SNS 334: Rockford Openside Shaper First Chips & Machine Tear-Down


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    While spending a week at John Terry's shop with Lance and Keith, we set up Lance's Rockford shaper/planer machine, made a few cuts on it to figure out how it works and see what was wrong with it, then commenced to tearing it down for a complete rebuild. Lance will be having the machine ways on the base ground before going on further with the rebuild.

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    1. Geronimo Six

      Well I see some of the students identify as Democrats

      1. Fast Eddie

        Disappointing, but they do exist amongst us (unfortunately).

    2. Keith Gulbrantson

      Hey Abom79 im from Rockford Il. The screw capitol of the u.s. Im currently working at a screw machine shop, running an Acme Gridley 1 1/4 Rb8 making stems for hydraulic hoses. I really enjoy your content and you are a true craftsmen.

    3. MyWorkshop Scotland

      Save it please. How many hours of work do you guys reckon from the measurement's taken this machine has done? and more importantly how many more hours will it do in the future before it need such a strip and refurb again? all the best Abom.

    4. Vasia Pupking

      Офигенный станок!

    5. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    6. Benny Rooman

      Magnifique machines pour comprendre les mécanismes. Merci pour votre pédagogie. B. Rooman à Bruxelles.

    7. toni nica

      Hi What is the price for this little "big boy"?

    8. Francis Schweitzer

      Wow.... pretty cool

    9. Matt Clark

      Yall intrested in a "hy-draulic" vertical shaper/key seater? Something like 72" stroke. Basically brand new disassembled machine. Came from the J&L steel machine shop in Pittsburgh, PA

    10. sam yeates

      Thanks for sharing!!!

    11. John McMickle

      You keep purchasing machines and you are going to have to get a larger shop.

    12. John Roberts

      Great content thanks for sharing

    13. billy Minihan

      Brilliant stuff man great to see the old iron been keep alive.. making memories too

    14. Mark Davies

      Boys toys!!! 👍

    15. Jay Sarris

      Would love to see how the bed will be ground down and machine restored..please post more...

    16. Coba Weel

      What’s with all the no masks? Is this old footage?

      1. QI Varebil2

        Same thought here! They really should be more careful! We've got no one to lose!

    17. feosp

      Audio without that Rhode thing on your shirt is much better.

    18. dennis brantley

      That's what I call a good investment. They don't make things like they used to. Take one of these new machines and use it for 50 yrs and store it in a warehouse for 20 and see how well it will run when you dig it out. How many electrical servos and sensors would have to be replaced. There is something to be said for the over engineering ideals they placed on equipment. For the time things built to last. Good to see old iron saved to be used again. love all those mechanical drives, no new age computer electronics to go out on you.

    19. Bears Rod Shop

      Adam, off topic, but when you have a free moment, would you take a quick look at my latest (Jan 29th Fri) on Help needed to identify a strange collet & holder that came along with my SB 9c. Holder (female end) treads right on my spindle, but the flat top short collet doesn't show up on any of my searches, nor in the Machinery's Hand Book ( I only have the 13th Edition). Would be most appreciative. Maybe if you don't recognize, you mite know an other source to ask, Thx, Bear dw in TX. Oh, I am going to look up Long Machine Tool Co., and hopefully they have a SB 13 I am wanting to move up to.

    20. Peter Blake

      I suggest that you place two robust C-Clamps between the runs of the chains and the ends of the forks. That will prevent the load from dropping off unexpectedly. Pleas don't ask how I came up with this as it is far too embarrassing.

    21. Reaper Restorations

      ahhh man, you were in SLC?! i live 40 miles south of Salt Lake City.

    22. Digg More

      No masks ?

    23. Allen W

      Where does that thing to get planned? I did notice there was no pin on the chain when using the fork. You guys are too valuable, be careful. Can’t wait for the next post.

    24. Dave Gee

      Why is it called a shaper when the tool is stationary and work piece moves?

      1. Doug Ankrum

        Well you know, the same thing but different...

    25. C G

      Your dad and grand dad must be VERY proud of you!

