Hydmech DM-10 Bandsaw Install and First Cuts


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    This is the follow-up to SNS 330 where I received my new Hydmech DM-10 Double Miter metal cutting bandsaw. I'll share getting it moved into place, hooked up, cleaned up, and making it's first test cuts in my shop. Since filming the install, I have corrected the magnetic contactor issue I was having with the noise when in the Dynamic mode. I'm quite pleased with the performance on this new saw and the accuracy at which it is cutting. It's going to be a high valued tool in my shop.
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    1. D W.765

      Very nice saw. Wish I had room for one. Thanks for the great video. Dave

    2. gene coppedge

      Amazing accuracy, I want one.

    3. Myles Long

      Amazing saw how a saw should cut out of box. Should do some 45s to show us.

    4. Wc Phillips

      That’s the whole machine moving on those small bolts

    5. Manny Calavera

      Love how clean the shop is

    6. Grabarz

      Hey there Adam. 1 Gallon of liquid ( not sure why there is also gallon of dry mass... ) is equal to 3.785412 liters. That means 5 * 3.785412 = 18.92706 liters of cooling liquid you poured into the tank. In other words You overfilled it :) to be precise and pedantic i found a calculator to reverse math and here we go 15L= 3US gal lqd 7.700646US pt lqd

    7. Allen Cavedo

      Great piece of gear. Really like how you are always upgrading your business.

    8. jerzykepinski

      Hey Adam. Your test makes zero sense :) All you did was confirm, that the error is repeatable- since you have the same error on both sides of the disc, by definition the sides will be parallel and the calipers will show zero deviation :) You should face the cylinder on the lathe, then cut and measure the disc with one side faced on the lathe and the other as is from the saw. BTW I wish my crappy little bandsaw was this repeatable :)

    9. foxwood67

      Makes my Grizzly look like a toy. Nice features the sliding clamp is sweet

    10. gene coppedge

      Congratulations, that’s an amazing saw happy for you.

    11. willysnowman

      NICE SAW!

    12. Dojah Mastah

      I'm super stoked for ya abom! Ttb e shop coming along nicely!

    13. Brian Burkman

      My Ellis is good enough for me and cost less than half as much.

    14. Pete Howlett

      15ltrs=3.96gal... but you know that now don't you? Reliable tools are a thrill to use first time.

    15. mar7377

      What was wrong with the other bandsaw

    16. Nathan Kowalski

      I'd enjoy rocking one of those hats. I've searched, must be an oldie.

    17. glenn moreland

      Wouldn't this saw be better at the front of the workshop...? That way anything coming in can be quickly cut into whatever billets are required... Then it's straight into the chuck...without banging into stuff etc...🇬🇧👍

    18. Thomas LaMora

      awesome - this saw will save you a bunch of waste in facing.

    19. Dan Baumer

      I see a lot of speculation about where the saw is built, it is a MEP designed saw but it is assembled in Conway Arkansas. As for the cutting straight we cut out every saw before shipment and it has to cut 0.002” for every inch in pipe. It is a very good manual saw.

    20. Matt Harmon

      Hello I'm an inspector at the factory where this machine is assembled. When you go to hook up your mist system you will find that it is on the wrong side as the hose for it comes out on the other side by the coolant pump. The bottom part of the base is flip flopped but you can easily mount it to the other side if you wish so you don't have to flip around the bottom part of the base.

    21. Steve H

      This looks just like a pedrazolli mec brown, just with a few differences, they are a great saw and almost flawless, very well thought out.

    22. elkvis

      "This is the cleanest this saw will ever be in its life" In my head I can see the multitude of keyboard warriors coming in to say "DoN't YoU cLeAn YoUr ToOlS?!" LOL

      1. Jasper Janssen

        The dirt is anti-corrosion!

    23. aterack833

      The good news is that the result does mean you have a very repeatable cut, regardless of if there’s an angle when you cut straight (read my other comment on angle cancellation)

    24. aterack833

      If you make both cuts without rotating the workpiece, wouldn’t you essentially see no angle at all? Because they would cancel each other? If you rotated it 180 then you would get double the angle and would have to divide it in half, at least by my in head simulation, lmao

      1. Spastek

        I third this, two cuts made at the same angle even if it was a 45 degree cut would still come out parallel, turning the work piece half a turn so the top is the bottom would show double the inaccuracies!

