Modifying my Granite Surface Plate Stand for 3 Point Contact


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    The granite plate and stand I own I purchased used at an auction. Lance is going to help me measure and lap it to AA standards but first I need to modify the stand so that it is setting on 3 points. The location of these points are also important and are based on the size of the granite plate. This information was taking directly from The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
    There's any number of ways one can do this, including making the contact points adjustable. I kept it simple with a couple of tubes welded to the frame, drilled, and installed some plastic contact points to rest against the bottom of the plate.
    I will later replace those old casters with some newer ones, I just didn't have any nor the time to do that while I was at Lance's. It'll also get a rattle bomb paint job.
    I'll also be publishing a video of the lapping we did on this granite plate.
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    1. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    2. lnrbry

      100% thank you for the friend that would fix a surface grinder, that took a fall. The machinist community continues to amaze me, and all i can say is.. When you help someone.. without expectation of repayment. you might be amazed at what others will do for you..



    4. Antti Hirvensalo

      You guys are just having fun!

    5. Gerard Kelly

      No criticism. I don't know enough for that. Just a question. If the uhmw-pe selected for its low friction properties, why glue on the rubber discs to add friction at the end? Interesting videos as usual. Thank you.

    6. Jason Shintani

      Hi Adam, what watch are you wearing? Looks like a practical pilot style watch!

      1. Greg Ledet

        I'm pretty sure that's a Luminox Leatherback SEA Turtle Giant - 0321.L. It's actually a dive watch.

    7. Nigel Beal

      Now this is a really nerdy point. In the video @15:30, it appears that the support pads are positioned symmetrically along the long axis of the rectangular plate. However, this is not the optimum arrangement of three supports for minimum distortion of the plate. With a symmetrical arrangement, the single pad at one end carries the same load as the other pair carry in total. Thus there will be greater deflection of the plate associated with the larger reaction force provided by the single pad. Rather, the single pad needs to closer to its end of the plate than the pair of pads are to their end of the plate. The determination of the optimum arrangement is not an easy problem. The paper in the link below suggests that the single pad should be about 17% of the length of the plate in from its end and the pair of pads should be about 28% in from the other end. In the other direction, the optimum positions for the pair of pads is about 28% of the width of the pate on either side of the long axis. I am sure none of this matters for how Adam with use the plate, but Lance obviously takes great delight in making things as precise and accurate as possible. Of course once the plate is lapped flat on a particular layout of supports, the arrangement doesn't matter provided that the support arrangement isn't subsequently changed. Great video as usual. Cheers

      1. Nigel Beal

        @ramosel The paper in the link, which dates from 1997, says that at that time there was no standardized layout for plate supports. Rather, the recommended locations varied between manufacturers. As you note, provided that the support locations are are not changed from when it is lapped flat, within reason, it doesn't matter what locations are used, just so long as they stay the same. However, the locations that produce minimum distortion would also generally minimize stress due to the self-weight of the plate and therefore assist with longer term stability. But as I said, its a nerdy point, but I thought it might interest Lance as he seems to delight in gnat's whisker precision for its own sake. I did a rough calculation of the instantaneous elastic deflection of a 4'' slab of granite cantilevering 12" from a central support. The sag from the support to the edge should be of the order of 25 millionths, That is about one quarter of the overall variation that Lance quoted for an AA plate of that size. So replacing a plate wrong-way-around on its three supports would definitely mess with its accuracy. I don't know if the support locations are marked by the manufacturers, but if a plate is re-lapped such as Adam's plate, the support positions should be marked so that the plate can always be replaced in the same orientation. An equally satisfactory kinematic alternative to three supports would be a symmetrical layout of four supports with two adjacent pads located on the ends of a centrally pivoted bar. Cheers

      2. ramosel

        I posted the reply below a day after your comment but didn't see it until now. Perhaps it best resides under your comment. I would hope the OEM knew where those points should be. The folks at "Quality Digest" did a great piece on Surface Plates some 15 or 20 years ago. It would be a great add on your link. "I won't (or shouldn't) say what lab it was in, but I was told by technician from Starrett Strategic that not only should a granite plate be on a 3 point mount system but they should be on the same 3 points used when the manufacturer created the plate. Ours were huge and probably 18" thick, so I never saw the bottom. Are the bottoms of these plates clearly marked as to those 3 original points?"

      3. felixar90

        Do they make surface plates that are just equilateral triangles instead of rectangles or squares? Would make them awkward in term of usable space, but seems like it would be very stable.

    8. Disaster In The Homeshop

      Something about your style is so relaxed and interesting. Gonna jump on and watch part 2 of this right now! Great video as always.

