SNS 332: Machinery Feet for Hydmech, Repaired Work Boots, Tung Force Mini Mill, Rode Wireless Go


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    This week I have a few things to share. I'll machine the threaded studs needed to finish out some Poly Mount machinery feet that I'm using on the Hydmech saw. Also in the mix I show the finished repaired Thorgood work boots that was sent to @Trenton & Heath . They came out excellent and I'm very happy with the repairs. I also have some testing of the Tungaloy Tung Force Mini indexable mill.
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    1. Nicusor R

      did anyone noticed that at every thread cut Adam makes, when there's no more lubricant on the thread, just bare metal, it's exactly at the final cut?

    2. Ricardo Alvarado

      Your channel and your work makes me daydream about becoming a machinist

    3. Ricardo Alvarado

      Question. How do you recycle the chips and scrap that you generate? Does your recycle take the mix of metals in a bunch? Or do you keep different containers for each type of metal?

    4. Ricardo Alvarado

      The attention to details!! Wow

    5. Nikolaj Rou

      Hey Abom:) Appriciate your content!. Have you considered sound barriers/absorption walls? Concrete walls are notorious for bouncing sound, causing the residual sound from your machines to bounce from surface to surface and give small echoes. I hope you take this simply as constructive, since you were talking about the sound quality in this video in specific.

      1. C M

        Even a few panels on the ceiling would help. Make sure to get the fire-rated foam, from a reputable supplier.

    6. Joe Martinez

      Trenton and Heath recommend your channel, so I subscribed

    7. Mike A Drover


    8. kim bye

      what brand is that threading tool?

    9. spambot71

      one sound tip, if no one's said this yet: mix your mic down to mono. sometimes when you cut between shots, your voice is in a different place relative to the stereo mic, and for those of us wearing headphones you're kinda jumping around inside our heads. the sound quality itself is great though!

    10. Leo Arc

      Another great video. This channel never disappoints!

    11. Al from NC


    12. Dan-Omite Younger

      Trenton and Heath sent me here.

    13. Allen Cavedo

      You have always had better than average audio but I appreciate your effort to improve the sound of the videos. I am a pro sound mixer and use Lectrosonics radio mics for most everything but recently I got a COMICA BoomX-U2 (two transmitters one receiver) kit for behind the scenes mirrorless camera run and gun jobs. I considered the Rode Wireless Go system but wanted a two mic solution for Host and Guest (or in your case You and Abbey) audio into one receiver. I also prefer the UHF radio band rather than 2.4 GHz as I think it sounds better.

    14. Bbearhug Thomas

      The Car Wizard uses that Rode clip on on his shirt and the sound is great on his Channel.

    15. Steve W

      Hey Adam Do you ever use Spade drills with the replaceable inserts?

    16. Music Bro

      Now i understand why your machines are so quiet in your videos; because the mic is usually not pointed at the work. Nice mod. Some levels were a little low with one spot where you almost faded completely out. I like to look at the waveform of clips to get an idea of the volume of the sound and an idea of what the sound is. The system seems to be working nice though, especially at the beach, that was impressive.

    17. Allan Sutton

      Hey Adam nosy question time. You might not want to discus this on an open channel but you have SO many tools from saws and lathes to specialty micrometers, wrenches, bits, grinders etc. How much do you have invested? What would it take to duplicate your shop from scratch?

