SNS 333: Several Shop Projects, Richard King Scraping Class, Audio Problems


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    This week I have been at my friend John's shop to attend the Richard King scraping class, and also help him and Lance out on some different shop projects. I will be there helping Richard with his class and also working on some machining projects including some machine tear down. I will have a few different videos to post on this weeks activities.
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    1. Alexander N

      Adam action cams are toys. actually they are very very very expensive toys. Buy yourself a dslr and a good lense. It will cost about the same but you will have a real cam with real lense for a serious job without problems.

    2. Phil Bohrman

      Adam, don't let the frustrations get you down.

    3. Allen Cavedo

      GoPro is designed to be a waterproof rugged sports camera. That is not your application. Might consider a small Sony or Fujifilm pocket camera on a gimbal. I like to have both a mic in and a headphone out jack on my camera but the HP out jack is harder to find on the smaller cameras. You can also use an iPhone as it is an excellent video camera with an app like Filmic Pro. But that can be clunky to use with the Lightning to TRRS dongle for external mic or Rode Go receiver. And it is a pain when you forget to go Airplane mode and get a phone call while shooting.

    4. Rhyno186

      Sucks having tech issues. It's hard to trust that it will work next time even if you figure out what was causing the problem in the first place.

    5. kemc77

      Squirrel alert at 25:10

    6. Petey Bones

      24:33 Tech really is the worst. Planned obsolescence and general poor quality make using technology a truly miserable experience, in my long experience.

    7. ROBRENZ

      Nice special Adam, sorry to hear about the audio problems ATB, Robin

    8. sam yeates

      It takes a wise man to know “when enough is enough!!!” On the stoker engine. The scrapping class look great ! Thanks for sharing.

    9. Zahid Khan

      scraping class thanks MR abom and mr richard

    10. keen0515

      So disappointed about the stoker engine.

    11. Tristan Hali

      Don't know why you're still stuffing around with go pros, get a DJI Osmo pocket or something else.

    12. Marc McKenzie

      I dream of having access to a surface grinder like John’s!

    13. Twobob Club

      Take a laptop. Attach ONE wireless mic to the laptop. Test the input works. Repeat for the other mic. Typical testing methodology that an on-the-road sound engineer might perform in a pinch. Disclosure: was a sound engineer. This feels like an encoding problem. I am no expert on your hardware but I suppose advising you to get another memory module could not hurt, since that would be another potential point of failure during the encoding/storage process. So, get spares, do iterative testing. Use a small laptop to test. In the end it's probably a software failure which is out of your reach to fix.

    14. nhzxboi

      Interesting. Remembering a Van-Norman tech that 'rebuilt' my crankshaft grinder...Center gets worn out due to many small crank grinds. Best out of round approaches 0.001...unacceptable but happens due to the grit. 6' crank...AOK, 6" crank, no good. Guy was an artist at rebuilding...totally manual scrape. I was very impressed. Dove-tail pattern on re-finish was cool to see. Straight edge and manual tools. Cool.

    15. Way's Coatings

      Just put the Go Pro aside for later and get a OSMO, Go Pro is ALWAYS having problems and even incript your video

    16. Steven Lewis

      Got to give this one a thumbs down due to the lack of safety

    17. Jeff Anderson

      How’s Richard doing? I took his class in the Spring of 2019 out in Vacaville Ca. I sure wish I had some more of his know how! Thanks Adam.

    18. elkvis

      Gotta love when they make a new camera model and the previous model's batteries don't fit 🤬

      1. Craig Miller

        Thats GoPro's MO. They change everything almost year to year. It's the shits.

    19. BrianRDub

      You dudes immune to Covid or what?!!! No social distancing WTF people?! 400,000 dead and counting in the US alone. Come on now!