    9. Hugh Tattersall

      Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene

    10. Robert DeBusk

      How do you like the Alfa Tig 200. I've had one for about four years with no problems at all. I don't usually burn sticks with it, but I have just to test it. Be Careful and Stay Safe. Bob

    11. Mark Krick

      I have a 24x36x4 plate of questionable origin and no markings, how do you determine where the 3 supports are positioned?

      1. Michael Johnson

        Approx 1/3 of the length from both ends, you want the weight of the plate to balance across the points to avoid center sag.

    12. one Sun

      Common interests and mutual assistance will make work easier

    13. David Meyer

      Masks are not for me they are for you, so wear one if you must.

      1. mqL49J

        You wear one in your shop?

    14. Dark Winter

      Adam, we’re still fighting a pandemic. Could you please wear a mask when you’re around anybody that you’re not sleeping with? I know it’s a pain-in-the-wazoo; but it really is important... and the need for it won’t last too much longer. 6 feet of distance isn’t enough by itself.

      1. Dark Winter

        @Slay Tanic Part 2: There are no COVID-19 vaccines that alter your DNA. For those who don’t remember their high-school biology (for most readers of this, I imagine that it was a rather long time ago, and you haven’t had to use it much since): There are several things in action here. DNA is the master program for your cells. It’s split up into genes; which are the sections that tell how to make any given thing that your cells need. To do this, your cells make a kind of ‘mirror image’ copy of a gene. DNA’s, counterpart, that ‘mirror image’, is called RNA. There are ‘factories’ in each cell that can read RNA, and assemble chemicals (amino acids, specifically) into what that RNA copy of the gene on that part of the DNA has instructions for. The virus has what are called ‘spike proteins’ on it’s surface, and that’s the ‘key’ that it uses to haul it’s ’payload’ of genetic material into your cells (where it can hijack the mechanisms of your cells to make a whole bunch of copies of the virus). Being on the surface of the virus, your immune system’s cells can bump into those ‘spike proteins’, recognize that they shouldn’t be in your body, and mount a defense against the virus. Now, there’s one gene for that ‘spike protein’ amongst all the rest of the genes that make up the virus - and in order to be successful, the virus has to get the whole lot of them into your cells, otherwise the cell, obviously, won’t be making whole, functional, viruses. And here’s where the trick that makes vaccines like this work: what’s in them is just the RNA copy of the gene for making the ‘spike protein’, and some stuff to make it something you can inject (like water, and stuff to make the RNA stable in the freezer). Enough of that RNA makes it’s way inside enough of your cells in your arm that you start making some of those ‘spike proteins’... and spitting them out of your cells so your immune system can see them. The RNA is a bit of a one-way trip, though.... the gene for that protein does not get copied back into your DNA... and after a while, it falls apart back into the nutrients that it was made out of and gets recycled by your body. Because it’s only got the gene for that one little part of the virus in it; you can’t get the virus from it (it would be like trying to build a car when you’ve only got plans for a headlamp - not possible). Because it’s RNA, it won’t alter your DNA. But; it’s enough to tell your immune system to attack whenever it bumps into an actual virus. Determining if vaccinated people are a significant spreader is somewhat difficult, as you would have to continually track both the vaccinated people and everyone else, and simultaneously allow real-world interactions while determining where and how transmission occurs. Consequently, there’s no direct evidence either way. However, given what is known about how viruses, the immune system, the vaccines, and transmission in general work, it is logical to conclude that the vaccine will drastically reduce your odds of being able to transmit the virus. Additionally, the vaccines have been 100% effective in preventing serious cases of COVID-19; so even if there was asymptomatic transmission by vaccinated people, full vaccination of everyone possible would reduce the virus from a devastating pandemic to a hazard only to the few who couldn’t be vaccinated. If, as expected, the vaccination of the population does prevent transmission; then the pandemic will be starved of hosts to infect, and collapse. I don’t expect it to disappear, however, because it can infect some animals; and then occasionally jump back to humans (which is why you need to get vaccinated as a child for a bunch of other diseases that are rare in the developed world; you need to keep the population at large from becoming a suitable host for diseases still out there ‘in the wild’, so to speak. Vaccines do not cause viruses (or bacteria that matter) to develop resistance. It’s your own immune system that does that: viruses are always changing as errors occur during coping of their genes; and if your immune system doesn’t kill the newly mutated version as well as the old one, that variant can go on to infect others (and make you even sicker than you would have been otherwise). It is inherently impossible to do a long term test during a new viral pandemic, as people are getting sick and dying now and immediate action needs to be taken. The best you can do is to do tests that last a few months; monitor the people being tested very closely, and use what is known about the virus’s composition and the human bodies systems to compare the various outcomes odds of actually happening. None of the test animals nor any humans that have been vaccinated have become sterile as a result of the vaccine; nor is there any mechanism for it; nor is there any mechanism to transmit any such sterility sexually (in order to do that, there would have to be a functioning infectious agent that targeted the reproductive tract; neither the corona virus nor the vaccines against it has any such effect). In fact, the vaccines have been administered to hundreds of millions of people in all phases of their reproductive cycle (male, infertile female because it’s not the right week of the month yet, fertile female, all phases of pregnancy, and those on birth control); and pregnancies are occurring and developing without statistically notable problem rates. As the time progresses, full pregnancies (conception to birth) will occur in fully vaccinated people and if (as is highly likely) the trend holds up, a normal quantity of healthy babies will be born. Lastly, chickens are (fortunately for my prospects for lunch) not humans, they have mostly different viruses than we do, and their bodies and the vaccines for them work differently than ours does (especially considering that the vaccines for COVID-19 are RNA vaccines).