    26. Mike L

      Your a cool dude. Keep on keeping on. I worry about this country as its heading in the wrong direction. In a socialist America, there will be no incentive for real men to keep doing the real crafts we've done for hundreds of years keeping equipment that runs America......running!

      1. Russell Dobbins

        I live in the UK. Perhaps I can pick apart the term ‘socialism’ for our American friends. First, can I say I follow American politics closely. I have no axe to grind so my comments are purely objective. In my eyes, Biden, and the democrats, are most certainly not socialists or ‘leftists’. If anything they are centrist/right conservatives. Even AOC is centrist, she simply favours social programmes, such as affordable healthcare and housing. These things, in European terms, are basic human needs and wants. Don’t forget the USA already has several social programmes running - education, police, fire service, military - which are paid for through your taxes. Americans seem fearful of extending this system to healthcare and would prefer to have to worry about the cost of getting ill. In the UK we hear a lot about ‘socialised healthcare’ and it’s evils. It is purely a system that allows you to pay, through your taxes, for future needs. Just like the police and the fire service. It follows it is not free. Rather it is ‘free at the point of use’. This means I do not have to worry about becoming ill and being faced with large bills I cannot pay. I can, if I wish, mix and match between the national health service (NHS) and private sector healthcare. This can help to speed up access to non urgent care. For example, my left knee is shot and I needed to see a consultant. This would take several weeks through the NHS because my case is non essential. However the option is there to contact the consultant direct and get his opinion for a charge - about £200 for 30 minutes of his time. He reviews my knee, agrees it needs surgery, and adds me to his waiting list. This is where I re-enter the NHS and the surgery is carried out ‘free of charge’ (actually paid for by myself and others through taxes). Being non urgent I can expect to wait for 32 weeks for the surgery. I can take different path, if I wish, and pay for the surgery - about £17,000 - and have it done within a couple of weeks. I also have the option of taking out insurance to cover the cost of ‘private’ healthcare. These are my choices - the government does not tell me what I must do. So hardly ‘socialist’. Similar arrangements are in place in many countries and they work well. They could work well for Americans too, I think. I think what you need to get over is the idea your taxes (your money) are being used to help other people. I appreciate many Americans find this distasteful. However, it really does help to spread the financial burden, provides access to affordable healthcare for everyone and helps to supports equality. Good things, yes? Of course I pay through my taxes but I know that one day (and there have already been those days) I will need the NHS. The great thing is I do not have to worry about the cost of the treatment. For information, I live in Wales and the cost of prescriptions here is also covered through taxes. This means all prescriptions are ‘free’ at the point of use. This is important as prescriptions can add up to many £000s and can be a considerable financial burden. Same system applies in Scotland but not in England. The UK has two tiers of ‘national’ government - UK-wide and separate, devolved, governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - to support more local decision-making. So, social programmes, like the NHS, are about sharing the load and the burden and making sure everyone can benefit. Is the NHS perfect? Of course not, but we wouldn’t be without it. I hope this response helps to explain the differences between ‘socialism’ and ‘social programmes’. Finally, and I don’t want to get into a debate about American politics, but, as a European, it seems to me your politics (both parties) are too far to the right and heavily influenced by interference (financial lobbying) from big business. It cannot be right that having more money equates to more power which then allows you to shape the political agenda to your will. We see the same thing in the UK, mind, with the Conservative party - the UK government - increasingly being in the pocket of big business. I worry about the effect this has on equality of opportunity. Anyway, take care and best wishes for a better year. And stop worrying about social programmes!

    27. jeffreync

      I remember when Rockford Ill was the machine tool capital of the world.

      1. Joel Hallstrom

        Live in Rockford. Sad when you realize how much of that prowess is gone.

    28. Brian Campbell

      I see the wrangling below over whether this is a planer or shaper, and while I would call it a planer based on machines I have run, the manufacturer calls it a shaper so that should settle it. There are lots of inconsistencies in what machine tools are called. For example, I’ve run several big Bullards that I always called a vertical turret lathe (VTL) based on the fact that the part turns and the tool is fixed, but some folks call them vertical boring mills (VBM). Never got that one, but didn’t stop me from running it. Bottom line is, if it does the job and makes a part, doesn’t much matter, except to some purist keyboard warriors.