      2. Raman Shah

        Ugh totally - I was about to comment this, myself. One of the first true "thinkos" I've seen out of Abom :(

    25. Stanley Kmiec

      Nice addition to your shop Adam. Best wishes and Happy New Year to you folks.

    26. Old turbojet test

      Nice machine. Great precision.

    27. jim clark

      Nice bit of kit man

    28. Stephen Hope

      Speed vices are the way to go. Until I retired last year I would always tell our apprentices its a good day when you get a new tool....or piece of equipment.... or machine :) Enjoying your videos, bro.

    29. Edna Turnbull

      At $US7,900 plus delivery that quite and investment for an occasional cut.

    30. Simthespark

      I’m happy with my Rapidor saw 😂. Nice piece of equipment Abom look forward to seeing you use it in future projects 👍

    31. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    32. Bubba Steele

      100% off topic have you ever machined a cast iron skillet. I have seen videos of them being polished by hand but not machined by a true Machinist

      1. aterack833

        Isn’t it actually bad for them to not have the dimples from casting? I swear I saw a video comparing that

    33. Mark Rosa

      Good job, Sir.

    34. ab73h5i

      Hi Adam. I'm late to the party, but I have a tip. When you fill the Sureshot from that jug, it would be better if you had the jug 180 around, so the handle is down. Feels weird, but the flow is much smoother, not all that glug-glug. With how high you are with the Sureshot and the funnel, it should work well, it's a lot more iffy when you are low down, like topping up a engine with oil, where I use that trick the most.

    35. VladM

      Nice saw Adam! Thanks for sharing!

    36. James Ervin

      To test, I would get the end true using a lathe then cut, so you are comparing the saw to true square. Cutting twice determines if the saw cuts are repeatable and without drift.

      1. aterack833

        You can however turn it 180 and get “the same” result as having a flat face, just double the offset because they are both offset at that angle to an invisible imaginary line in the middle that is square to the sides (as if an actual square perfect cut were made)

    37. Motor 2of7

      Are you sure you don’t want that saw closer to the door so you can have long material stick outside? My supplier only sells 20’ lengths, so all my projects start with long stick outs. That sliding vice is a wow factor. Very nice saw.

    38. Bryan Tucker

      The dm-1318p is a nice saw cuts amazing

    39. manga12

      hmm a canadian made saw, dont forget to feed it its supply of maple syrup and let it play some hockey once in a blue moon, heh web says its made in the same area my long bow was made by steve thompson 10 years ago, woodside, I think he moved though to another city but still makes bows and one of a handful that make japanese style bows learning from jaap koppedrayer that made bows for several movies like last samuri with tom kruse, and robbinhood men in tights, jaap though moved to georga but they are consumate experts on making traditional bows, anyway looks like a nice metal bandsaw, is it new?

    40. Matt Case

      Awesome saw Adam, great videos!

    41. WreckDiver99

      Love my sureshot. I only have one right now, but it is a life saver when working on my car...loaded with Brake Clean. Buying that stuff by the gallon is so much cheaper than buying Aerosol cans. I still laugh at the package the sureshot came in. "PROP 65 WARNING FOR CALIFORNIA". Wow, a metal can with some O-Rings...gotta have a prop 65 warning. Sheesh, that state might as well just put Prop 65 warnings on EVERYTHING including the air they breath and water they drink...what a bunch of loonies.

      1. Sylderon Machine Works

        @WreckDiver99 Got any proof for that figure? I'm pretty sure that putting stickers on things isn't all that expensive. As far as 'shutting down power plants that are dirty', that's been going on all across the country, driven by economics more than anything else: The inefficiency and obsolescence of existing coal-fired power plants, the much lower operating cost of gas combined-cycle plants, and the massive growth in renewable energy sources are all driving that. For example, the industry predicts that new installed capacity of wind power for 2021 will be almost double that of 2020. Also "everybody dies so why should we care about poisoning ourselves" is probably the dumbest retort to any issue of environmental quality, or at least the laziest.