      2. Dark Winter

        @Slay Tanic Part 1: Goggles or no goggles depends on the concentration of infected air I’m likely to be exposed to. I wear the goggles when I’m forced into a known ‘hot zone’; especially when I’m going to be forced to be there for an extended duration. For example; in person jury duty in an old historic courthouse during the middle of winter - so, inadequate outside ventilation, people speaking loudly at length, and people who are in close contact with prisoners where these prisons are having a very high infection rate. It takes a certain level of exposure to actually contract the virus; if there’s not enough then your immune system will usually fight it off before it gets a ‘foothold’, so to speak. Your eyes are a rather small surface on which the virally infected droplets can land; and are not subjected to large volumes of air flowing over them. Contrast this to your lungs; not only are you exchanging the air in them typically about thirty to sixty times a minute; but the volume and surface area are vastly larger. I happened to have been hospitalized last year (emergency surgery due to a bacterial infection that got into my bloodstream; not COVID-19) and they gave me a little plastic gizmo that measured how much air a could move in a single deep breath; I scored about three liters - that’s more displacement than my car’s engine! Doctors (including the CDC and other international health organizations) DO in fact warn about touching infected surfaces and then touching your face; however it turns out that it’s less of a risk than initially thought; due to the hostility of many surfaces to the virus. When dry, the virus will fall apart; typically in a couple of days. Heat and UV radiation will accelerate this process (on a hot summer day, your car with the windows closed will get more than hot enough to kill all the viruses inside in a few hours). Nonetheless, use of alcohol based hand sanitizer and frequent washing is part of the anti-COVID-19 procedures that everyone should be doing. Soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting surface cleaners were in short supply at the beginning of the pandemic; but manufacturers have responded to demand and are now in stock in all the usual places where one would expect to find them (and a few places one wouldn’t). As mentioned above in this comment thread; masks vary in their effectiveness, both at protecting you from others, and at protecting them from you. It’s not a binary yes-no thing. Non N95/KN95 masks (disposable paper masks, and homemade cloth masks) arrest larger fluid particles that you spray out; and to a lesser extent smaller ones also; they’re substantially better than nothing, but aren’t nearly as good as an actual respirator mask (KN95 and N95 disposable masks are, technically, considered respirators; even though they are much smaller and lighter than the big rubberized respirators that take cartridges and that you’d typically see someone wearing for doing things like painting a car). N95/KN95 masks, as one would expect, are far more effective; which is where they get their name: by government regulation, to call it a N95/KN95 it must stop a minimum of 95% of the particles in the air that flows thru it. Many, however, actually score in the 98% to 99% range when tested. 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Since then, manufacturers worldwide have vastly increased their production; and KN95 masks are readily available. As of a couple of weeks ago; they were going for about a dollar (US) per mask on Amazon. Now, I realize that people’s financial situation does vary; but personally I’m more than willing to skip the McDonalds cone, lottery ticket that I’m pretty doggon sure isn’t going to win, or upsize at Starbucks in order to pay for the extra protection that a proper respirator provides... but even if you can’t; thirty percent protection is better than zero. The total COVID-19 death count does not include people for whom the proximate cause of death was not actually COVID-19. This is a “talking point” promoted by Donald Trump and his supporters and apologists; and is simply false. Note that I am not a Democrat; and that there is no political motive for stating this. Also note that other countries are also suffering substantial death rates; even in places that are monarchies or dictatorships (where there can’t be a political motive, because the leadership cannot be removed by the people except by violent revolution). Over the past year, doctors have indeed gotten better at treating the symptoms of COVID-19... which is entirely what you would expect; as it’s a new virus, and it’s spread enough to qualify as a pandemic (so, lots of patients to learn from). Criteria for ventilator use has changed; but they do remain a major part of keeping someone alive when they have major pneumonia as a symptom. Other symptomatic treatments have been tried and found to be somewhat effective; while many more have been found to be totally ineffective, or actually potentially harmful (hydroxychloroquine, for example, doesn’t help but has significant side effects and risks).