    29. eran mauda

      It used to be you putting informative content, stuff that teaches people different aprroaches to machining. Now its like a reality show. Sorry but it seems your videos arent edited and waste a lot of time for length and comecial purposes.

      1. eran mauda

        His chanel his videos. Im just dissapointed of the way things are going. I dont mind the comecials and the "hidden" advertises. He shares knoledge and spends time to make valuble videos. But it has now became minimal content. Mostly promotions and thanks and casual talking. Adam, you seem like a great guy but for me, its not about you, but the machining.

      2. theBigMoose

        Agree, the best content was at motion. When he quit it seemed like there weren't many jobs in the "home shop." It's ok, it's his right to change his channel.

      3. arfon jones

        @JerryUK Agreed, lots of viewers do not seem to acknowledge that. But it must be a conscious decision on his part to take the channel in this direction, at least for now. When he relocates and gets his barndominium built and fills it up with big machines doing heavy cuts, we might come full circle.

      4. Aaron Kelly

        I believe he's been out of town while taking a class, and so isn't in his own shop doing his normal thing. While I do prefer the normal videos he makes, these are okay too in my opinion.

    30. Jordan Bettis

      Where would you "send that off" to? Some place with an enormous surface grinder?

    31. Elliot Moon

      Trenton and Heath sent me here, and I’m glad they did! Love your videos!

    32. Floppy Donger

      when i was about 19 i had a machinists apprenticeship, and worked the boring mill shop 3rd shift. they had a few of these shapers, but they were huge, like 20 footers. they had tons of old wwii era equipment. the boring mill was a 25' lucas that went about 10 foot up and down too. the weldments we would machine where HUGE. i was a young dumbass and i fucked up the job . went back to mason tending lol (money was better at the time anyhow)

    33. user990077

      24:28 We have no masks and we don't care, if you breath our deadly air...

      1. user990077

        @Mike McAuliffe Adam has the body type that does not survive covid. Not that he has that much excess body weight but it is a risk factor. I have watched him and his channel for years. I remember when his grandpa died, then his dad died. Then he lost his beloved boxer. Then he found his soul mate and they got married in Vegas! I only want the best for him and his new life partner.

      2. Mike McAuliffe

        @JerryUK is it? Your watching a video. You know nothing about the people in it or thir background. Maybe they've already have it. Maybe they are banking on the fact that they have a 99% survival rate even if they do get it. Again mind your own business

      3. Mike McAuliffe

        How about mind your own damn business

    34. GL Bell

      The only bad thing about watching your channel. It makes me miss my old machine tools. Thank You for the videos. Great job.

    35. Karsten Erb

      real cool ... waiting for SNS 335 :-)

    36. MyersMetalWorks

      I really enjoyed watching You, John, Lance, Keith getting this old Rockford Shaper running... I also have a high interest in old machinery and the fun in getting them back running... In this digital world we live in now, all I see in new equipment is Digital computer design, it maybe amazing what they can do, but in old equipment I see craftsmen workmen ship and skill, the human touch.... Thanks for the Video...

    37. John Barton

      Your videos are so much better when it’s you doing the work in your own shop. I just can’t get into it. These are just not that interesting to me. I’ll be back when you are back in your shop.

    38. Rick Rose

      Nice job Adam. I'm curious--What makes one job a scraping job and another a grinding job? What I mean is, the ways on that open-faced shaper didn't seem any larger a job than others where I've seen you guys scraping away on it.

      1. Cripple

        The frame ways below the bed are a grinding gob to get it back to flat, no point scraping that till its ground as it'll create more problems and excess wear leaving the damage in the ways. Then scrape it in to create the oil pockets the bed rides on. you would be there for many months trying to scrape that lower housing in with those gouges in it. Although plenty of material is going to be removes with grinding so it'll be replaces on the bed ways.