      2. WreckDiver99

        @Sylderon Machine Works Yep...breath and die...just like 100% of the population since day 1. Life's a terminal disease. Prop 65 has literally costed Commifornia billions. They "feel better" by shutting down power plants that are dirty and just buying from out of state locations and saying "SEE HOW CLEAN WE ARE!?!?!". Yea...LOONIES. Yea, California, who unlike the people of Las Vegas knew that building a city in the middle of a dessert wasn't the smartest thing, but at least LV residents know it, expect it, and live with it without screaming about the seasonal weather issues that have plagued that area for...well...forever.

      3. Sylderon Machine Works

        Loonies that were the first in the country to take air pollution seriously.

      4. manga12

        @Dusty 99 clown?

      5. manga12

        yea, its not a farce with the smog in some places, but then again what dont cause cancer in excess amounts, or for that matter cause harm, even water will if you drink too much, end up flushing out electrolites the body needs for example, common sense hasn't been so common it seems for about 15 years or more

    42. hydramech DK

      thank you for your great videos can I be allowed to ask who made the theme music being played in beginning and ending of your videos. Happy new year greetings from Denmark

    43. CXensation

      Thanks for sharing your joy with your new machine !

    44. Josh Straughn

      Love that Hydmech Adam. My budget puts me more in the Grizzly 5x6 bandsaw range. After the garage is done we are picking one up so i can stop borrows my dad's old busted up Jet.

    45. Steven Arango

      wow. very nice machine. you look very happy

    46. Nathan .Vanderslice

      Nice machine Adam! The only thing that concerns me is the noise when you turn it to manual for the blade lift. I'm guessing it's one of two things. Either an alarm to remind you that it's in manual mode, or possibly a questionable solenoid. A brand new solenoid should not be making that much noise, at least not in my thinking. You might want to ask someone about it. 5 gallons is just about 19 liters.

    47. Andrew Bieger

      That is a damn fine piece of machinery, there. My wood cutting miter saw with a new blade would be hard pressed to get a cut that accurate.

    48. Charles Keener

      not necessarily square, but certainly parallel. Darn nice saw, thanks for the videos, Merry Christmas

      1. Konzetsu

        Looks like the cuts were at 90 degree offset, should’ve marked the billet and done an 180 degree turn for the largest change, still good though.

    49. Hemanth Harrilall

      Merry Christmas

    50. Chris Mate

      Wow, this is a well thought out saw and accurate. Keep the round piece for future checkups on the saw would be interesting if/how an ageing blade effects its accuracy. Merry chrismas to you two.

    51. Jan Visser

      It is a very nice saw designed by MEP. I know that because I am using exactly the same! one on a regular basis and that one has a type plate stating: made in Italy😅(were the head office is) Merry Christmas from the Netherlands.

      1. Jan Visser

        @ciano Adam has an Italian saw and thanks to him I am buying more and more Starrett tools👌

      2. ciano

        Yep, I recognised the name, and apparently HYDMECH now is a subsidiary of MEP Group. This one is a MEP saw with some customization on the stand and the switch panel. www.mepsaws.it/category/prodotti/c-semiautomatiche/?lang=en

    52. Bill Taggart

      Proud papa! 😁 Now I can see why those machines cost what they do. What a saw!

    53. Bill Taggart

      Man, your videography and editing skills (or is it Abby? 😁) have really gone a loooong way since the early days! Very professional and smooth production!

    54. Ann Koehler

      This was a fascinating video, Adam! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, from my family to yours! Peace.

    55. Pierre Bourguignon

      Very nice saw. Question...did I see a spinning brass brush on the back left side? Presumably cleaning the blade?

      1. Jan Visser

        Oui Pierre, that is a brush

    56. Brian Dubrick

      What is the price for this saw ? They make a great machine

      1. Shawn M

        $7,900.00 USD

    57. Mariano Tombetta

      nice cuts!!!!! could you face it in the lathe and then cut a slice on the saw please? it would be very fun to watch. merry christmas

    58. Logan M P E

      Merry Christmas Adam, sending prayers your way!

    59. pamdemonia

      Lovely machine and lovely square cut! Happy holidays to you and yours from California!

    60. Jose Martinez

      Merry Christmas to you and your family Adam. I have thoroughly enjoyed your content throughout the years and am happy I found your channel. The quality of your work is incomparable and your willingness to teach us plebes is highly appreciated, I look forward to many, many years of watching your channel. Have a happy and safe holiday and keep yourself and your family safe throughout this holiday. May the force be with you Adam, take care and keep up the awesome, quality work you have been doing through all this time.