      3. Slay Tanic

        Do you wear a pair of swimming goggles when you're out in public? No, why would anyone do that? Why do you wear a mask? Oh, that's right, it's an AIR BORN virus. The virus can easily land on your eyes as much as you breath it in. If you can touch something infected, and touch your eye and infect yourself, the virus can land on your eye. No one ever talks about this, which is why having to wear a mask is pointless. The mask doesn't stop infected people spreading the virus, because most masks are useless in containing the virus within it. As for the number of deaths, it's hard to be afraid of a virus if there aren't many deaths. So you have cases like, got in a fatal car crash and died of the virus and the like. Or, send infected elderly back to nursing homes in many states. Hospital administration slobbering over putting patients on respirators instead of using treatment options first, as it pays double. Never mind the fact that it will only help you breath long enough for the virus to completely set in while your lungs fill with fluid for other infections to set in. Don't have to worry about being sued for this medical malpractice, as it's a "killer virus". Just ignore the hundreds of doctors who have found treatment options, because WE NEED A VACCINE! Oh, we have a vaccine now, wonderful. Just don't mind the fact that it alters your DNA, or that it leaks. It leaks you say, what do you mean? It means that even though you are vaccinated, you can still infect others. Did you know chickens have to take a "leaky vaccine"? Before they used to just get sick, but could recover. However, now if they don't get vaccinated, and get their chicken virus, they'll get cancer - lymphoma. Wonder what this virus will mutate into from the "vaccinated" public. No long term tests, but don't worry about it, it'll be fine. Just forget about it was tested on primates and 61 out of 63 females became sterile or that males became sterile and made females sterile from intercourse.

      4. Dark Winter

        @Kurt- OhioSerb1 He’s indoors, inn close proximity, sans mask, during a pandemic. As someone who’s invested (emotionally, at least) in his continued health, well being, and video making; I’m gonna have to disagree with you most vigorously: it is very relevant. All the counter-arguments have been either factually incorrect (and easily verified as such with thirty seconds of googling); or a non sequitur... and although not readily provable; I believe motivated by loyalty to Donald Trump, and by extension his denialism and blaming of natural disasters on his political enemies (yes, a viral pandemic; when not created in a lab - and there is strong evidence that SARS-CoV 2 is not man-made; is indeed a natural disaster). The perverse consequences of this is that basic anti-infection procedures, which should be used by all people, are now seen by a faction of people as an attack on them; politically and personally. Denial of reality tends to have poor outcomes...

      5. Kurt- OhioSerb1

        See what you've started on Adam's page by bringing up a non-relevant topic? Congratulations.

    15. David Katz

      I'm curious why that stand wasn't cleaned up and painted.

      1. Red Rover

        @Abom79 hey Adam, if it were me....I'd have no clue. If it were me...I would watch Abom79 to see how it's done. And that's how the cow ate the cabbage.

      2. David Katz

        @Abom79 One other question. Will you be calibrating your measuring instruments prior to making use of the plate? It sounds like the plate is much flatter than a micrometer is precise.

      3. David Katz

        @Abom79 Well, I look forward to the episode, and especially watching you use that plate to do some precision measurements.

      4. Abom79

        If you’re patient you may see more work done to it.

    16. Alex Manning

      The ultimate tool guys!

    17. rpavlik1

      Woah, parting off that uhmw was crazy, looked like some weird kitchen appliance.

    18. jjb

      Very informative/entertaining and especial thanks for breaking into two logical parts for those of us who ration and save the best for cocktail hour.

    19. R Herman

      Adam, if I missed it, sorry. Why a three point mount instead of a four?

      1. Kurt- OhioSerb1

        This video is a bit misleading. Adam is establishing 3 pads of contact, but not points. If he thinks he is, he is mistaken. Each of those pads is its own plane. That said, what will happen is that the weight of the block will deform the plastic and create co-planar surfaces of each pad. A point of contact is a theoretical exercise in this case, and in almost all cases as materials deform under load and what was a point becomes a surface as the support material is deformed under load.

      2. nicktecky55

        You can use four points, vehicle weighing gauges, for example. But that is a completely different application. Supporting a plate, you would need to ensure that the weight carried by each point was the same, after levelling the whole thing. With a triangle, all you need to do is ensure the Centre of Gravity of the triangle is directly under the CoG of the plate. That evens up the weight carried. CoG of a triangle is where the three lines joining each side bisector with their opposite vertices meet. (OK I did just look that up to check!) As for the optimum shape and position of the triangle... I'm not sure why this is being done with two supports on one half of the plate, and only one on the other. But I can't work out why it upsets me. I just want it to be rotated, providing three supports in both the long and short axes. I would have thought that would be good to suppress bowing. As this is, there are only two points resisting bowing along the long axis, which is no support at all. On the other hand there are three along the short axis which is already the least susceptible to bowing. Perhaps when they get down to microns, what I'm talking about will matter!