      1. KnocclHead

        @BrianRDub Than stay at home dude, get your stuff delivered and live in your box of comfort practicing the social distance you talk about. No need for restricting other people in there way of life. Your matter is, what you can do to stay save. Not, what things have other people to do, so that you feel save. All the stuff around COVID are far to moralised... you can count numbers and pass a law but you can not legislate morality. Humanity tryed that many times. It ends up with the black/white, good/evil scenario, wont help anybody, its a waste of time. by the way: "do the rest of us a favor and stay the heck away" First of all, it is moralising and second it dosent make any sens to me. You trust him more than yourself? "You do the best to stay away form him" Is in my opinion by far the better solution. At least I trust myself a little more than others.

      2. Sylderon Machine Works

        @Cap'n P. Zazz Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we have 400,000 deaths from flu per year.

      3. BrianRDub

        @Cap'n P. Zazz The LAST thing I rely on is U.S. news media! They are mostly profit driven with no conscience. I happen to be a scientist and about as far from sheeple as one can be. The rest of the world also have experts and this is a very real problem.. You do realize what asymptomatic means?!! In case you do not, while healthier people may think "this is BS", "I feel fine", "I have no symptoms therefore.....", "I guess I am immune" they are equally potent carriers (if exposed) and become the worst kind of vector (virus spreader). Nay saying does not change reality. It only worsens the situation WHICH IS A BIG REASON WHY THE SPREAD IS WORSE TODAY THAN EVER. Your flu stats are wrong as well when you consider deaths per unit time rather than total deaths. The latest REAL statistic is that COVID mortality rate (deaths per unit time) is greater than that during World War II deaths per unit time. Go ahead and believe what you want but do the rest of us a favor and stay the heck away because believe or not, if you are exposed, then you are contagious to EVERYONE ELSE AROUND YOU and then THEY ARE TO THOSE THEY ENCOUNTER even if none you feel sick. Lack of knowledge is a dangerous but prolific thing which is why so many people fall victim to factless but "believably sounding" conspiracy theories.

      4. Cap'n P. Zazz

        Maybe some people are actually people and not sheeple, and don't believe everything the mass media tells them. Try doing some ACTUAL research and you will see those numbers the media are giving you are on par with the normal flu, and the mean age of deaths are over 70.

    20. Idbuythatfora$

      The iphone footage looks really good actually

    21. Keith Ward

      It seems like every version of the Hero cameras have had some sort of an issue at one time or another. For that matter everything ever sold on Amazon is that way too. You'll find someone who loves it and some one who hates it every time. The fewer the features the more reliable something typically is. Some of you may recall I repaired Adam's Hero 4(?) years ago now. I wonder if the older models are/were more reliable?

    22. Edward Miller

      It the media mod! Lot of people have been having lots of issues with them! Take a look at DeviantOllam's channel for the video he did about it!

    23. Bertje Tolberg

      Finally number 333 Now you are half evil

    24. Saurutobi - Marcel Englmaier

      it's the mediamod thing that's the issue. Get the usbC to mic adapter from gopro(make sure the firmware on the cam is up to date), and then look on amazon for ULANZI they make an enclosure case thing that I use. Paired with a Rode wireless go setup, works like a charm!

    25. salsyou

      Nothing more frustrating than technical issues man. You always have the best audio Adam I never minded the sirens either part of the deal!!!

    26. B C

      Get a Zoom recorder for audio and monitor your audio when recording. Only way to fly.

      1. DodgyDave73

        Love my zoom for nature recordings and samples for Ableton. Great idea

    27. Jeffrey Lee

      Lance feeds down .0005 on the Thompson, Keith .005.

    28. chuck latour

      @Abom79 check this out, this is a friend of mine that has done a few videos on the hero 9

    29. DeepPastry

      If you could try using the Rode mic setup with success on any other camera, I'd then rule it out. Mostly since the Hero 9 failed with it's own internal mics, which might mean it's definitely got issues.

    30. Benny Rooman

      Merci monsieur Adams, pour la visite de ce formidable atelier de fabrication mécanique. Vos vidéos sont la preuve que les spécialistes de la construction mécanique ont et aurons toujours du travail et que IA ne parviendra jamais à remplacer la main des hommes. Benny Rooman à Bruxelles.