    61. David Clift

      The Hydmech is a lovely saw, Adam have a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year from the UK

    62. JC

      Lol I thought that was a valve cover and a breather from an engine on a test stand at first 🤣

    63. Peter Chilton

      Hello Adam, Sorry if this is the wrong place for such a message, but have you seen this video on the original construction of Colchester lathes... seprom.info/clone/video/0bSWc7GNcap9kq8.html Quite interesting

      1. willisworms

        That was a great video! I have a colchester round head and love it. But it sure is loud!

    64. ArtemiaSalina

      Was the camera acting funny when you were measuring the final cut disk or was that something on my end?

      1. MadModders

        I've noticed that in some of the latest videos. Maybe he uses the phone on those close up shots. It's a tiny jump cut every second, but the sound is continuous. Very strange. Almost like it's filmed in a non standard frame rate, and the editing software corrects for it once every second.

      2. Jesse Sairanen

        I saw that too, I don't think that he jump cutted that part, there was something odd in edit.

    65. Professor Simon Holland

      Merry Christmas from our workshop in France.

    66. Larry Barnes

      Nice bit of kit. Merry Christmas to you and yours and a happy and safe new year.

    67. LD853

      Use pallet wrap on that top heavy shelving unit. Keeping stuff on if it tips over.

      1. Philip Palmer

        I was just going to recommend that but saw your post.

    68. John Molnar

      beauty saw . Love your videos. I'd like to see some cuts on that round with 1/4 turn & half turn after the original cut .

    69. thekaduu

      5 US gal = 18.927 L which is 145+% of 13 L :)

      1. thekaduu

        Nice saw, however...

    70. Dreddip

      Really bad stuttering in the video starting at 22:43

    71. Michael Scott

      Hey Adam, I just watched the Trenton & Heath video on your Thorogood boot overhaul. Any plans to do a big reveal and get your opinion on the work?

    72. bcbloc02

      Certainly a nice addition to the shop!

    73. Rob S

      Correct me if I'm wrong here but if the saw is slightly off of cutting square wouldn't it make the same error on both cuts which would work itself out into two parallel cuts giving uniform thickness regardless of if the saw is off or not? Kind of like / / rather than / | Wouldn't you want to face the work piece on a lathe to know the end is square and then make a cut off on the saw before measuring the thickness to determine the run out on the saw? I am not a machinist but I can't shake the logic of what I'm thinking here so if I'm wrong, please explain. Abom, I love the videos & I'm a long time fan.

      1. GREG

        @ben peterson At 10 grand I want to be able to cut a steer in half.🐂🥩🍖🍔🤤💯

      2. ben peterson

        Also with the way he set the roller height , and considering this is a $10’000 unit, I’m confident it’s cutting as square as any bandsaw possibly could lol .

      3. ben peterson

        @Rob S considering bandsaw tolerance, I don’t think it’s necessary to true up a piece in the lathe to check squareness. I’m surprised he didn’t check with a combo square tho.

      4. GREG

        @Rob S Merry Christmas to you and your family

      5. Rob S

        @Jaakko Fagerlund What's the point of measuring if the cuts are parallel? Just to make sure the saw is cutting the same every time?

    74. Dan Middlekauff

      Adam, man I love watching your content. Please, stop with the time jumps in post editing. It's the time and patience in your videos that have kept me hooked all this time. BTW - is that big radial arm drill still in the driveway? Man you gotta get on to something with that.

      1. Tuppy Glossop

        He has lots of machines in the background the he is going to restore one day. No time for that though, too busy with videos promoting all of the free stuff he gets. Like the 70 minute two part series on chasing tight threads on some car parts. Not much of interest here any more.

    75. Helix Foundation Systems

      Nice Canadian saw

    76. Phillip Craggs

      Just FYI, pretty sure you can't run this without coolant as this provides lube and cooling to the blade guides. Nice piece of equipment thou.

      1. Jan Visser


    77. donald naymon

      Great video. Nice straight cutting saw. Wow that’s impressive. Great setup. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!!!

    78. Thomas Ballew

      Nice cutter .you keep growing you gonna have to get you a trainee to help keep up with work load. All the best to you and the family merry Christmas.