      3. Red Rover

        three points determine a plane.

      4. Herp Derp

        Three points is always stable, four you can have one point introducing a warp to the plate, or it could rock even minutely. Think of a three legged stool, steady as a rock, add a fourth leg and you are rocking and wobbling all over the place or if the stool body is weak enough the whole thing will flex under your weight.

    20. Anil Mahabirsingh

      I used UHM-W to make suspension bushings for my e46 BMW ... worked really well ... rides great

    21. rs p

      I see how you're controlling for flat, but how can you control for level? Or is that even a thing?

      1. Abom79

        Yes. On a cart like mine it’s best to have some screws you can adjust down to lift the cart up off the casters, if you want or need it level. Most plates are on fixed stands that are adjusted to level.

    22. Jeffrey Lee

      Adam “he’s a master knife maker” Lance, “uhh, no , he’s a master blade smith” Does it make a difference LOL, Looks like Adams better half must have shipped him out to bother Lance for a while.

      1. Biggus Mickus

        Yep. Knifemakers make knives exclusively, bladesmiths makes blades of any kind. Knife, sword, razor, whatever. When you get into speciality professions, these seemingly minor differences matter. I'm a motorbike mechanic, some might say "what's the difference with a car mechanic? Wheels are wheels & engines are engines", but to me, car wheel alignment is a dark & mysterious art, and automatic transmissions are just witchcraft. To a car mechanic, balancing carburrettors is totally unheard of & steering head bearing adjustment is confusing & scary. Whereas to Joe Public, it's all witchcraft & we're all just greasemonkeys with dirty fingernails. :)

    23. 6NBERLS

      Most excellent.

    24. Cee Boodrow

      Super interesting stuff as usual and I'm not even a machinist. I'm an everything-else-ist though lol and I watch Adam's videos for his awesome personality as much as the cool interesting content. You're a good dude Adam. Being surrounded by negative people everyday of my life coming here is one of my only ways of respite. Thanks for the work you do making,editing, and uploading videos. Some of us really appreciate all of it

    25. Adam Ward

      Sounds like an interesting week to come - Baited Breath!

    26. EMERSON 1733

      Hola son pareja ustedes dos? O están casados! 🤔

    27. Jason Inglehart

      When a guy voluntarily grabs a stick welder instead of a mig gun I'm impressed.

    28. Marc Scotland

      That monarch!

    29. Daniel A. Thornton

      You're supposed to spray both sides and let it tack up for the recommended amount of time on the can, usually 20 and 30 minutes, it will feel slightly tacky when ready. If you put it on there while "wet", it may never cure, it needs open-air to tack up. People I know have used it on laminate, just sprayed it on and put it up temporarily securing it with tape, it fell off days later because it never cured.

    30. bcbloc02

      Lots o cow pies! Must be interesting when people ask why the shop tools smell like a dairy. LOL

    31. Chas Carpenter

      Adam grinning @ the end like a kid in a sweet shop, I would be too if i was working there.

    32. tacticalconcepts

      Adam, video quality is ++++ - well done mate!

    33. Jason Turner

      50 millionths tolerance on that horizontal grinder?? is that what he said??

      1. IceBergGeo

        Just half a tenth, of a thousandth....

      2. Jan Visser

        Yes, that's what he said, not too bad huh?

    34. Jeffrey Lee

      Mathematically three points works but 4 don’t. .

    35. Richard Andrews

      thank you guys for sharing your skills with us awesome as always

    36. DuDeZoNe

      Awesome as Always.. Super cool vid..always great to see his lathe is quiet..Ps Glad you got the sound issue sorted,very clear..

      1. Jan Visser

        And he has an awesome shop and backyard

    37. Martin Rodriguez

      Why was there no accomodation made for leveling the plate?

      1. QI Varebil2

        Easier done, by shimming the wheels?

    38. Polydoros K.

      This lathe on 11:16 is a piece of art

    39. Kenny Phillips

      Consider using a telescope mirror-mount type of suspension, which can be three points suspended on three points, etc., so that a lot of even support is given. A telescope mirror's tolerances are exceedingly tight, measured in fractions of a certain wavelength of light, which would be sub-micron.

    40. Leif Gunnarson

      Lap the slab on both sides now that you are at it :) Yes I understand the underside might be too rough for lapping.