      1. SuperAWaC

        @Leo Arc Hello. I will take a swing at your question. A Monarch lathe like Adam's can be had for around $6000, they are always in high demand since they are some of the best old iron lathes you can buy. Bridgeport clones can be had for all sorts of prices but you can expect to pay around $2000 for a nice one in good shape if you are patient, but demand for those is also high which drives up prices a bit more than lathes, since lathes take up a lot more space, so ironically you can often get much larger mills for not much more money. His larger K&T model 2 Universal mill you can get for around $3000 despite them being much heavier duty than a Bridgeport. Shapers are a bit of a wildcard. There isn't too much demand for them, but they are also less common these days on the used market. You can expect to again pay around $3000 for a 20" shaper like the G&E that Adam has. If you are patient you can often get much better deals on these machines, but you also need to be careful when dealing with used machines, since there are many unscrupulous machine dealers that sell worn out machines. Never buy a machine without inspecting it unless you're willing to gamble the money you pay for it. Shipping these machines will also cost a good fraction of what you paid for them, unless you have the equipment to drive and pick them up yourself. You can also expect to quickly build up similar values in tooling for said machines, especially if you are using carbide tooling. Add another ~$1000 to each machine to build up a basic tool library for each of them. The price to "build an effective shop" depends entirely on what the goal of your shop is. A basic garage style job shop where you do stuff like repairs and low volume parts with a lathe and mill and the tooling and support equipment to go with it? I'd give a ballpark around $15,000-$20,000. A shop like Adam's is more difficult to put a price on (sentimental value aside) because he probably has just as much, if not more, money in tooling than he does machines and support equipment, and there's also always a ton of shop built stuff.

      2. Leo Arc

        @Allan Sutton A shop of his size, starting from scratch, in today's prices, tens of thousands, going into hundreds of thousands. It depends on if one prefers new or second hand tools, their sizes, the brands, etc. Myself, I am putting 50K aside just for heavy machinery alone (in Euro prices). In the US, it will likely be cheaper by, at least 5 to 10%.

      3. Allan Sutton

        @Leo Arc I’m not looking, I was just curious as to the kind of investment a machinist has to lay out to build an effective shop.

      4. Leo Arc

        Greetings Mr. Sutton, Have you found an estimate for the main machines (lathe, mill, shaper)? Thank you for your time.

      5. Leo Arc

        @Abom79 I have a similar question. How much would a lathe, mill and shaper similar to yours set me back? Everything second hand, nothing too fancy, but in a reasonably working state for sporadic projects here and there. Thank you ever so much!

    18. AW Services

      Having it on your cap picks up everything other than your voice.

    19. Jimmy Wilson

      trenton and heath to check ya out.

    20. Gary Byler

      Came over from trenton and heath to check ya out

    21. Garth Clark

      Love that DoAll Machine. It sounds like it's brand new. Just an FYI, the new mic could be less sensitive which I believe is the gain adjustment. Just a tad less sensitivity or loudness.

    22. Garry Scott

      Thanks for thelink to Trenton and Heath really like the channel

    23. carlos eduardo abril

      buenas tarde , lo felicito por ese canal, me ha servido mucho tus trabajos he apredido mucho , llevo mas de dos años siguiendo tu canal , referente al video me gusta ver tus aventuras echas en familia y nos permite conocer sitios de tu pais , en el mecanizado utilizas las herramientas adecuadas y madernas , lo unico que me falto fue verlo con las botas puestas. felicitaciones sr abom79

    24. Jason Turner

      great video. wish you would do an "in depth" on the threading though. Been watching for years and still cant wrap my head around how that works.

      1. throttle bottle

        lathe threading? pretty much spindle speed and travel is synchronized with high precision, as is precise depth of cut. now if you cut too deep or shallow the threads will be bad. meaning loose or tight fitting and weak. tapering or conical shape can occur if the lathe is worn out and not smooth and precise. yeah, this probably didn't help, I'm sure not a teacher!

    25. Hope TV

      Tnx for sharing

    26. Hope TV

      Hello! Gud morning your new followers from Philippines

    27. Bill Booth

      How are you liking your everlast welder?

    28. zarkum100

      Hi Adam! Why don´t you have to stop your spindle and backup in reverse while threading???? And how do you manage to get the insert out of the cut before it hits the end of your clearance cut??

      1. SuperAWaC

        @throttle bottle you are incorrect in this situation. as long as you retract the cutter, reversing without disengaging the lead screw is fine, and the retraction is done with practice.

      2. throttle bottle

        never stop and backup, any gear lash will cause an offset and destroy the threads majorly. there's an auto stop release that pulls the threading cutter back at end set point, best way I can thin to explain it. but I'm no teacher ;)

    29. Coby Abrahams

      Did you consider reverse threading one side of the feet so that you could adjust the height more easily?

