Fairbanks Power Hammer Cross Rail Part 1


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    We begin the machine work on the cross rail for the Fairbanks Power Hammer that belongs to Eric @Hand Tool Rescue This was a raw casting that Eric received with the power hammer and will need to be completely machined. There will be several setups and machining ops made to this part and we'll begin in the Monarch lathe getting the bore finished and one of the faces. I also have some 4 jaw chuck indicating using a surface gage.
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    1. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    2. Daniel Martinez

      Trenton and Heath sent me, said I would be interested. Yup, thanks.

    3. Ronald Youvan

      I would have thought he would have started with positioning the part with a large center in the tail stock. Since the existing bore doesn't have to be centered the outside of the nose piece would probably the place to center it, just as he did it. Ron W4BIN

    4. SirensC3

      I always find it very interesting how an industrial machinist tackles a problem. My background is in automotive machining.

    5. 4The LoveOfLife

      Great work! I am an Industrial Mechanic (that is what your job is called in Germany :)) on my own at the DLR! And luckily I am still in contact with the *old* machines as well. You feel a sertain *connection* to these ones, which is not there when you work on NC v CNC machines! You really know what you are talking about! I even enjoy seeing metall getting cut in my off-time :D! Kind reguards from Germany! Tim

      1. Attila Asztalos

        It's not that different - with NC machines you just make sure all is well _before_ you press "cycle start"...

    6. Terry Howlett

      I'm learning much from your videos Adam. I really like the way you did the set up on this casting. To a novice like me it looked to be an almost impossible shape to set up to get the bore lined up, but your skill and experience show through. Neat job. Moving to the next one now!

    7. Dimwitt Flathead

      Another thought, can you fill in cast iron with thermite?

    8. Dimwitt Flathead

      I just thought cant you help indicate by using a cone?

    9. JR Aeroplanes

      Makes me wonder if the measurements would be so much easier if it were to be in millimetres?

    10. Peter Spain

      Are brazed tool bits better on cast than HSS Adam?

      1. Abom79

        Yes carbide is harder and more durable, and able to handle high surface speeds.

    11. Peter Spain

      all that stick out and no chatter eh and no lube

      1. The Truth

        Don't need to use lube on cast iron.

    12. Peter Spain

      was looking at the bore as you were indicating and it was getting better and better

    13. Kyle Wood

      Adam, where did you get that magnetic indicator back with the 90 degree step in it?

    14. Kdog0990

      I work in a production machine shop. Its cool to watch custom work machine shops operate and see the different tools y’all get to use

    15. Pushparaj J

      Wisdom pores out when there's a real situation nice

      1. Pushparaj J

        Is there any problem in recasting it 😕😓

    16. goddamnmaddog

      @0:45l looks like a small toy aeroplane!

      1. goddamnmaddog

        @Rope Tangler the brick would be even more aerodynamic, XD But would be nice to see it flying with the help of a catapult

      2. Rope Tangler

        But it would fly like a cast iron brick LOL.


      When chucking the part could you use a live center in the tail stick to get it closer on the first shot? Still needing indicated but it’s just a thought. Certainly an interesting video

    18. Lee H

      As a machinist, these are the kinds of jobs that drive me crazy to set up. There's no "one size fits all" way to go about setting up a part like this. You just gotta keep pounding and adjusting until you get it in good enough. I have to say, you did an excellent job!

      1. Abom79

        Thank you!

    19. Ben Morris

      For those curious, "Darn Straight" is an Imperial standard, not metric.

      1. Brandy Ellis

        As is dead nuts. Metric equivalent is spot on

    20. jlucasound

      C'mon Adam (and Eric). Everyone knows that is a toy plane from the Flintstones era. :-0 OK! I'll be serious....

    21. Salem Straub

      I could watch that Monarch cut cast all day. Nice work, as always.

    22. scose

      Indicating with the surface gauge reminded me of trueing bike wheels

    23. GN Productions

      I thought that it was Will Stelters Fairbanks power hammer part. 😢

      1. Picklesnout Penobscott

        @Janis RocansWhen Will's accident happened, I emailed Fireball tools about it, and the reply was they were not taking any custom work at that time. What a disappointment, but they might have just been blowing me off, cause who am I, right? Nobody. So that was why I got hopeful when I saw this part getting made. Look at us, talking about Will on other makers channel... but - That's how much we care about each other. It is an excellent community.

      2. Janis Rocans

        I have not heard any news on Wills Little Giant. Last news were they will try to fix it at Fireball tools. Since then nothing. That will be a huge project to braze all those huge pieces together. Probably months.

    24. Neil Barnwell

      "Looks like we NAILED it." No Adam - YOU nailed it. With years of experience and attention to detail and pride in your work. No need to be modest here.

      1. jlucasound

        Amen, Neil!

    25. east coast andy

      Respect for the timing and choice of outro music. Adds a lot to your machining skills, Adam. Nice one.

    26. Carl fredrik Schilde

      from trenton & heath

    27. Dave Kimbler

      I have a question ..... I have a er32 collet chuck and several collets , none bigger then 13/16” but want to use up to 1 -1/2” stock ! Do they make an adapter from er32 to er40 collets ? Or am I having to make a straight shank 3/4” and a er40 holder , putting the straight shank in my 3/4” er32 so I can turn bigger sizes ?