    41. Fargo 495

      DON'T need to hear what an angle grinder sounds like.

    42. scottgm321

      Why only 3 points? 4 would seem to balance it more if you had to push on a corner or something. I know nothing about granite carts or what they are used for.

      1. Jan Visser

        A chair with four legs will always rock, a chair with three will always be stable. They know that at Monarch Lathes, which is the reason that a 10EE sits on three mounts.

      2. Justin Ahrens

        Also, you don't push down on a surface plate with any pressure enough to rock the plate.

      3. Justin Ahrens

        Because three points guarantees a flat plane.

    43. Frank Hott

      The camera you’re using has incredible resolution!

    44. Heath Albritton

      I hear Robin Renzetti's name, couple seconds later, I hear "millionths". Yup.

    45. The Knackler's Workshop

      Hello Adam, A good show tonight... Lance has a very nice workshop... Take care. Paul,,

    46. Keshticals P

      Can anyone explain why there is only 3 points of contact?

      1. Jan Visser

        @Ben's things & thoughts I should have read all the comments first, before I wrote mine.

      2. Jan Visser

        @D P LOL!

      3. Ben's things & thoughts

        @Marcelo Holl Cury the frame can flex. The surface plate can't/shouldn't.

      4. Marcelo Holl Cury

        But the stand have 4 legs. . . and no finish. . . That bothered me. . .

      5. Ben's things & thoughts

        This is done this way because a plane can't touch 4 points at the same time. This is dictated by a fundamental geometric rule. For something to sit on 4 leg (table, chair) the plane has to have some flexibility. If you think about it, have you ever seen a tripod that rocks ? It is fundamentally stable. Have you ever seen a camera stand with four legs ? It won't sell very well.

    47. Carl Godwin

      Looks good guys

    48. dan fairbanks

      Where's the footage of you mangling that thumb? I see the effect just not the cause.

    49. WreckDiver99

      $50 at auction...all of you must live in a hotspot of good deals. That's a $250+ plate without stand in my area, and would be so far out it would probably be useless. I know because I've gone to see about 10 different ones and they've all be scratched, cracked, and worse. 18x24x6 start at $350 in useless condition in my area. I can buy a new one from Grainger (a Starrett) for $750 that size, certified A or better. All these people will say is "well, somebody will buy it because it's still cheaper than new". Yea, plus reconditioning costs, so maybe somebody will. Two years I've been watching this same group of plates coming and going off of Marketplace and Craigslist...still not sold. I think I need a trip down south to find these deals y'all seem to find. LOL

    50. Fred Nerk

      What -No Paint?

    51. M F C

      Its really so unfair. you guys are having ALL the fun. I was wondering about how you transport the granite after its all level.

      1. MilitantPacifist

        just take it on your lap in the driver's seat and hold on tight ;)

    52. yambo59

      That Monarch is in beautiful condition, looks brand new.

    53. Chris Armstrong

      I guess that the granite surface plate will sag slightly under its own weight between the supports. So, exactly where should those 3 supports be placed under that rectangular prism of granite so that the top surface flatness is maintained as good as possible over the entire area?

    54. Poiuy Tlkjh

      Ant I friction ????????

    55. Tony the Mad Brit

      That Monarch lathe is beautiful. Probably looks better than the day it was shipped from the factory!

    56. Steven Mayhew

      That chatter sounds like a Star Trek phasor.

    57. Jim Hopkins

      Please consider uploading your channel videos to Rumble as well as SEprom. Thanks. Jim & Mary Lou

    58. Robert Morgan

      Is there beer? Fun!

    59. A HILL

      I love the little lathe. Need one that size.

    60. Khail Kupsky

      Many people don’t realise that even tho Adam is 3 1/2’ tall, he has to have brunch after second breakfast but before lunch and then afternoon tea and biscuits. Yet still does all this work

      1. c0mputer

        Don't forget dinner and supper.



      1. Jan Visser

        The first round dials were as i recall, the square dials were electric

    62. Khail Kupsky

      I dunno if ever putting two Florida mans together is good... stay safe

    63. chris andrus

      No masks. Mmmmmmmm😒

      1. Dark Winter

        @Slay Tanic This response does not belong on in this comment thread. You copy-&-pasted it from another thread.