    31. Okipouros

      Dont get upset about the audio, shit happens! Voice over still good!

    32. Joe Pieczynski

      Greetings Adam. Someone left a comment on one of my videos about your audio equipment and issues. I feel your pain. Nothing like trusting the audio ( or auto focus ) and find out after the fact, you've been let down. One good thing about studio voice over is that you can accelerate the footage and not sacrifice any audio that may be attached to it. I think I've solved my focus issues, now onto better audio. Good luck getting it squared away. Stay well.

      1. Stormbringer Workshop

        VoiceOver for machining is still great stuff

    33. Aaron Kelly

      I had similar problems with my rode mic setup and gopro hero8. My problem ended up being a bad 3.5mm mic adapter from gopro. Looks like you're using a "media mod" housing instead of the adapter but it still could be the cause of your problem. You might want to consider an external audio recorder. If you do that, avoid the Zoom h4n pro. Although popular, it's got serious issues with the SD card interface . I've got the Rode HS2 (headset), rode LAV, and several of the rode Wireless GO kits like you're using. Any problems I've had using the rode stuff has always been traced down to some other component (like that Gopro adapter). tldr: Try returning/exchanging that media mod housing.

    34. Kevin Behr

      I do worry about some of you American lads getting up close to people and not wearing masks, have you not heard of Covid?

      1. Rich Wojehowski

        @Kevin Behr - Don't waste your time. Many folks in in the US think it's all fake and a conspiracy. It was/is so heavily politicized and it just stayed that way. A number of my co-workers refuse to wear them at all. If I was their manager I'd just fire them or tell them they can come back when in when they change their mind and start getting paid again.

    35. Christoph Fuchs

      nicely censored comment section you got there

      1. Rich Wojehowski

        @Christoph Fuchs Oh that, well that's because there are no rules or laws for masks, only recommendations. And even then if you supported "you know who" then it doesn't matter cause it's all fake. The US has a lot of growing up to do having had a spoiled child as a dictator. Some of us will never understand how this cult mindset persists.

      2. Christoph Fuchs

        @Rich Wojehowski no that i've seen, just about how they have different rules for masks where they are from

      3. Rich Wojehowski

        @Christoph Fuchs - Did someone say something inappropriate?

    36. Ibraheem Al hadede

      I recommend you use a separate audio recorder from the camera and then sync the audio with the video together in post processing.

    37. BLKMGK4

      Despite your frustration this came out terrific and I learned, thank you Adam!

    38. Dixie Normis

      you nor keith ever plug each others channel whats with that

    39. Michel Grenier

      A fly cutter would likely do that job on that engine .

    40. Ryan Hornung

      Could not even watch the video . The audio it awful , nothing but heavy breathing ! Hope you try something else soon

    41. KF5TQN KF5TQN

      @Abom79 You're not the only one having problems with audio not working on GoPro Hero 9 cameras. Louis Rossmann had the exact same issue with the onboard mic & also with GoPro's own mic if I remember correctly. He even made a video ranting about it & the poor support he got from GoPro.

    42. Philip Rhoades

      How about a seperate audio recorder to record audio at the same time as you are filming, so if the camera does not record the audio you have a seperate device recording the audio as a backup. Then you just need to sync the audio...

    43. fishingsgreat

      Its no surprise go pro cameras fail really all through the line up they have always had issues, seriously your better off spending the $$ and buying a dedicated dslr


      Maybe this will help you with your go pro problems.

    45. otto

      Get you a Minolta Super 8 synced to a Speak and Spell for audio.

      1. DodgyDave73

        ET phone home

    46. The_Hate_Inside

      Gopros are also known for corrupting memory cards. Best to get a proper camera.

    47. Jeffrey Lee

      GoPro is cheap junk as cameras go.