      1. Dave Kimbler

        @baron42bba I’m using a er32 and instead of switching I made a straight shaft with a 2 1/2” 3 jaw chuck and am able to work on 2” material , I hope it’s ok to do it that way ?

      2. baron42bba

        If you have a 4jaw chuck you could buy a square collet chuck for er40.

    28. Herbie Mitchell

      Starting at 3.40 is my kind of precision machining.

    29. taner ozdemir

      The speeches and the narration would be much better if it was just a video without very long and boring explanations

      1. Neil Barnwell

        No-one's forcing you to watch it.

      2. Edgar Milson

        I enjoy Adam explaining what he is doing. He is making sure that a person that does not know anything about machine shop work will know what he is doing! No one else knows everything like you think you do. Have a nice day!

      3. Tim Brown

        You almost certainly have either a mute button or perhaps a volume control. "Problem" solved... Personally I very much enjoy the narration.

    30. Bad&Fury


    31. Way's Coatings

      Now thats a Outro!! Keep it up!!

    32. Warren Carlisle

      I love Abom79's choice of music. What is the name of the band/bands?

      1. Warren Carlisle

        @Trains, Bangs, and Automobiles Thank you very much!

      2. Trains, Bangs, and Automobiles

        Its from SEproms own library. The title piece is "Silent Partner, Yard Sale" and I LOVE it lol. The piece gives me chills everytime.

    33. wim0104

      Thank you for sharing: I'm learning more here about machining & production than I did back in engineering school. Even back in the late nineties, there were too many computers around...

    34. ShawnMrFixitlee

      Great work Adam , I just bought a new 4 Jaw for you new lathe & I LOVE IT ! ENJOYED..

    35. Bdude92

      Would love for you to fix Will's Fairbanks!

    36. John Roberts

      Great content thanks for sharing

    37. josh pittman

      Saw Fairbanks power hammer and immediately thought you were doing a colab with alec Steele

      1. ehsnils

        Me too. That was a sorry story for Will.

    38. James Ervin

      Surprised you did not use the bar through the casting hole to get an initial starting point for dialing it it.

      1. Jason Murley

        I was thinking of using a center on the cast hole

      2. Barry Boyd

        Me too, but I have no experience with castings where there is no reference surface. I guess you need to sort of average out what you can see. Since you cant see the inside of that hole it might be a mistake to rely on it for your bore direction. It might have a bump you can’t see that would cause the bar to suggest a wonky bore angle compared to the rest of the casting.

    39. thekaduu

      Nice power hammer that one...

    40. The_Hate_Inside

      Nice content.

    41. Stander Garage

      excellent job Adam

    42. ThatGuyThatDoesStuff

      My wife hears the intro music: "Abom, right? I like the one where he put the dirty parts into the washing thing."

      1. Warren Carlisle

        `I love Abom79's choice of music. What is the name of that band?

    43. Ronny Dowdy

      Good setup



    45. vilchezjo


    46. Trent Blum

      when I saw this, I thought right away WILL STELTER! but nope. Great video though!

      1. Trent Blum

        @Andrew Mayo lol I got excited

      2. Andrew Mayo

        me too lol

    47. ATG19534

      I enjoy your explanations even though I do not do machining because some of the ideas transfer to the woodworking and home projects I do. When initially chucking up the part, would it have helped to put a bar in the tailstock through the forged hole, just to help get it close to start?

      1. Bob Vines

        That probably depends on how well the ID seems to be running compared to the OD or whatever the drawing showed as the most important datum (if it even used datums like we use today).

    48. J Boos

      Wieder spitze gemacht!!👍👍👍

    49. Karsten Erb

      Hey Adam when is coming " Fairbanks Power Hammer Cross Rail Part 2 " ? :-) :-) Greets from Germany Karsten

    50. Thomas LaMora

      love to see the machining equipment in action! how much pucker is involved in running that part up with it such an odd size and sticking out? maybe it's a lot less when you know what you are doing.

    51. outsidescrewball

      Great video production...discussion/build

    52. kokodin

      indicating this casting almost looked like it be faster and better to put it on a mandrel true up the middle part and make some kind of fixing to hold it in the middle, true that and reference out of that both ways

    53. Marcin Terlecki

      @22:51 paused. Do I see the crack or is just cast imperfection ?

    54. sean5comet

      4:34 made me really happy with the results of cleaning up the casting lines and such. I wanted to do that as soon as you showed the part.

    55. Picklesnout Penobscott

      Oh my gosh - is this for Will's powerhammer? Hand tool rescue - did you really?

      1. Picklesnout Penobscott

        @Laura Thomas awww, I understand. One has hope.

      2. Laura Thomas

        HandToolRescue has their own decrepit power hammer that needs help. So unlikely that it's Will's.

    56. Dead Pixel Media

      would it have been much help to have run a center up into the bore while trying to get it squared up? it looks fairly well rounded.