      2. Slay Tanic

        Do you wear a pair of swimming goggles when you're out in public? No, why would anyone do that? Why do you wear a mask? Oh, that's right, it's an AIR BORN virus. The virus can easily land on your eyes as much as you breath it in. If you can touch something infected, and touch your eye and infect yourself, the virus can land on your eye. No one ever talks about this, which is why having to wear a mask is pointless. The mask doesn't stop infected people spreading the virus, because most masks are useless in containing the virus within it. As for the number of deaths, it's hard to be afraid of a virus if there aren't many deaths. So you have cases like, got in a fatal car crash and died of the virus and the like. Or, send infected elderly back to nursing homes in many states. Hospital administration slobbering over putting patients on respirators instead of using treatment options first, as it pays double. Never mind the fact that it will only help you breath long enough for the virus to completely set in while your lungs fill with fluid for other infections to set in. Don't have to worry about being sued for this medical malpractice, as it's a "killer virus". Just ignore the hundreds of doctors who have found treatment options, because WE NEED A VACCINE! Oh, we have a vaccine now, wonderful. Just don't mind the fact that it alters your DNA, or that it leaks. It leaks you say, what do you mean? It means that even though you are vaccinated, you can still infect others. Did you know chickens have to take a "leaky vaccine"? Before they used to just get sick, but could recover. However, now if they don't get vaccinated, and get their chicken virus, they'll get cancer - lymphoma. Wonder what this virus will mutate into from the "vaccinated" public. No long term tests, but don't worry about it, it'll be fine. Just forget about it was tested on primates and 61 out of 63 females became sterile or that males became sterile and made females sterile from intercourse.

      3. Dark Winter

        Yeah... I just got vaccinated; and I’m in a high-risk group (pre-existing conditions)... I’m just taking an educated guess; but I doubt he’s had an opportunity to get vaccinated yet.

    64. Prodover Jeff

      I'm looking forward to seeing the lapping done. About 25 years ago I saw it done by a Starrett plate lapper using a pair of pendula. and having had a class on hand scraping I understood a little of it, but not enough. It won't hurt me to see another method being used..

    65. Tactically Grumpy

      I'd be more worried about the 8ft tall guy living there that needs to sharpen pencils than the trueness of my surface plate but I'm not a machinist.

    66. E P Venter

      What is with the ugly beard? Are you turning muslim on us? My dad said never to trust anybody with a beard.

      1. Casey Hook

        go home, clown, and let the adults watch a nice video.

      2. Crispin Dry

        It was a Persian (that's Iranian to you) who invented the concept of zero. Where would this channel be without the concept of zero? Show some respect and maybe try not to wave your american ignorance so proudly.

      3. The_Hate_Inside

        Explains how you turned out the way you did.

      4. AntiVaganza

        Wow, well done on the disrespect and ignorance.

      5. Paul Campbell

        What's it to you, bub? Grow up a little and show some respect.

    67. old magician

      Love those Monarch 10EE lathes! Had 4 of them in one of the toolrooms I worked in.

    68. Denny Hansen

      Why is the surface plate so crucial.? Unless you are doing something scientific to prove a problem. I just don't get it. But..I guess I don't know nothing..

      1. Prodover Jeff

        The surface plate is considered the origen of precision. With it, all kinds of geometries can be measured and controlled.

      2. Larry Bolan

        Precision measurement of surfaces and flatness. It is critical in machine building... as one needs a good surface plate to check (and scrape) a straightedge, which in turn is needed to check and scrape surfaces and ways. Among many other reasons why a good shop has a good surface plate and related metrology tooling.

    69. Jason Wells

      I thought Florida was warm, you guys are dressed for the northern winter.

    70. philip denner

      why didn't you make it 4 points for the granite plate, just out of curiosity ??

      1. Ron Edmon

        I think any surface will only make 3 points of contact, always as I recall in my GD&T classes.

      2. mikekillstheday

        Four points of contact is considered over constrained. Three is the magic number.

      3. Martin Eastburn

        Tripod is always stable. Plates are defined to be on three. Four might have a corner off and 'bend' the stone so if flattened it will constantly change if ever moved.

    71. brandon2076

      Does Adam still take on small work from viewers? I'm sure there's so many that would want him to work on something, but what are the chances of a regular viewer having a small modification done to some 2 stroke engine cases? How would one even get in touch to ask? I tried email and instagram with no reply. it might be silly to even try given the scale of his work, but it can't hurt to ask. Plus it'd be sick to have something of mine appear on here lol

      1. Aaron Belknap

        He's either really busy or doesn't check. I had a "hey man" project for him but he never got back to me so I went a different direction.

    72. establisha

      The only anti-friction rubber I know off is condoms! xD

    73. KiwiShamoo

      10:20 DO NOT put your hand in to grab the workpiece while parting off like that. All it would take is for that chip to get snagged in the chuck to pull your fingers in with it....

    74. Hill Top Machine Works

      Lance is getting quite the shop.

    75. Mark Newsome

      Nice Monarch Lathe Lance. I'm looking forward to receiving my set of precision stones, plenty of jobs for them straight away!!

    76. butsukete

      Why you need Carhartt in Florida?