      1. Hope TV

        Hello sir your new friend from Philippines

    30. roger hodges

      Why did you make the legs so tall? This gives legs much more leverage against the fragile looking steel plate on the machine.

    31. Jeff Fleischman

      For a "fun project". You should mill out a Labyrinth maze. That would be awesome to watch.

    32. Vulcan Mind-malt

      You should check out the Florbama Yaht Club. They have killer smoked barbecued oysters.

    33. David Aldrich

      why would you not use lock tight or a lock washer to insure tightness......Does this machine not have some vibration that could loosen the feet over time

    34. Joshua Baker

      Honestly I've always thought your sounds quality was dang good.

    35. Mike 3rdtimer

      The audio is consistently and noticeably too "hot" during the shop segments. The beach segment was good. Check your input levels aka "gain". It is peaking out a high percentage of the time and distorting. I suspect the gain for the mic input is set too high at the camera. Is there a VU meter on the camera? That will tell you what you need to know. If not, you will have to do more video/audio test segments. Suggestion: use headphones to listen to your tests. BTW...all videos before this one had much better audio across the board in all environments. No problem with ambient noise such as you mentioned. Hope this helps.

    36. FastBowtie388

      Hey Adam, I'm in a pinch and I don't know where else to turn. I hope you or someone here can point me in a direction or give me a brand & part number to a tool they might have. I'm building a race engine and I've switched to rockers that the roller doesn't sit below the body of the rocker. Most feeler gauges are .500 (mine measure .508) wide. I need to find (or make if it can be done accurately) a set of feeler gauges that are no wider than .375. If anyone has a set of tapered ones or a narrow set please pass the information on to me! I'll need these after breaking the cam in on lower ratio rockers so I have a couple weeks to get this sorted out. If I cannot find a lash the valves I guess I could "clearance" the rocker arms... but I'm not really to gung ho about removing that much metal and the labor involved in taking his stainless rockers apart.

      1. FastBowtie388

        @Gibbson looked at their website. I did find a set just for lashing engines. They're .250 wide which works for me :-)

      2. Gibbson

        @FastBowtie388 Have you asked the people at McMaster Carr?

      3. FastBowtie388

        I've even considered using .016 wire if I have too... but that would be pretty inconvenient. :-/

    37. trussdoc

      Love your videos but have sworn off youtube and will no longer support it. Hope to see you on Parler someday soon.

    38. Retired driver

      I hope China joe doesn't stop these fine videos

    39. yota

      hey Adam. are you the same machinist that used to be involved in CR500 work? remember bannedCR500riders?

    40. chrispy

      Can someone please advise where to purchase ANY Tungaloy product? I searched the TungForce-Feed and can’t find a single online retailer via a standard online search.. what am i doing wrong? Thanks

      1. Sue Rooney

        Also, the EDP # is 6769898. Hope that helps, but email me at email me at if I can help further. Thanks!

      2. Sue Rooney

        Hi there! I can help. Where are you located? I can connect you with a local distributor in your area, or I can have one of our engineers reach out. Our products are also available online via MSC. Feel free to email me at Thanks!

    41. Scott Dube

      Adam love your videos and your work! Wondering if guys like you will be uploading to rumble? Seems like guys could get a head start! :)

    42. Jeremiah Meachum

      The sound is incredible.

    43. Raik Busse

      When are you going to switch to the metric system? The British and also the Australians have already done it ;-)

      1. Luke Brennan

        I asked an older American woman and she said "it would ruin all the football statistics!" - you have that inertia to move...

    44. Ronny Dowdy

      Boots look great. Enjoyed the show. Good quality work.

    45. Rick Jarreau

      Great video and love watching them, found you through Trenton & Heath... keep making these great videos...

    46. Oleran

      Thanks for all the hard work (and interruption) of setting up and doing resets to get us good camera angles! Great work!

    47. Email User

      Abom79, I hope you will consider switching to Rumble...

    48. G. K

      too many different thread pitches in this world.where only one is really needed

    49. josh s

      The pitch dia for a thread gauge is too big the a normal thread!