    39. AndJustUsForAll

      Is Moglice an option, rather than Turcite for the base?

      1. Poiuy Tlkjh


    40. Peter Haan

      Thank you John, for all that you have done for the boys and especially letting us watch. You are a good man!

    41. gresnid

      Although reptiles had been laying eggs for eons before there were chickens on earth, how did they machine the parts for the first machines?

      1. Jasper Janssen

        @avoirdupois1 even today, when you’ve got a skilled operator, you can make parts that are more precise than the machine they come from. And hell, the most precise machines get is scraping by hand, apparently.

      2. avoirdupois1

        By hand. very carefully. There is a series called the origins of precision by Machine Thinking that discusses this very point.

    42. Jean-François Grenier

      I wish you all good luck with Covid-19....

    43. Albert Einstein

      Oh God, I ran a 72" Rockford shaper with the 12" clapper head at the Bremerton WA. Ship yard back in the early 70's. We were roughing out large racks...for rack and pinion gear sets before heat treat and finish grinding. Once (b4c) boron carbide cutters and CNC's came out we never used that 1940's machine again. Hope you didn't pay more than steel scrap rate for that old boat anchor.

      1. Pacific Northwest360BEAR

        Cheers to you brother, Olympia WA native here. I moved to Olympia WA in 1977 and only left 1994-2002 San Diego for USNAVY and have been back in Olympia WA ever since with my Wife and 2 daughters.

    44. Dmitry Serov

      He always in a good mood when shapers around 😁

    45. Bill 491

      @Abom79 my work has a old lathe that has been sitting for about 26 years. Do you know of anyone interested in this lathe before it heads to the scrap pile

      1. Rick Rose

        What kind of lathe is it? And where is it located? I'm sure one of Abom's fans will step up to salvage it if it's salvageable!

    46. candianwelderfarmer

      guys dont grow up there toys just get bigger and more expensive lol

    47. Common SENSE

      ADAM I know this is going to be a silly ??. I have a new lathe and have many different thoughts on using flood coolant. What do you suggest as the proper amount/product. I have been told some really stink up the place after a short time and some can do damage to the machine. Thank you.

    48. Sylderon Machine Works

      More arguing about whether it's a shaper or planer. Also, my grandfather was a mechanical engineer for a machine tool builder in Rockford, Barnes Drill, that made honing machines. Barnes still exists in Rockford as a maker of filtration systems for machine tool coolant, and the honing operation was sold to Lapmaster. Still make machine tools in Rockford, too. Roper-Whitney, Piranha Fabrication, Ingersoll Milling Machine. Bourne & Koch remanufactures old manual machines, sometimes retrofitting them with CNC equipment.

      1. Paul Copeland

        Shaper or Planer..........Classic example of the statement "same but different"!

    49. Aerodoc78

      You definitely have the best video entry music.

    50. Rv4 Guy

      I’m just wondering how you scrape ways that long. You need a helluva long straight edge and a very long surface plate to qualify it with. I hope he documents how he does it. Richard has scraped many large machines but we’ve never seen it done.

      1. Sascha Oswald

        @Rv4 Guy I have always wondered the same thing and the best idea I can come up with us using an autocollimator as it works over large distances and doesn't require a master...I think Keith even used an autocollimator to check his ways after grinding, but I could be wrong.

      2. Rv4 Guy

        @yohoyoho13 ok so he used one side that was ground and assumed it was a master. But what if he had not had it ground and had to use straight edges shorter than the bed? I know the do it. Some of these machines that are scraped in are 30 or more ft long and there aren't masters that big. I just have not seen it done.

      3. yohoyoho13

        After the ways on the base and the table are ground, you can use one surface against the other to determine your high/low points. If you're interested, you can watch how Keith Rucker did it on his 8' metal planer. Parts 26 through 29.

    51. StrykeKing

      Very cool seeing old iron like that in operation

    52. Chicken Fingers

      I know just enough to embarrass myself

    53. Glenn Felpel

      Outstanding....Thank you for covering all this! It is truly wonderful to see you guys getting together and working on a worthwhile goal. Wish I could be there too!