    48. Jesus von Nazaret

      26:10 Oh man, i can understand your frustration about the missing audio, doing a voice over is a lot of work and most likely some good information get's lost due to this. Have you thought of using a backup audio device that's independent of the camera, just to catch at least a bit of the audio in the future if the camera audio fails again? Something small like a Tascam DR-05X

    49. Kenneth Crips

      The iPhone 12Pro Max has a very good camera.

    50. Bob Konigsberg

      I was considering the Hero 9. Thanks for the heads up.

    51. Richard Mugg

      I'm no machinist, but when I first saw this job, I couldn't figure out how the shaper was going to do it.

    52. Hal Snyder

      Why is grinding more precise than machining?

      1. David Gilman

        It can be more imprecise when done incorrectly, trust me ;)

      2. Hal Snyder

        @Ibraheem Al hadede thank you!

      3. Ibraheem Al hadede

        @Hal Snyder because there's much less vibration and harmonics interference compared to milling and lathe. And because you only remove very minute amount of material the grinding wheel drive motor is simpler (it's easier to cancel its harmonics and vibrations) also the table is floating on air (hydrostatic air bearing) which elements any vibration and gives very smooth running machine. The grinding wheel has to be also on spec to give high precision workpiece.

      4. Hal Snyder

        @Miles Thompson I knew it was still machining.... was trying to ask question in shorthand... Thanks for the response

      5. Jeffrey Lee

        @Miles Thompson Keith dials in .005 just like a mill, lol, good enough

    53. 682 70

      Thanks Adam and Lance, that's really unfortunate about the audio issues, as the video quality is very good. Taker easy guys!

    54. Wildey's Here

      I've heard these Hero 9 cameras have been giving fits to other SEpromrs. Goodluck with GoPro support Adam.

    55. Pork Pie

      The sound at 18:03 is painful

    56. OMAD’s Dad

      Hi Adam, I know you have passed on the stoker engine, and I appreciate your not wanting to make unnecessary tooling, but for the sake of the thought process had you discounted a pull style clapper box and tool holder for this project. Thank you for your honest and thoughtful approach to all things. Enjoy your trip. Regards and safe travels.

    57. Gregory DiGuido

      If he rotated the tool post (not the clapper box) there probably would have been *just* enough clearance, judging by the video at least. Sad to see Adam give up like that. Wasn't the whole point of becoming a full time content creator to do projects like this? Plus, forged steel is stronger, not stiffer than annealed steel. A custom tool could have worked.

      1. Jeffrey Lee

        @Randall Richmond When Adam stated he didn’t look at this close enough in the beginning, he was telling the truth, straight up. Just the looks of the build up material would be enough to return it to Keith. Adam didn’t say much about that but it’s a factor in the final decision. Love for the shaper may have been a factor he took it on to begin with.

      2. Randall Richmond

        If you listen the client wanted to go another route.

    58. Clyde Decker

      4th SEpromr that has said that in a week ...

    59. bcbloc02

      That sucks about the camera fighting you. I know the feeling!! I am going to have to order a new one myself as my current one really fought me hard today.

    60. Clyde Decker

      I would think Brian Bloc's machine would do the job if you can lay that on its side...

    61. Bruni

      Why does it matter for a granite surface plate to be on three points?

      1. Bruni

        @Jeffrey Lee that makes sense to me now. Good lesson on fatigue then

      2. Jeffrey Lee

        3 points define a plane. The plate cannot rock on 3 point support.

    62. Bruni

      Guess this would be an incentive to get a larger shaper one day😁😁😁

    63. Carl Godwin

      When is Lance going to make a channel?????

    64. WoLpH

      Cool to see how you've got the camera setup Adam. I always wondered :)

    65. Chris Hoover

      Loved the auto feed grinder and the big Cincinnati mill. Talked my employer into buying a Cincinnati Milacron mill early 70's vintage, what a beast. It will take as big a bite as you dare with the proper tools and never even grunts. Quite a difference from the old Bridgeport I'm used to. Unfortunately my tooling is a little slim but Ill keep hounding him for more.

