SNS 335: 2" Power Tapping with Flexarm GHM-60, Cast Iron Braze Repair


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    I put the @Flex Machine Tools GHM-60 to the test and max out it's capabilities using a @osgtool 2"-4-1/2 tap. I have a couple blocks that were drilled 4" deep and I'll show how the machine did for all of the holes. Also in this week's video is a simple cast iron braze repair on a vise part that belongs to a family member.
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    1. hjbihin pk77

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    2. SchultzeSolar

      life is what happens until we set the dial to zero

    3. Justin Davis

      I can't find any of these in harbor freight

    4. magic man

      Dude, you have the best toys.

    5. Robert Hann

      Gotta be my favorite tool of yours

    6. xl

      I'd be pissed if my 18K$ machine wasn't doing a fine job

    7. Marcelo Campos


    8. Simon L

      What is the touchscreen for? As shown, it's the world's most complicated 2 position selector. does the machine have programing features or something?

      1. BloopTube

        If I didnt know any better id say its just an additional thing to break so youve to pay for repairs out of warranty

    9. Tarehjerne Tarehjerne

      How much torque does that tapping arm have?

    10. DXT61

      I'm just waiting for the flexarm to go on sale at Harbor Freight.

    11. Troels Nielsen

      @abom79 clip from this video is share on tiktok by user worldofcnc and it had About 620k views, did he ask permission from you?

      1. Dakota Dinwoodie

        1.8m views now.

      2. MarekB198

        also few other clips on are taken from Adam

    12. Henry

      Nice repair, I’ve only used brass brazing rod that silver stuff looks like it works nicely.

    13. Larry snyder

      Wow. What a beast

    14. Richard Harms

      That machine is nuts 🥜🥥🌰. And happier than a kid in a candy store. Just enough oil and then a couple of extras for good measure. I can't believe all that rust on that belt sander. Dang good demo with that brazing rod.

    15. Dale Allen

      Awesome , Thank You

    16. Joey Longfured

      Those chips are simply amazing!

    17. Jerry P

      That’s crazy cool !

    18. Tony Turner

      7:44- “I’m gonna go until it hits the bottom”..... Classic friday night pickup line. 💪💪🤣🤣

    19. P Adams

      It looks like a hog mill :). Great video. How the heck did I miss this one? and I'm perplexed as to why someone wouldn't like this video.

    20. zechariah smith

      How would you tap that hole without that machine? I use something similar qt work but the taps never get that big.

      1. Lukas Gärtner

        We got those thread chucks in our shop, u can get those for every kind of tool holder and every kind of taps ;) if u want to know more let me know;)

    21. Pleun Boone


    22. Nick Slavish

      I am now impressed with that tapping machine!

    23. Social servant

      I agree

    24. Александр Селезнев

      Блять я чего нельзя было сразу на токарном резьбу нарезать?

    25. Wally Erasmus

      I've done thet by hand.. exhausting AF

    26. Bharathi Sb

      thread milling is the best choice

    27. John Roberts

      Great camera work showing operation of work piece and tool

    28. John Roberts

      Great content thanks for sharing

    29. Michael 732

      I used to get so frustrated with these types of parts in a four jaw check. well done sir.

    30. Silvio Sofia

      Adam taps hole then looks at the camera & give a big smile, my first thought was - 'Oh, Abby must be filming.' Helluva tool that flex arm, very impressive.

    31. Rigo

      It will fail again.

      1. Silvio Sofia

        Won't we all.

    32. Basti A

      Would be fun to drill that tap out when it breaks 🤣

      1. RB


    33. Loki Odinson

      Man your awesome would love to work with you I could learn more from you than any school

    34. Mtaalas

      That oil pot is barely large enough... :DD

    35. MortimerKadaver

      You are smaller - very good decision!

    36. Kees Van bloois

      That’s a badass machine! Wow!

    37. AllAroundMan

      Tappy tap tap

    38. 486 DevilAngel

      이야 탭핑기 이건 엄청 좋은대 한국도 이런거 사용하는 곳 별로 없는대 이야

    39. B Irwin

      Seems like more work than just drilling 3 holes and welding bolts.

    40. SirensC3

      Ok that is just cheating! I want to see you tap that hole by hand like a real man!🤣😂🤣

    41. ေမာင္ေမာင္ မမ

      I wanna get these machines



    43. Arclite02

      Those are some truly vicious chips, right there...

    44. iraq resitance

      My greeting from iraq well done

    45. AndyA.D.D.

      around 2:06 mark are you adjusting your fabricated piece on the machine to get as accurate tolerance? reading from the gauge? Also whats the proper name for that instrument? I had to use one at work to check tolerance on torque converters attached to the engines.

      1. Dakota Dinwoodie

        @AndyA.D.D. indicator

      2. AndyA.D.D.

        @Znawca Bigosu I didn't know if there was different name for its use in the video. Thank you!

      3. Znawca Bigosu

        You mean a dial gauge?