    54. jr neff

      just bought a ck monarch unloaded it Monday most machinist don't care if the machine runs or not they just work at a job like most welders don't own a welder trying my best to get the machine going fast found a few issues ugh common with old iron she will be a queen when i get it running

      1. Jeffrey Lehn

        you are correct .

    55. Michael Day

      I’m sure your grandfather would be proud to know what your doing with this older equipment restoration.

    56. steve lecain

      there's simply nothing better then seeing old iron back in action, so much is wasted these days and newer equipment is just not built like the old stuff. great video.

    57. Chief T33

      I like it where people come together to work toward a goal and fellowship at the same time. Awesome.

      1. jr neff

        if you dont understand why the 3 are together the bosses of machining wrong for you thanks abom Mr. Keith and Mr. Lance

    58. Mark Thompson

      looking fwd to more videos

    59. Kenneth Gilbert

      Wow. The whole family is there.

    60. Amac 4691

      I hope you get to show it rebuilt to former glory👍

    61. JK Lmnop

      That machine us a planer. The difference being that the work moves against the tool, whereas a shaper moves the tool against a stationary workpiece.

      1. Justin L.

        @JerryUK Jerry don't waste your time. I tried and was immediately given the "Are you an engineer?" Question when I tried to inform people. As if you need an engineer to figure out the difference between shaper and planer if you spent any amount of time in a machine shop that had both.

      2. Mad Jimbo

        @JerryUK every single open sided shaper that Rockford made was casted with the name of it right on it. You are a simple person. You can’t see that 80 years ago.....things were different. And you are a cement headed twit. Lolololol.

      3. Mad Jimbo

        @JerryUK the word shaper is cast right into the frame. Not exactly lick and stick label. lol.

      4. Mad Jimbo

        @Justin L. Justin not even reading the cast in name on the machine. It’s like saying the election was a fraud. Lolololololololololololol.

      5. Phreadrick Hejrick

        Can y'all ease up? Just a little bit? It could be that the point you're proving is not the one you're trying to prove.

    62. hawkwing

      amazing project

    63. Noggin the Nog

      Vicker's Pump, is that the maker, (British Company) if yes same company which produced the WW II Spitfire fighter

      1. Eric Schreiber

        @marcaxe I don't think you can get vickers pumps or parts anymore. We had trouble finding parts at my last job and that was 7 years ago.

      2. Noggin the Nog

        @marcaxe Back then it was Vickers Supermarine, my grandfather Harry Noss was a tool maker and designed most of the tools to build the Spitfires, he worked very closely with the great RJ Mitchell (Spitfire designer)

      3. marcaxe

        Might be, Eaton sells hydraulic pumps under the Vickers name, which they acquired in 1999, the same year that the Vickers you're thinking of was bought by Rolls Royce and various parts sold off. Vickers bought up a lot of other companies in their time and brought it all under one name so the hydraulic pump business could've been more or less independent. Hell, I didn't even know Supermarine (of Spitfire fame) had anything to do with Vickers!

      4. Eric Schreiber

        @jr neff must be old equipment because vickers hasn't been around for awhile

      5. jr neff

        Vickers pump if i see them on a tractor or equipment now i know i have the best to work with and a good company

    64. kramler

      23:00 wauw... just the table itself looks heavy like hell

    65. Matt Young

      like watching you guys work, its like the Rat pack of the machine world, lol... can you guys do little number for us? like a little ol metallic eyes kinda thang.

    66. James Barisitz

      That's going to restore to excellence. 👍

    67. jimmer

      What is turkite?

      1. Rv4 Guy

        Turcite is a teflon bronze sheet material that can be used as a bearing surface to build up a way that has had material removed by wear, scraping or machining. You glue it to the metal and scrape it to a precision fit

    68. dormont

      Your hydraulic system noise is cavitation. Clean the oil pickup screen. Don’t ask me how I know.