    50. Rene Schaap

      Schoenen klaar rennen maar !!!

    51. Tristan Hali

      Awesome video mate. For the bandsaw its not usually new blades missing a tooth, but it can usually be where they are welded together and teeth aren't in their typical arrangement. Probably explaining stuff you're already well aware of but thought I would mention it all the same.

    52. Jose Martinez

      @16:00 Am I dreaming or did Adam just do a switcharoo on us when explaining doing the radius undercuts for thread reliefs with the cut from the long to the the short end, or is Adam also a magician?? 🤣 Great job as usual on something as simple as machinery feet Adam, you make everything seem so simple and beautiful. Keep up the great work my friend, that’s the reason I love and will continue to love your channel! 💕 💕 Edit: That Tungaloy Tung Force Mini is such a beautiful and useful little tool, kudos to Tungaloy for making such high quality tools of all sizes.

      1. Twotone

        I noticed it, a bit of time travel :)

    53. jay wing

      Please post on rumble I like content and want to continue watching. Thanks

    54. kodo nosaki

      To be clear, I reiterate succinctly: I have never, am not doing so now, nor will I ever in the future, say or suggest, that others, for any reason, should refrain from placing their comments, in civil and non defamatory language, on any matter and point of view, onto a SEprom channel.

      1. kodo nosaki

        ​@goo757Some Vitamin Water, a 30 ounce jug of V-8 and too many Cokes. I've been alcohol free for 13 years, and have never needed any street drugs. Because my wife and I, still bring joy & happiness to each other, after all these years! After our marriage, we went to 'Vegas. When we returned home, I said, "Now, our honeymoon begins." Our honeymoon has not yet ended!

      2. goo757

        wow how much have you had to drink???????

    55. miket2055

      When threading , how does the lathe start the tool at the exact same spot on the thread ? Probably a dumb question but I always wonder that when I watch ABOM videos. 😬

      1. toysareforboys

        On my little hobby lathe there's an indexing dial that has 1, 2, 3, 4 numbers on it so as long as you drop the lever to start it on the same number as before the lathe magically starts in the same spot :) The indexing dial broke on mine (gear stripped out) but I can still thread but stopping the lathe at the end of the cut then running it in reverse to back it out, back and fourth, works great.

      2. groeqa18

    56. Blake Crawford

      What’s that little gizmo on the front of the hyd-mech with what looks like 1/4” QD sticking out?

      1. ILGopher - Ryan Weishalla

        The air line for the optional mist lube system.


        Are you talking about the head or the base

    57. Walt

      Thanks for the video Adam! I find it very helpful the way you give so much detail, feeds and speeds, exact tooling. New mic sounds great too! As there are a lot of people watching this channel interested in some of these old machines, I wanted to let people know of a Cincinnati Shaper available for 500 that would be a nice restoration project.

    58. Calhoun Zabel

      Enjoying the new mic Adam. Just a couple notes: Either the hat or the shirt are great locations. The hat is probably better, for two reasons. One, your shirt is more likely to move and bounce the mic and create some annoying sounds; two, your voice gets a little muddy when it gets so close to your body. You can compensate for the muddy sound with some filters in your audio editor, but you can't easily fix the bump/rustling noises of a shirt in editing. As is, with the mic on the hat, your voice is already a touch muddy, so I'd probably add a filter down in the low frequencies to knock it down a bit and clean your vocals up. Feel free to bug me for more information.

    59. G. R.

      It is getting so there are less ads on cable television that here.

      1. cɔcɔcɔ

        Ever heard of ad blockers?

    60. Johan Wennerberg

      Really good sound when you had it in front of your mouth, so try it on the t-shirt?

    61. Justin LaRhette

      Where could I pick up that Tung force cutter? I googled the edp # you put up, but couldn't find it.

      1. Sue Rooney

        Also, the EDP # is 6769898. Hope that helps, but email me at email me at if I can help further. Thanks!

      2. Sue Rooney

        Hi there! I can help. Where are you located? I can connect you with a local distributor in your area, or I can have one of our engineers reach out. Our products are also available through MSC. Feel free to email me at Thanks!