    46. vilchezjo

      ...gracias por activar los subtitulos. Gracias

    47. Christopher Elliott

      Don't forget, the proper tap type based on project type. Seems to be a missed piece of info in these videos. Learned the hard way there are different tap types:


      please add a link for the Electrodes XUPER 16 XFC rods, can't find them on the web... need a supplier mate..

    49. Bebak

      Good job. Pozdrowienia z Polski ;)

    50. schummiehugo

      he has become lazy !!! did you see that smile? hahaha thans for the demo ! hahahaha

    51. Max Grant ,The Swan Valley Machine Shop.

      That tapping head has some balls ! Is that 16XFC the same as the old Eutectic 16 ? The old 16 you could braze carbide inserts onto tool shanks .

    52. Christopher Grim

      Why not thread mill it?

    53. Dave Kimbler

      I look at the blocks and all I’m thinking is that they would make a nice 4 stroke engines ! It’s massive size tools your working with I hope someday I’m 1/10 the machinist some you guys are ! I’m just learning on a mini lathe but your never to old to learn new things !

    54. Dean Kruse

      Damn I thought pulling a 1 1/4 fine thread tap by hand was big. Cleaning out the holes to put a pulling rod in and pull the pins out of some cylinders on a 992D cat loader. It was a real chore even with a 24in ratchet

    55. Coby Abrahams

      I don't know if it'd be possible, but during one of these brazing/welding shots, it'd be really cool to see the view through a set of goggles, if they're possible to put in front of the camera. I have no idea what it looks like down in there while it's hot

    56. Michael Eliot

      Why braze instead of welding?

      1. Andrew Dawson

        For cast iron brazing is easier and less likely to damage the part more (cast iron dosent like sudden bursts of heat in a localized area you can end up cracking the part - it can be done but the part needs to be kept at a high temp - there are some exceptions like small voids filling with tig and even mig but theres a high risk)

    57. Purplelink913

      I honestly don’t think I could even turn that tap, I have to use all my strength to get a 1-8 tap in so I can imagine a 2-4.5

    58. SkyOctopus

      Noob question, but what's the blue stuff on the outside of your welding stick? Is that the flux or is the flux up the inside like electronics solder?

      1. Knuspabrot

        Yes, that's the flux. It melts way before the solder and flows down to the droplet. You can see him blast it with the torch to coat the area at 26:28

    59. adam cain

      Thats scary lol

    60. meg

      What is the brand name of the goggles you use? I trained over 50 years ago with cup goggles and always like them but you simply cannot find any with good elastic bands anymore.. Love your channel.. Cheers from Louisiana. Mike

    61. ACCPhil

      He's all torque

    62. Grapple Shack

      Very impressive. Great vid, and some nice swarf.

    63. William Malenfant

      You got some nice toys! Expensive toys!

    64. William Malenfant

      that is a fantastic threading machine Adam!

    65. Jeet Patel

      What is your tapping machine brand??

    66. Christopher Smith

      All I can say is Wow!!!

    67. Jason Ruch


      1. Mike Kellam

        That was MY question, I wonder just how much torque as well as hydraulic pressure was required to screw that rascal in there!! Holy SMOKES!!

      2. Jason Ruch

        JUST SO PEOPLE GET AN IDEA of the power that tap required....picture two big men on a 6ft tap handle STRUGGLING TO DRIVE THAT TAP! IVE DONE THAT! HAHAHA

      3. Jason Ruch

        It doesnt even get shaky!! Or twitchy!!

    68. MonadKing

      The sound in stereo was awesome of the tap when it was cutting those threads.

    69. pijnto

      The spigot on the vice plate is just low quality control, left over runner from the casting process

      1. MichaelKingsfordGray


    70. Sylderon Machine Works

      I really like how quiet that hydraulic power unit is.

    71. Kenneth Nelson

      I enjoyed watching the workflow. No narrative, just efficient moves, subtitles and good camera sets. It was an interesting style

    72. the brothers

      I used to do a lot of brazing years ago in the Uk using Eutectic rod and flux. We butt brazed copper strip about 10mm x 2mm end to end. When testing the joints with a tensometer we found that over 95% of the copper strip stretched and broke before the brazed joint did. Good stuff Eutectic.

    73. Small Guy in a Big Coat

      Spared no expense on the tool manufacturer. OSG is top shelf stuff. Our shop would have went for the interstate equivalent. lol. That flex arm is impressive!

      1. Small Guy in a Big Coat

        @MichaelKingsfordGray I don't understand the need to say that. I was simply saying our shop is afraid to spend money on quality tooling.

      2. MichaelKingsfordGray


    74. WoLpH

      I got to ask... after dipping the tap in the oil, is the manual oiling still useful? Or is it just an automated reflex

      1. Grumpy One

        @Omni Wolf There would be trouble when the tap meets the top of the oil pool and the pressured oil has nowhere to go.

      2. Omni Wolf

        I would have probably poured the oil in the hole itself honestly

      3. MichaelKingsfordGray

        @WoLpH Coward.