      1. Abom79

        I mentioned in the video the entire system will be gone through and repaired as needed. This was just a test run before it was disassembled.

    69. Dennis Schoessow

      I have a question I'm having a problem getting answered. What kind of paint is used inside gear box's lets say on a lathe? is it something special? ( Thanks

      1. TYSuggested

        Glyptal usually.

      2. Jeffrey Lehn

        use Glyptal

      3. Abom79

        I always used epoxy primer.

      4. jr neff

        dont paint inside my two cents

    70. Richard Lyons

      So this is where the three Wise men go after Christmas.

    71. howder1951

      A ton of work done stripping, and it looks like a couple of days of cleaning and assessment, great video. Enjoyed, cheers to everyone!

    72. Alan Burks

      What kind of classes and where. My son is in school in Griffin GA learning to be a machinest. Thanks.

      1. Rv4 Guy

        Look up kingscraping on ebay

      2. commoncents1111 tx

        The classes teach hand and power scraping, and the classes are done by Richard King. If you look 2 videos back, Abom discussed his plans to go to this class. He also has a bunch of past videos from the scraping classes, which would give you a better idea of what the scraping classes teach.

    73. Ann Koehler

      Adam, were you able to get a replacement for your GoPro 9, or are you exclusively using your GoPro 8 for filming?

      1. Gerhard Fourie

        Was also wondering about the "9"... Whatever you shooting with now is more than good enough, sound is clear also. Thanks for some great content, as always!

    74. Tom Nugent

      I hope they took lots of pictures to use a reference putting the shaper back together, lots of parts!

    75. Nathan .Vanderslice

      I've got to say, that is the biggest set of forklift forks I've ever seen! Kool to see Keith Rucker there as well.

    76. Mark Key

      Love seeing these old machines being brought back to life. If they're anything like the tractor market these should be bringing top-dollar because all the new stuff is computer controlled and locked in to the manfacturer that can charge whatever they want to fix it or force it into obsolescence with the flick of a switch. No computers here, just cold steel that will run forever, properly maintained.

    77. Сергей С

      Thank you Adam for saving the machines, we also save the machines in Russia, and now they are going to be melted down in China(((

    78. William Leue

      I wonder if an open-side shaper or a planer might be a better tool for the stoker engine slideway repair.

    79. David James

      Can you put your videos on Rumble as Well.

      1. Sylderon Machine Works

        @Rv4 Guy Sorry, can be hard to tell sometimes.

      2. Rv4 Guy

        @Sylderon Machine Works sarcasm

      3. Sylderon Machine Works

        @Rv4 Guy How so?

      4. Rv4 Guy

        The trump guys are all moving there because yt is too corrupt! 🙄

      5. Arcarsenal986

        Why double his work? Stop being a snow flake.

    80. Bob Gilbert

      Any idea how much the planer weighs?

    81. Tj payne

      Would you be able to rebuild that hydraulic cylinder?

    82. Moon dog Diesel works

      Mr. A bomb is also a hell of a good cook, made my mouth water

    83. HouseGurke

      You, Squatch, and the guys from Acorn to Arabella are my absolute favourite SEprom craftsmen.

    84. Mark Philpot

      When I have hooked up a motor, I would check it out prior to installing it to avoid uglies. Someone said you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. When you do it with the motor out and you have a correct rotation indicator on the machine, it saves headaches and uglies because you can see it beforehand and know for sure. An older more experienced tech showed this to me. It isn’t always possible to do this, but if you can, it helps you prevent a wrong direction turning on pumps that are supposed to only go one way. I’m trying to save headaches and money from being wasted. That’s all.

    85. Debtfreehomesteaders

      Abom, is the media mod shorting on you where it meets the body of the GoPro? Losing audio is a drag. -Will

    86. Debtfreehomesteaders

      Great video! Somebody get Rucker some shorts. I could barely recognize him lol. -Will

    87. mattmax85

      Where can I go to find awesome machines like this?!

    88. rlferv

      How was the duck?

