What is the name/brand of the watch??? (9:28) Been looking for such the same... Tks...

    40. Mike McClune

      M.K. Morse is out of Canton Ohio, did not know that Adam, don't live too far from Canton Ohio myself

    41. John H

      Hey Adam, I know for boring holes using a lathe a boring bar is the go to, but can you use the indexable endmill for boring if you have one the specific size that you are after? Many thanks and hello from Australia.

    42. TractorsNStuff

      Rough cut stock off the bandsaw does not need to be dead nuts. 99/100 times cut offs that come off the saw go directly into the lathe or mill and get faced. Helps with waste if they are close, but dead nuts?? That handle, looks fun! I enjoy making things like that. I recently made some beer tap handles similar to that. Nice work!

    43. Kenneth Pensyl

      Beautiful piece, I cant believe you made that taper by hand.

      1. willjkeller

        That dial at 19:00 is moving more evenly than my hacked together cnc does even sped up.

    44. donnyboy

      Thank you Morse Company for your kindness in helping to make the production of this video possible. Without your band saw blades, it would simply be just another saw.! Made In America you betcha.. ! No I did not get paid for this, only that I too use these blades myself. Nice Update with thumbs up coming from Canada.!

    45. tacitus101010

      That handle is a work of art!

    46. VacFink

      Really enjoyed the handle footage. Its nice to see some simple direct machining and time to appreciate the work. Not to ding the content that's suited to problem solving which I enjoy differently. This SNS takes me back to what caught my interest initially and it was nice to spend some time there.

    47. Aaron Kelly

      "Random Audio Issues" sounded very much like RF interference from a Cell phone being too close to your audio equipment while recording to me.

    48. Jürgen Ebert

      What is the point of breaking in a new sawblade? What exactly does it change? Is it done to stretch the blade?

      1. LesNewell

        @Jürgen Ebert I've only ever heard of doing it with bandsaws. I think it's because bandsaw blades are very thin but heavily loaded.

      2. Jürgen Ebert

        @LesNewell Thank you! So that not only applies to band saws but actually all metals saws?

      3. LesNewell

        On a new blade the tips of the teeth are very sharp and pointed. If you aren't careful it is easy to chip the tips off which severely reduces blade life. By taking gentler cuts on large parts you slightly round off the tips of the teeth which makes them stronger and less likely to chip.

    49. Jordan Bettis

      I always wear my leather welding jacket when working with a bandsaw blade. Don't want the thing to cut my arm open.

    50. Mister Thew

      Hey all, sorry for highjacking the comments, but i didnt know where else to ask. I found this in a box at my grandpas and i have no idea what it is.. looks like something to score a hole in a lathe? any help would be great as im cleaning through his tools thank you

      1. Scott Ramsdale

        I would say its for centering up tubing?

      2. Trent Blum

        Looks about right to me. Maybe to score the hole so you know where it’ll land once you find the center....? Not really sure but that would be my best guess.

    51. ЭЙ Виктор

      Нравится как все делает

    52. Hori Raniera

      Ouch, the standard black thumb nail. Take care😩

    53. Madelyn wilkin

      Abom put in away up to change the bade it helps on a mep

    54. Motor 2of7

      That’s an aggressive climb cut!

    55. Jack Dotzman

      Nice, very nice vid. You do very nice work. From Missouri

    56. john andruch

      Sounded like you were on 60 minutes with the tapping in the background.

    57. Dave Kimbler

      I’d like to ask a lathe question , anyone please ! Can I use a er32 collet chuck with a 3 jaw chuck straight shaft 1/2” in the collet ? My er32’s only go up to 3/4” and I’d like to turn 1-1/2” or 2” aluminum or brass . I really like using the collets compared to a 3 jaw chuck ! I only need to turn the stock down to 3/4” to fit the collets I have !

      1. Dave Kimbler

        @Boatbroke thank you for your response !

      2. Dave Kimbler

        @Boatbroke I could take the time to switch them but was thinking on a faster way to do it

      3. Dave Kimbler

        @Boatbroke my thought was to use the 3 jaw just to turn down the stock to fit my collets .

      4. Boatbroke

        If you’re using the 3-jaw anyway, why introduce additional potential runout?

    58. Shortribs Longbow

      Very impressive demo! Thanks for sharing.

    59. Josh Pickles

      Hey Abom! Curious how you were able to make that notch at the bottom of the taper, and end up meeting up with that OD as you took the taper down after the ball end was done?

    60. David Mcguire

      Thank you for all the insight and help on your videos. We have finally been able to use our Enco vertical milling machine to it's full ability. We used it and our atlas lathe to mill out several parts for our newly refurbished/rebuilt Belsaw sawmill.

    61. Alton Whipkey

      teeth should point to the front

      1. kinda blue

        The direction of the teeth are clearly indicated with a sticker on the machine at 6:40

      2. Martin E

        Not when it’s clear the blade moves from the front to the back of the material being cut

    62. Ely Powell

      Abom I hope you have an apprentice to pass all this awesome knowledge and equipment on too. Everywhere you go you see guys standing behind cnc machines. Its a shame to lose the old school skills.

      1. Phreadrick Hejrick

        He seems to have 478k of them at last count!

    63. GeckoProductions

      Seems mill RPM very high at 2750. Is it my imagination that this is very fast? I turn mine at a wimpy 800-1000. Should I grow a pair and speed up, or is there something else going on here I don't get? Thanks

      1. Motor 2of7

        A question I always have too. My Bridgeport isn’t variable speed so I have limited choices.

    64. glenn pollack

      Cuts like butter! 👍🏾like new Diablo saw blade for my miter saw !

    65. WreckDiver99

      Got some chip of the week action today boys!