      4. WoLpH

        Yeah, that's fair. It's never too much but it seemed a bit excessive to me. At least for the first hole, with the second it looks reasonable.

      5. Grumpy One

        At first I was thinking the same but an extra 5 pence of oil to save your £100 tap is just sensible precautions. As Gregory Cross put it so well. 🇬🇧

    75. WoLpH

      2500 rpm for that cnc drill... not bad :P

    76. JohnMc

      Excellent camera work at 27:20 nice shot Abby!

    77. Josh Pickles

      Thsts officially the biggest tap ive ever seen! Thanks for sharing Abom!

    78. Joe R

      If you had a laser cutter that all you needed to do was glue it together and scan it then it would make sense to just cut another plate for the vice then weld it back together.

      1. MichaelKingsfordGray

        He explained why he chose to not go that way. Did you listen? No wonder you cower behind an anonymous name!

    79. ManMadeDesaster

      do you put the used oil back in the oiler? must be a decent amount of oil per thread

      1. MichaelKingsfordGray

        Your fake cowardly infantile name is aptly chosen.

    80. Greg Marsh Enterprises

      Long time subscriber and not a machinist. I often need to measure end play in crank shafts,' cam shafts, etc. in old motorcycle engines/boxes and am having trouble finding an indicator arm like you often use on the lathe. You're able to set it up in seconds. Most of the engines I work on are aluminum but I use a heavy iron plate on the bench to hold the indicator arm, but the ones I've bought are not adjustable enough and require lots of time to setup. It would be nice from time to time if you took a few minutes showing the tools you use often for those of us who are not machinists.

      1. Goat

        That particular indicator holder is made by NOGA

    81. Paul K

      I see part of this video made it to tiktok...@worldofcnc.

    82. Dan-o

      25:45 Bug Man! Cool goggles

    83. Dick Goesinya

      Seeing that huge tap plowing through all of that steel was very satisfying

    84. Dugan Padrick

      That big smile at 9:24 just says it all about your enthusiasm and psyche! Good stuff!

    85. Jesus von Nazaret

      that tapping machine is a blessing, it makes it look so easy

    86. carlisleworks

      Worldofcnc is using your footage from this video on TikTok

      1. carlisleworks

        It now has 4.2 million views.

    87. Anthony deFreitas

      14:00 Adam's smile is priceless

    88. frollard

      28:50 g'day everyone, this is chris from Clickspring, and today, we're opening up these bronze hexagons by hand.

    89. Jay Bud

      The best way to save a fingernail, works 100% the time for me. Chuck your finest drill bit into the drill press. Slowly drill through the nail. Once through squeeze all the purple blood out. Such a relief of pressure. With a red hot needle you'll always pierce too deep.

    90. Keith Debraux

      Out of curiosity If the part was indicated in on the lathe to machine the chamfers, why not just go ahead and cut the thread on the lathe with an ID threading tool, as opposed to spending hundreds on a tap?

      1. Music Bro

        I think this is a demonstration only, the two pieces serve no purpose what so ever. Demonstrating the Flexarm that is, the blocks were drilled at the factory where the Flexarm was made.

      2. Logan Kistler

        This is what I was wondering as well

    91. Allen Hale

      Glad to see you using gloves when using the grinding machine, however I don't think those dish-washing gloves provide adequate protection. LOL Stay safe, and if not keep careful.

    92. Shadow63Wolf

      The swivel plates for a lot of the various vices tend to be a weak point. Fireball Tool tested several of them to destruction if you want to watch a video. Just a suggestion, toss that part and make a new one out of steel. Maybe it really is a cheap vice, but when I repair anything, I look at preventing a second repair. I would have cut and drilled a new one out of bar stock or steel plate. There is also a chance you could make a better part that would be stronger by making the plate wider and perhaps thicker depending on how the vice is put together. Economically, no matter how you repair it, it probably isn't worth the time and materials, so you might as well try to improve it.

    93. Casper Jensen

      Love your satisfied smile after tapping the first hole.... I would have done the same.... it is quite impressive torque;-)

    94. wayne pegram

      Man where did you get those jane fonda glasses? Nice braze job there, always had good luck with cast iron brazing.

    95. Jay Lawler

      Man, when I heard that chatter as that insert drill blasted those holes, I ducked and ran for cover! You could see the marks at the bottom of the hole. Is that normal or is that how those are supposed to be ran?

    96. Eric G

      Wow, that thing has some serious torque!

    97. Francis Schweitzer

      I now have a strange craving for macaroni

    98. PG SKATING

      What type of welding goggles are those, trying to get them for my dad because he loves the videos

      1. PG SKATING

        @Abom79 thanks, I got them and my dad loves them, he says keep up the good work!👍

      2. Abom79

        Company is called Arc Once Welding & Safety, mine are called The Fly.

    99. Doug Robison

      Another quality repair by Adam!

    100. Zombie Haunter

      I think my favorite thing to watch is you zeroing in your workpiece. So masterful.