    62. kodo nosaki

      My final thoughts on sound quality. Many people have healthy inner ears and/or a brain that can tolerate a range of tonal differences and/or irregularities as acceptable. Unfortunately, many who served our country's wishes, and others, do not. This fact is reflected in the comments I was able to read below.

    63. kodo nosaki

      Have enjoyed your channel for many years. But, as a hearing wounded US veteran, I HAD to pause this video at 1:54. Moments earlier, I felt the pain starting to build up in my facial-cranial nerves just below my right ear, facing my good desktop speakers. This is a proven indicator that, (in this situation), the bass "tremors" I felt within my right ear whenever you spoke, were damaging what remains of my inner ear hair cells that transduce sound information to my brain for its interpretation thereof. (Shrill strident high frequency is another hearing killer for me, but not here in this video.) I've had to abandon some SEprom channels altogether 'cause their sound continues to remained harmful to my hearing. Hearing damage to US military veterans who served in field, is not uncommon at all. Wear hearing protection in a combat zone? Unfortunately, NO! Hopefully, I will be able to resume the enjoyment of your channel soon. But, in the end, I ask that you do what's best for both your channels. They will thrive and reward you in many ways. I love your Abom Adventure channel as well. You go to places I would never have seen otherwise!

      1. KJ

        Get a EQ and adjust so you can tolerate.

    64. jason bell

      That’s a very nice job, I would not do that any different and a beautiful saw also! Thank you.

    65. Bob McGeorge

      The new mic works great. I think you have a winner. I enjoy your videos as always. Keep up the good work.

    66. Dan-o

      Audio and video quality are superb! That's a great camera.

    67. Holton 345

      Great video, Adam. The mic sounds good. Happy 2021!

    68. Bill Richardson

      No offence, and it doesn't hurt anything but it looks like you are green screening...

    69. 94XJ

      I've got a set of steel toes that need repairing. Getting size 19 steel toes was hard enough once, if I can get them repaired that'd be awesome! I'll definitely be checking them out.

    70. derKarl

      that sound quality is pretty damn good Adam... nice upgrade on that to be honest... worth the money I would say all the best from Lower Austria and stay safe

    71. passenger671

      A simple turning and milling op but the sound was great Adam.

    72. William Henderson

      Atom Booth ...ALCOA Point Comfort Tx. closing up shop a very large shop lots to see lots to bid on. I guess every thing going. Tooling equipment very BIG eq. google auction Point Comfort Tx. Be Well . Bill

    73. Motor 2of7

      The intro looked like you were using a green screen with a digital background

    74. Common SENSE

      I know this may sound silly. But what would you buy or I should say what basic size and types of metal stock for a small gun shop would you recommend.

    75. Remigiusz Marcinkiewicz

      You can actually see how the whole machine deflects under cutting forces if you look at the floor finish left by the Mini Mill. Most of the way through the slot, the tool is pushing against oncoming material and gets ever so slightly canted forward, so the trailing edge of the tool's face (where the "return path" of the inserts is) lifts off of the slot floor a tiny bit and only the leading edge is in contact. But as the tool starts breaking through and out of the part, the trailing edge drops back down and sort of smears the finish.

    76. Bellhopper mcculloch chainsaws

      Trenton & Heath are great craftsmen i started watching them a while back and love their content great job guys

    77. Robbie McLAGLEN

      No issues really with the new mic setup. Not always the same volume as your voice comes across as louder in a silent shop but with a machine running, the sound system compensates for the background noise making your voice a little quieter

    78. James Brewer

      Mic sounds great.

    79. 196LT AKA MikeLwork

      Thorogood Wellington Boot Refurbishment | Repairing SEpromr Abom79 Boots - SEprom

    80. Phil Bohrman

      Nice instruction Adam. Sound was good, thank you

    81. 196LT AKA MikeLwork

      MTR 20:14 while checking the thread with your MIC I noticed the vocal microphone sounded very good. All most as a talk over audio dubbing.. I'm guessing you had your new microphone pointing at you face and the camera at the work. If I 'm wrong your still sound better....31:02 vocal dropped off big time...