    66. Nathan Okun

      Isn't English amusing? The difference between "breaking" something with no modifier or with IN, UP, DOWN, or OUT are considerable, aren't they? Just a thought...

      1. Nathan Okun

        @Andrew Dawson I understand the source has context, but in slag turned to regular English, you can use "break" (among many other words) to mean almost anything you want, including opposites, by minor changes in the phrase it is used in. This is a major strength of English inside itself, but it sure makes learning it in various places in the US, to say nothing of any other English-speaking country, difficult! I love this topic!

      2. Andrew Dawson

        Comes from the old English word "brecan" which can mean to destroy but also subdue or tame ... in this context taming the blade (like breaking a saddle) :)

    67. Ray Chandler

      Best theme music on SEprom.

    68. Tom Oakhill

      At 13:10 he is going to make the handle for a Marine Engine Telegraph. At 19:50 he shows us the finished handle. It is beautiful. See this for a photo of the telegraph and its hanldle:

    69. Tom Oakhill

      At 4:35 we see yet another job that would be so much easier with four hands. Adam did very well on his own.

      1. Ely Powell

        I wanted to step through the screen and hold the blade down.

    70. Keith Weathersbee

      Keep asking, how is the weight loss program going? You need to reduce your body mass! Just saying. Abby will be very young widow, or you will be a young widower. Slim down and live a long life together. Keith.

    71. Flannel

      12:10 Eyeball one-eighth? No problem.

    72. Ray Allen

      Abom, random question, What kind of hook rules do you use and where can I find some?

      1. Phreadrick Hejrick

        I'm not him, but I would guess its a Starrett or something nice like that. It looks an awful lot like a Starrett CD604R-6 Spring-Tempered Steel Rule. Google "machinist hook rule" and pick one that fits your personality!

    73. klcbsoft

      Very nice close up shots during thread cutting. That was mesmerizing.

    74. old magician

      Simple handle project, but oddly satisfying. My tool cart had a complete compliment of negative rake bronze cutting tools. I loved my 1" inserted cutter, it moved a mountain of chips. I believe it was an Iskar, with what appeared to be the same type of inserts you're using. Keep up the good work!

    75. Jeffery Barron

      To all you people who feel like Armchair Machinist and want to tell this man how to do his job, either make your own videos or STFU!!!

    76. Bob Bendt

      Adam you need to compile whoops video. Every machinist has made a whoops you know a "well that didn't go as planned." Love the vids and miss running a manual machine making some cool stuff.

    77. Dean Pellicano

      Loved the slo mo you can really see the relief on the cutting tool

    78. Robert DeBusk

      Nice turning job on the handle. Be Careful and Stay Safe Bob

    79. fricky11111

      What is the most decorative piece you've milled or made at the shop ?

    80. Jeremy Wallace

      Look like you had a lot of pressure on that thumb too.

    81. Sdttn

      Aperently your thumb was successfully detected by the thumb detector.

    82. Up Tech Extreme

      Big ouchie on that thumb, stay safe and be careful dude.

    83. Spen Mac

      @abom79, I could hear clicking on the audio during the section whete you were reviwing the telegraph handle.

      1. Shawn M

        But you didn't read his note across the bottom of the screen saying he was having audio issues??

    84. Dave Leland

      Something oddly satisfying watching chips fly through the air... You, sir, could turn a silk purse out of a block of stock!

    85. 𝖘 𝖍 𝖎 𝖗 𝖔

      That insert end mill did really well indeed, I would love to see a test like that in steel as well

    86. Mark Taylor

      Here is a good video about how to fold and unfold bands.

    87. Mark Taylor

      Perfectly done Adam. Remember that the difference in that disc is divided by two giving you .001” over three inches. I can’t do better than that. Perfect explanation of breakin procedures. Great job.

    88. sawz5

      did you try a climb cut?

      1. 𝖘 𝖍 𝖎 𝖗 𝖔

        Some of the tetst cuts are climb cuts

    89. Chris Priest

      Damage to pride is generally skin deep. But outwardly it appears bone-deep.

    90. Fred Creer

      Pornography !.

    91. Davide Parise

      Man that tungalloy cutter is awesome

      1. Sue Rooney

        Thanks! :)

    92. michael919sa

      Love watching your work. Thanks for sharing from South Australia

    93. Marc Scotland

      Am i witnessing the aftermath of when using a thumb detector goes wrong?

      1. 𝖘 𝖍 𝖎 𝖗 𝖔

        A thumb was definetely detected

    94. Jan Visser

      That black thumb nail most probably occurred when it got jammed between the taphandle and the angle plate when working on the Fairbanks power hammer crosshead. I was supprised then by your moderate auch. I would have made much more noise when that happened to me😅 I know, because I know the feeling, it hurts!! Poking a hole in the finger nail helps to release the pressure.

    95. Don B

      Love the chips flying in slow motion.

    96. yambo59

      Thats one sweet looking little handle-!

    97. flightace1

      Oh man that little hog sure can chew metal!!!

    98. Steve Callachor

      That blade would cost me about $85. So I have to be very selective about what cuts I make. I can't afford to cut a six inch piece of a bit of unknown stock from the scrap pile. For me the value of my tools comes from the useful things I can make from bits of junk, so that I'm in it for the maximum fun for minimum cost. I am jealous of your set-up. Perhaps, when I fall off the twig, there will be a Men's She'd in paradise. Stavros.

    99. dbracer

      A definite Clickspring vibe from the bronze handle there. Needs more blue and a bit of 1000 grit polishing to be a perfect match.

      1. Trevor Jarvis

        😂 was thinking the same thing.... you can’t machine brass without the pretty purple dye!

    100. claudio dinuzzo

      per il cambio lama dovresti avere la protezione in gomma per non farti male complimenti sei uno spettacolo mi piace molto guardare i tuoi proggetti