    66. midwestbest midwestbest

      Where can I buy that boring bar?

      1. Solid Rock Machine Shop Inc.

        You can contact us at solidrock@nlbchapel .org and Kathy will sit you up. Steve

    67. Frank Hott

      Adam, your perseverance and tenacity always impresses me. You are a problem solver par excellence with metal. Be kind to yourself and pop another Coors while you eliminate possible audio issues! You get a glimmer of what those of us would experience trying to do what you do! I call it the “revenge of technology”. This is actually one of your more enjoyable videos....the camaraderie you have with your friends reflects the heart of your passion. Best wishes to you and yours!

    68. Gary Jones

      Adam Man, that thumb looks ugly... Bet that hurt. Hope that the new camera did not do that Gary 77-Year-Old Home-Shop-Machinist In the Beautiful Ozark Mountains of NorthWest Arkansas

    69. Jacob Foxworth

      "This little guy right here is....unreliable!!!" Rofl! I could see the restraint in your eyes. You clearly wanted to use more abrasive language, but held back. You probably had some choice words to describe the hero 9. Hopefully you're able to figure it out and get it fixed. Sucks when something brand new doesn't work right. Anyway, great video as usual.

    70. Watch Wes Work

      Just my opinion, but the iphone footage looks the best...

    71. MA Knife and Rods

      Love my osmo action I feel it is much better and it is cheaper too. I run my eight and osmo at the same time and the osmo I feel manages the files better and has features the 8 doesn’t have.

      1. gofastwclass

        My Osmo Action is a great camera, I would like to buy a second one.

    72. Дмитрий Огнев

      25:11 is that a squirrel on the tree behind you?)

    73. Paul Deavall

      Ref. (Stoker) Good choice Adam. Knowing machinery limits and not over stepping, is the safest option. Obviously camera angles show one version and from the actual picture it will appear differently. This is something for all of us to consider. The physical dimensions of the machine that is needed to cut the flats, would be a big machine. As you mention keeping centricity and linear planes true would be difficult with what you have currently (as good as they are). Good job man.

    74. Tony Quinsee-Jover

      A bit of Googling shows loads of folks moaning about the flaky audio on the GoPro. First suggestion from support is to reset the camera and second suggestion is to reinstall the firmware. Not a lot of help I guess.

    75. Luke Meisenbach

      Hate to say it but it looks like you are down a shaper. What happened to the G and E's buddy?

      1. Jeffrey Lee

        I think he parked it outside when he picked up the new horizontal band saw.

    76. James Walsh Jr.

      Probably a rookie question on the machining and heat treating the roller portion of the video. Why was the heat treat operation done on the part before the final machining operations? Just interested to know. Thanks for any info. Adam, love the content, keep up the excellent work. And best of luck with technology headaches.

      1. Jeffrey Lee

        Because the heat treat distorts the part slightly

    77. К. Григорьевич

      Я представлял принцип выравнивания плоскости гранитной поверочной плиты, но как её после шлифовки полируют? Если полируют, конечно. I imagined the principle of leveling the plane of a granite surface plate, but how is it polished after grinding? If polished, of course.

    78. james maddock

      That surface was most likely done on a planer.

    79. felixar90

      Maybe you should find 2 or 3 more Stoker engine that need to be restored so that making a tool would be worth it. Makes you wonder how the hell they originally made them.

    80. nivekastoreth

      DeviantOlam did a video on the media mod showing how it doesn't and has never worked reliably.

    81. Rob Middleton

      The audio issues must be extremely frustrating. Is there a way to show audio levels on the GoPro screen so you can verify audio is being picked up? Just an idea I had, thanks for all the great content.

      1. felixar90

        Yeah I was thinking the same. Some kind of VU meter would be helpful. Wouldn't solve the problem but at least you'd know it's happening before your have an entire day worth of recording without audio...