    82. louverdudski Sean mcmahon

      Always like the ideas you have, and the problem solving. Do you mind me asking what you use for editing software?

    83. morophine swordphich

      Just so you know, a hot blue works even better and wears a little longer for the trouble. Just get the metal up to 190-200 or near to that and apply the blue, it gets into the metal a little deeper is te best explanation I can give quickly.

    84. Rob Engh

      Man it looks dicey disengaging the half nut when threading that short end on the rod. You ever crash while threading? I remember doing it when I was learning ages ago and I expect if I was ever working in a shop again it would take awhile to get comfortable doing it again.

    85. JK Kenneth

      The new mic works fine! I can hear you just fine all the way over to Norway😉

    86. 219 Films

      Røde Wireless Mic sounds great man, also thanks for the mini review, was thinking about picking one of these up myself to pair with my C200, been using a Zoom H1, but the Lav Mic wire up the shirt I also find annoying too.

    87. Eduardo Rosales A

      Happy and Prosperous New Year 2021! Thank for sharing. The boots look just great.

    88. Jelena Mrksic

      Hi Adam - came here from Trenton & Heath....and I must say, I really like your channel. Keep up the great work! Much love from St. Louis, MO.

    89. Chris Martin

      When other channels have videos that you refer us to, why do you only link to the channel, and never directly to the video in question? It would be a lot more convenient than making us go and search for it on the other channel.

    90. Chippy569

      The T&H video is here:

    91. Stephen Ridenour

      I found my way over here from Trenton & Heath. They are great guys. I have tasked them with creating a bit of regalia and can't wait to see what they come up with!

    92. DRIVER 84

      Happy new year to you and Abbie...I seen your cousin got the car going .....pretty sweet ....

    93. bjr E. WA.

      I lost my first comment, so here I go again. Oxpho blue vs Ospho? what is good about either or bad about either? I value your thought on these products as you work in and around a heavy industrial marine area. Your are a "True Content Provider" and I thank you for your efforts.

      1. Seven/Ninths Creative

        Ospho is a chemical prep for rust prevention on steel that works great for what it does but it often leaves a white dusty film.. it’s not for bluing. Oxpho is a chemical bluing agent that is mostly for aesthetics, like in Adam’s example here.

    94. marc taylor

      Adam, looking to buy my fist used bench top lathe to self learn on, any recommendations for a good bench top? Thank you In advance

    95. TOM COOK

      Adam, what are you using as a cutting fluid on your brusk when threading?

    96. pmailkeey

      No issues really with the new mic setup. Not always the same volume as your voice comes across as louder in a silent shop but with a machine running, the sound system compensates for the background noise making your voice a little quieter but loud enough. Can we have an update on the stoker engine work please ? Mr Pete's spreading rumours you're stuck with it ;)

      1. pmailkeey

        @rick4adk Saw that and from it got the impression he'd got the setup he needed to do the job.

      2. rick4adk

        He talks about the hassles that the stoker engine is throwing at him in this video: I have no doubt that he'll figure out how to handle the issues and finish it up soon enough. He's always seemed to me to be one of those guys who doesn't know what quit means, he'll just keep going over it in his head until he's worked it out. He also has a LOT of really great friends he can talk it over with.

    97. Marc McKenzie

      Very enjoyable episode. I have 1 hp lathe (8x20) and 1 hp mill, and appreciate all your projects - but especially things that could be accomplished with my humble shop.

    98. John Bonner

      @Abom79 - would love to see a synchronized split screen of the threading and the half nut lever action if you get a mind one day. Love your channel and have learned a lot watching you. Thank you! P.S. the new mic is great!

    99. doubleboost

      I am using the same mike now very happy with it

      1. pmailkeey

        You must have a loud voice to reach Pensacola from Newcastle ;)

    100. rick4adk

      Send that mic back and get your money back. Sounds constantly muffled like it's wrapped with cotton. The old one is much better!

      1. pmailkeey

        Really ? Random 8:20 sound is crystal clear. At what point (timestamp) do you think it's muffled ?