    89. Robert DeBusk

      Very nice work taking the machine apart. Now begins the monumental task of cleaning, renewing and reassembling it to get a running rebuilt machine operating again. Very Cool guys.

    90. passenger671

      This is brilliant. Two of my favourite SEpromrs working together.

    91. dazaspc

      One day these people will realise the difference between a Planer and a Shaper. Planer the table with the workpiece moves for the cut. Shaper moves the tool. Regardless of what the manufacturer called it.

      1. dazaspc

        @jimW133 LOL Call a circle a square it doesnt change it into one

      2. jimW133

        Sounds like a distinction without a difference to me. ❓

      3. Abom79

        Thanks for informing us all, now we know!

      4. dazaspc

        @Fabelwesen BlackShot Global No that's a Vertical or it could be a Universal mill as it has a rotating cutter.

      5. Fabelwesen BlackShot Global

        so you cant call a milling machine a milling machine when it has the Spindle Head moving up and down instead of the machines table moving up and down while the spindle stays still?

    92. Monk Music - Don't engage!

      Amazing social/industrial history. You gents are all that is great about history. This was thrilling. I know nothing of machining but I love watching world class experts like you guys doing their thing. Thank you gents.

    93. MrOrwellA

      Great video! Excellent!

    94. Justin L.

      For those questioning whether this is a planer or a shaper, it is in fact an open sided planer. Copy and pasted from American Machinist for reference - "Open-sided Planers: Open-sided planers have the housing on one side only. The open side permits machining wider workpieces. Most planers have one flat and one double V-way, which allows for unequal bed and platen expansions. Adjustable dogs at the side of the bed control the stroke length of the platen. Planers are often converted to planer-- mills, for more efficient machining."

      1. Justin L.

        @Rv4 Guy Exactly this. I'm not saying Adam is wrong for calling it what it's labeled. In fact, if he didn't call it that and someone saw what is cast into the base they would probably call him out on that. I also am definitely not angry or attacking anyone though.

      2. Rv4 Guy

        I'm not angry, just puzzled and wondering if I am missing something. The explanation that it is called a shaper simply for marketing reasons is entirely possible. Pre-coolers in cars are almost always called inter-coolers, no doubt because some focus group said it sounded more badass. In engineering school we were taught that intercoolers describe heat exchangers that are between compressor stages (turbo or super charger), so the term is not applicable to a single stage setup. But marketers never let things like reality or technical standards get in their way 😀.

      3. Justin L.

        That could be, ya never know.

      4. Bosted Tap

        Most likely the manufacturer wanted to disassociate their machine from the older "Planer" models, to in vouge shaper.

      5. Justin L.

        @Abom79 I am expressing no anger at all. If anyone's angry it's you. I was simply pointing out that the style of the machine is a planer not a shaper. Don't assume by my post that I'm "angry" 🤣

    95. Nuno Costa

      I really like to see your chanel, i'm trying to learn machining and i learn a lot on your chanel, good luck with that scraper

      1. Nuno Costa

        @Kenny Debique I'm 59 years old and Electrician by profection, but i like to learn new things, machining it's my hobby, i'm a self learning guy and watching your channel and others is helping me a lot i'm trying to build a CNC machine but in portugal it's not so easy to find the right things to do it, we don't have the same type of chops you guys have there, but i will manage to build it, :)

      2. Kenny Debique

        You'll learn faster by hands. I started doing mechanical engineer and machinist work. When I was 18 years old.

    96. David X. Nelson

      just bought my favourite sports car because of that here look up on the web for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*

    97. Γιαννης Γριζοπουλος

      Excellent corporation amazin video. Now understant evry One why the USA goes to the space. M. RUCKER is the doctor and all tleam is fantastic. I am 65 years old retired machinist and looking all this video feels boy 20 years old. Best regards From Greece giannis grizopoylos retired machinist.

    98. Phil Menzies

      @30:30 Not much between those chains slipping off the forks or not 🤔

    99. Анатолій Козачук


    100. Rush Dougherty

      Nice teardown... congratulations on making the old iron new again!