    79. Patrick Guarracino

      Spent years cutting steel on a Kalamazoo bandsaw with a 13’11” blade, if I was with in 1/8” that would be amazing. I guess it like the old carbon arc compared to a plasma cutter!!

    80. Corey Cripps

      Just when I thought you couldnt fit anymore badass machines in there , you went and did this. Badass saw brother.

      1. JC

        He removed the old saw and replaced it with this one. That's how he had room for it.

    81. Grandpa Es

      If you want to see how "square" it's cutting, make a cut and then rotate your stock 180* and make another cut, then measure your piece.

    82. JR Palak1976

      What an awesome bandsaw! Congratulations, on your first cut.

    83. jimad

      Great video - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Abby! (Forwarding this video to Santa Claus)

    84. vassilisgr1972


    85. Alex Von Bosse

      If everything else fails, read the instructions! I like your new saw, it's the cats meow! That accuracy of the first cut is absolutely amazing!

    86. Massimo Tartaglia

      Very nice saw, very good feature

    87. Sam B

      Merry Christmas, Adam, to you and your family. Stay safe and keep the videos coming.

    88. Jerry's Garage The Money Pit

      My saw collects the chips a bit different. They fall into a catch tank and in some cases the get washed into the coolant tank and they stop up my cooling/lubricant flow. Was just curious because this saw looked quite different than mine is. Thanks for the feedback.

    89. Kimberzelik Zelik

      Great saw

    90. Mr Kay

      It definitely cuts parallel.. don't no how square without rotating the stock or facing it off on a lathe... But why don't you cut 4 more pucks off while you're there and make some feet for it instead of ordering them in?

    91. Paul Decker

      Nice saw. Uniform thickness does not necessarily mean it's square. That just means that the blade tracked consistently from one cut to the next. And that is primarily due to the set of the saw blade being consistent from one side to the other. If the saw set is diminished on one side, the cut will veer toward the other. There's a DoALL saw from the past (C-12 I think) that uses its hydraulic pump to tension the blade and the advantage to that is the tension is released automatically when not in use and reapplied when started. Perhaps the most important thing to look for on a horizontal bandsaw is the blade guides and the structure behind them. Many of the cheap saws have very flimsy guides that can't keep the blade tracking properly when the pressure of cutting is pushing against them which results in inconsistent and curved cuts. Usually I prefer the movable one that come from above but these look pretty robust.

    92. Wesley Clark

      Just got my shop life t shirts. Love them

    93. Col Mornane

      Hi Adam, was it correct that the blade is tensioned to 70 bar? that is 1029 pounds per square inch. Great Video as always. Keep up the good work. All the very best to Abby, yourself and family for christmas. Stay safe lookforward to many more videos in the new year. Regards a fan from Aus.

      1. Jaakko Fagerlund

        70 bar he said the instructions give, but it doesn't translate to anything useful without knowing the measureing cylinders surface area to be able to calculate actual blade tension. But then again these are all machine dependent things and vary from blade to blade and machine to machine.

    94. Dead Gekko

      A bit better than my jet bandsaw but #goals

    95. Beltra .KTM

      Hello, I've got a similar model from MEP. If you want to test if it cut straight, it's not the right procedure... You have to face one end on the lathe, and then cut a slice in the saw. Measure the thickness

      1. Peter W. Meek

        Or lap the cut face and measure how vertical the piece is when standing on a surface plate.

    96. Jennings Moore

      Nice $8,000 saw!

    97. Email User

      That is the king of saws. I've NEVER seen material come off of a saw THAT square.

      1. Email User

        @Henning S. That's a great point. Maybe if Abom reads this, he could repeat the experiment. Good thinking.

      2. Henning S.

        I think he didn't rotate the workpiece 180° after the first cut, so it is just parallel and you dont know if it is also square...

    98. E33Tpro

      5 gallon is about 20 Liters. 1 gallon about 4 liters in easy math. 3,785412 to be exact , LoL.

    99. Eric Barry

      Hey Adam, funny coincidence. My local Motion Industries shop is currently hiring and I'm applying! Any advice for me? I'm still very new to machining but I'm hoping that will change soon! Thanks! Eric

    100. Brad Mellon

      Issues with the video skipping at 22:44?