    77. Bruce Day

      I love how people with similar interests but are not acquainted become friends.

    78. Gonzo

      I love seeing a bunch of machines rebuilding machines that can build more machines

    79. donnyboy

      All of these shops are some of most dangerous places in the world to be. Most all of these machines will grab you, chew you up, flip you over and spit you out for geu geu bes. Watch your sleeve.!

    80. badmonkey0001

      That parting UHMW chip was pretty awesome.

    81. Michael Webber

      Gloves around rotating machinery, no, entrapment hazard

      1. MerlinxPV

        @Orcinus24x5 Yet another "self appointed Safety Nazi" without (surprise!) any channel content of their own.

      2. MrPossumeyes

        @Orcinus24x5 I saw a young feller almost lose his finger when his drill chuck caught his glove. Safety first. Always

      3. Orcinus24x5

        Thanks, safety nazi.

    82. rickseeman1

      I’ve never seen anything stick to UHMW

      1. AntiVaganza

        Yeah, not sure that spray glue is gonna do much. I think there are some specialty glues but I seem to recall, though may be wrong, that it might be a two-step process with some kind of etching first to prep the surface.

    83. Greg Adams

      Near Gainesville. Nice area.

    84. Josh Pickles

      I just wanna know why you guys are dressed like canadians (me) and are in Florida?!?

      1. Prodover Jeff

        I live in RI and my cold would be your sunny and warm. I, too am often surprised by the cold weather gear these guys wear when they tell me the temps are almost my spring weather. Many years ago we were visited by Florida relatives who on summer nights needed long sleeves and jackets to sit outside. A few years later I visited Disney and each morning woke up to stifling heat and humidity before breakfast time.

      2. Cup & Cone

        50 degrees + high humidity feels like Antarctica when you're used to the high heat and have blood thin.

      3. Joseph Citizen419

        ikr? Coveralls and fleece in the shop and short sleeves in the A/C. WTH is going on here?

      4. Tobias Bostwick

        Haha! North Florida cats break out the Carhartts at 45 degrees! South Florida it's 50! That is if you can find any Floridians.

    85. cyclingbutterbean

      That Monarch 10EE....... SWEET!

    86. Patrick Colahan

      Nice surface plate. How do I get a hold of Lance to purchase a set of his precision ground stones?

      1. IceBergGeo

        Read the description. The link is there.

    87. DL Fabrications

      I do not know if this is a good idea but what if you created a stand that acted like a suspension? One fixed axle and one axle pivoted on a center. I know you always use three points of contact to support a surface plate but if you want to compensate from concrete floor imperfections you need adjustable table feet. If it where like a suspension with some travel, you would never have to compensate for floor imperfections. ?????

      1. MerlinxPV

        It lets the frame flex without input to the stone.

    88. Robert Perry

      That parting of that uhmw was totally awesome how it rolled up I know it’s probably bad to y’all machinist but to my simple self that was cool as crap

    89. Rodney Wroten

      Love it when you spend time with Lance

    90. John Hovan

      Come on guys, the Egyptians would have knocked this out in 30 mins. lol. Seriously, interesting video.

    91. Tactical Tightwad

      Why didn't you bother to clean up and paint the frame of the granite table before you reinstalled the granite? Seems like it was the perfect opportunity to get rid of the rust and put on a new coat of paint.

      1. Joseph Citizen419

        That really bugged me too. Especially when he was hammering in those pucks and the dust/filings were going everywhere.

      2. Jason Mizuno

        I'm guessing he'll probably do all of that cleanup back at his shop. He's got to transport it back to his place after the granite is lapped.

    92. SuperAWaC

      the spray adhesive won't work on uhmw but in this application it doesn't really matter since gravity will hold the plate down

      1. gofastwclass

        @Orxenhorf There is no kill like overkill. Ha!

      2. Orxenhorf

        Serious. Spray adhesive on UHMW and the implication that they need a press fit to stay in place.

    93. Robert Kohut


    94. Bobby W

      Adam - you guys look like brothers!!

    95. Larry Culver

      With three points of contact on a 4 wheel cart haven't you just move the instability down to the wheels?

      1. asher terry

        The reason for the three points of contact between the frame and the plate is to cancel the affects of any warping that the uneven floor could put into the plate. It's about flatness not stability.

    96. Toaster Chicken

      When are people going to visit your shop?

    97. Tom Oakhill

      Wow, it is such great fun to see Adam back in another shop other than his own. Thanks Adam.

    98. bill johnson

      His shop sure filled up fast lol

      1. Hill Top Machine Works

        I know right?

    99. Frank B

      A beautiful shop

    100. Karl Goebeler

      cURVE bALL Im a regular of your site You do good work