    82. Martin U

      Not the first video I have watched this week complaining about the Hero9, sounds like they might have issues


      Thanks for sharing with us Adam 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻

    84. Dwarfracer88

      Just a note to Go-pro. Don't piss off the big man, he has a loyal following and hands the size of baseball gloves. If he squeezed that 9 pro it would probably cause all of the machines that built it to explode from sympathetic damage. If you try to ignore him, don't, just don't. It won't end well for you.

      1. felixar90

        If that doesn't work still, maybe AvE could send him one of his Widlarizers. (a 5lbs solid copper hammer for smashing electronics)

    85. Nathan Kowalski

      I'd love to have one of those Booth Machine Shop hats. Looks like they'd fit my giant head as well

    86. De Montalvo

      Good stuff bro!

    87. Paul G

      42:46 that's where the owner puts his coffee cup

    88. THAT ONE GUY

      Ok I'm maybe a bit confused but if I understand this right with the granite plates you scraped the high points & then lap them in with the diamond dust & the wheel? If that is correct I would think it would take the patience of a saint. I would love to see a time laps with a real time clock because I can see that taking forever.

      1. THAT ONE GUY

        @felixar90 ok thanks that makes more since

      2. felixar90

        You can't scrape granite. Scraped the cast iron surface plate and then imbedded diamonds into it with the wheel, and then used the iron plate to lap the granite plate.

      3. Bret Smith

        Scrapping the high points is for the metal which you saw the students doing. The surface plate is lapped in until it is flat to the grade you are reaching for. ex. Grade A, AA, AAA. If you are interested in this then I suggest.

    89. Stephen Shimer

      Glad you have a good friend who wants to help. Just an Idea if you've had this before I am sorry. Can you turn the cover horizontally 180 degrees? It looks like you might have a good look at it... I love watching your channel ... Thank you for the great stuff to watch.

    90. Daryn Cook

      ADAM- I highly urge you to give the DJI POCKET2 a try. I have one. Straight out the box, It’s freaking awesome.

      1. Abom79

        I’m going to start looking into different cameras. I wouldn’t mind using something higher end but I want the stability features on the GoPro.

    91. John Bodoni

      Hey, a fellow Coors Banquet fan! Great beer, refreshing and no aftertaste. Good choice, Adam!

    92. Rookie Lock

      Thank you Adam for taking us along.. Really enjoyed this trip !

    93. castellscl

      I always had audio issues with my Hero3... Warranty?

    94. Radoslaw Jocz

      It could be loose connection with the cables but also lots of other things. There should be special display indicator to show audio decibels all the time. It seems that your camera is expensive but not professional type.

      1. felixar90

        I mean it's called a GoPro, not a Go.

      2. Radoslaw Jocz

        ​@Little Jackalo Such indicator could be a small piece of hardware or software / firmware. I can imagine it works well and is still small and reliable. The external mic is a weak point because it could easily fail, so why camera should to detect it, the similar way smartphone can detect if earphones are connected or not. I would say there is design fault in the camera which allowing record video without audio!!! Definetely it is a fact.

      3. Little Jackalo

        The whole point of it is to be small. Hence the name action cam. If you start adding things that "it should have" it starts to become less of a small action cam. He had audio issues without an external mic plugged into it, so it can't be loose connection. I watch SEpromrs that use multi thousands dollar cameras and have studio recording issues. It is a professional camera. When a professional needs to have a small, waterproof, durable, low mass camera, that can be mounted almost anywhere, they use GoPros or Don't action cams. A professional using it is what makes it a professional camera, since there isn't really any alternative that suits those criteria. This is the best you can get it you need a small, waterproof, durable, low mass camera, that can be mounted almost anywhere.

    95. Thunderstruck

      It's always nice to see Lance and Keith. Good men.

    96. I’m JK I play games

      Simple, make the two slide ways removable, bolt in

    97. SShep71 1 you oil quenched A2? Price check in aisle 9.....

      1. David Utidjian

        @SShep71 1 Thank you for taking the time to clear that up. I should have addressed the points you make with more clarity and examples. My apologies for missing the joke.

      2. SShep71 1

        @David Utidjian Close, but no cigar. It was meant as a joke, but just incase someone reads your comment and gets the wrong impression. A2 CAN be intermittently quenched in oil down to 900 F then drawn down in temp until about 150F, however there is more to it than that. The manufacturer of the steel is the first source for information, as their "recipe" for the steel is often different than others. Second, consult a shop that specializes in hardening with your specific design for best results. As cross section, and details (like corners, bolt holes, and sections with large variations) help with the planning of hardening, also for consideration is the following machining procedures and finally the intended use is important. Never just do a quick google search and run with whatever you find on the webs, if you put your time into a part make sure it is not going to be wasted.

      3. David Utidjian

        One can use an oil quench on A2 sometimes. Especially for large sections (which that piece most decidedly was) otherwise it cools so slowly one may not get the max hardness out of the material. See here for an example. It is not for everything... one thing nice about A2 is that it tends to distort less than other tool steels from heat treatment. Also tends to crack less. But an oil quench on A2 raises the risk of distortioan and/or cracking a bit. All about the tradeoffs. Not much danger in the part Adam was working on nice and round without too many sharp corners.

    98. Tangobaldy

      I stopped using gopro when I had a 4.if you used the WiFi and phone app to control it the audio had a helicopter sound. Gopro knew this but did not recall the cameras. There are far better cameras for what you need. You don't really need a sports camera for everything. How about making a magnetic camera mount and have a couple of cheap $150 cameras mounted around the shop. Gopro is a brand that in my opinion is way over priced and lacks functionality. Your iPhone looked and sounded great.

      1. Tangobaldy

        @Little Jackalo ps I owned a £1000 sony camera and it fell forward onto dust and was wrecked. A gopro would have been a better option for that filming. You need a camera with a mixer device built in or capture on a sep device like a zoom h5. If one fails you got another audio back up source. Or at least have a camera with audio level meters so you can see if your capturing audio.

      2. Tangobaldy

        @Little Jackalo The iphone is 100x better than recording than a crappy gopro and far more reliable. I am thinking you never have used either. Anyone who does videos seriously has more than one camera for different circumstances. And in this case he had backups. I was saying unless your jumping out of an airplane, scuba diving a sports camera is not very good and lack the functionality built in like an iphone. Gopro has no decent mic, screen, or cloud services. There really is no comparing the two. The only issue with the iphone is the fragility of it. And that's the only downside. Also the iphone has a decent scientific calculator on it which is exactly the same as any other scientific calculator. And as a BOD you would know not all calculators give the same answer. But that's easily tested. you can disable screen lock when using it. I wish you were local so i could show you how a cherap camera can easily outperform an overpriced gopro. You keep teaching math and I hope you do it with a passion. If i was a student of yours i soon tell you that you need educating.

      3. Little Jackalo

        Are you suggesting using the iPhone to record?Talk about lacking functionality. That is almost as bad as when I have students come for high level sciences that require a lot of math, and when I ask them if they brought their calculator they say, "no but I have my phone." LOL. You can't do math with a phone calculator and expect to do well. The phone turning off, having to unlock it, notifications, distractions, the screen doing between portrait/landscape, etc. Same goes for producing hours with of video each week. You can't shoot 10 hours of video per week with a cellphone. $150 cameras also aren't going to do what he needs them to do.

    99. Pet Rock's Garage

      Sorry to hear about the engine. I was looking forward to vids on it. I assume you tried coming at it from the other side of the casting? Would the shaper not reach or be able to stop in the right place on the back stroke? Just curious. I’m by no means a machinist.

      1. Ben Grogan

        The far side is several inches higher - The issue seems mainly to be that it only just reaches and clears when running in fresh air: once you add depth of cut to clear the surface that needs machining the main ram would strike the casting

    100. Ronald Jennings

      You might be back by now but have a safe trip I hope you learn a lot can't wait to mow new videos I hope you're doing well