      1. Phreadrick Hejrick

        It seems to me that when that piece was cast, the core piece that formed the hole in the mold could just as easily have been skewed a little, so the alignment is not necessarily any better than the outer surface. Might be, might not.

      2. Picklesnout Penobscott

        I would have, in woodturning.

    57. Bosted Tap

      Great set-up and first op, core hole looked quite accurate in casting. Thanks for sharing.

    58. Coffreek

      Fairbanks and Fairbanks-Morse was everywhere, and then they seem to have just disappeared.

      1. Picklesnout Penobscott

        I would love to get one. Yup, dry as a bone market

    59. zhdands


    60. владимир дюйм

      В 3кулачковом можно все сделать. Зачем так молотить?

    61. donnyboy

      Hay Look who just got another big thumbs up. Thank you for sharing, nice work ..!

    62. Mark Snyder

      Very neat to see you working on a part as complex and asymmetric as this. Perhaps I'm overthinking things, but isn't the desired functional relationship the one between the bore and the inside faces of the ears, so the connecting linkage is centered? Theoretically the bore should be centered in the OD, and the four ears symmetrically spaced about that. I wouldn't know how you could indicate that in the lathe, but perhaps one could perform at least a partial faceoff and start of bore with the part clamped vertically in the milling machine? Given the depth, you'd have to bring it back to the lathe to finish the bore, but then you could indicate off of the started bore. If you had stock on all surfaces to clean up it would matter less, but since you said the inside spacing of the ears is already at or beyond spec, that kind of controls the placement of the bore, rather than allowing you to pick one and machine from that.

    63. Meof Myof

      Just curious about the length of the tool holding pipe. I would think that it would be shorter to reduce vibration.

      1. asher terry

        He needed it to go all the way through the part.

    64. Tom Fitzpatrick

      Interesting video - greatly enjoy your posts - as a relatively new amateur at machining (lathe I've acquired - 1974 Craftsman 12") I am always intrigued at your use of the micrometer. I have several Starret models my Dad used to use a lot, but didn't learn this skill from him. Do you have any past videos on using a micrometer and read exactly what is a thousandth, ten thousandth, hundred thousandth, etc. Thanks again for your great posts.

    65. Bob Rosso

      Any reason why you started with the bore, went to the face then returned to the bore.....other than personal preference? Given the length of the bore, what did the back end diameter wind up being?

    66. Robert DeBusk

      Excellent job on centering the part in the lathe. Nowhere as easy as you make it look. Be Careful and Stay Safe. Bob

    67. Carl Slaughter

      I have always wanted to see you indicate a casting like this. A very asymetric part.

    68. Laurie Graham

      You are the ninja master with a 4 jaw chuck!

    69. Chris Clark

      Great project, back to what you do best.

    70. Paul Watts

      Boring a casting on a lathe makes my tail hole pucker. :-0 Next time show everyone how to use a big boring head on the K&T. I know I'll feel a lot better LOL! Great video. Thanks for the upload!

    71. Zahid Khan

      nice first part mister Adam

    72. Kyle Estes

      Hey man. Im a pensacola local myself. Ive got a safetykleen parts washer for sale. Model60. somebody on fb told me u may be intetested

    73. Spencer Lemm

      Was really hoping you were going to clean up the outside casting.

    74. Dave Kimbler

      Could you center it by using a live center ? I’m new at this and am learning as I go ! Just purchased a ER32 set of collets and head chuck for my 7x12 .

      1. Fly Tyme

        Setting up in a 4 jaw so no. Mabey a 3 jaw chuck but the end would need to be faced to get it close

    75. YZMOTO #80

      thirty minutes for this video is pretty much a joke. I used to watch all the time, but now, meh 😕! .

      1. Ellie Price

        Watching how Adam expertly setup the odd shaped casting was worth the full thirty minutes. Boring and sizing was icing on the cake.

      2. Tim Finch

        Well, he did get a hole bored after he got it set up. That’s one in a row!

    76. wes cox

      Are different jaws available that are deeper or wider?

    77. wes cox

      Watching again after thinking about it. I'm excited to see the end result. After seeing how you are about finishes and such, this is gonna be one pretty work piece when done. Possibly make a little 2 tool holder (1 up + 1 down) fly cutter to fit through the holes before the bushings are installed. Lots of machining to do.

    78. Patrik Einarsson

      I thought you were supposed to use the bore as reference.

      1. Patrik Einarsson

        @Tim Finch Eyed in? The sand core for the bore can easily be fitted in a through hole pattern with the same level of precision as the rest of the flask. Also there are no flashings in the centre bore other from some at the ends which can easily be cleaned up.

      2. Tim Finch

        @Patrik Einarsson, I’m new at this, but wouldn’t it be more likely that the piece being cast is more likely to be correct rather than the center bore that’s probably a dowel or a sand center that wasn’t dialed in? That center bore was probably just eyed in with plenty of room to be machined correctly.

      3. Patrik Einarsson

        Since it's a part of a power hammer it will most likely be subjected to high forces and shocks for the remainder of its lifetime. The part might not get uniform wall thickness throughout the bore, especially not at the headstock end. The position of the holes on the ears are easier to adjust imo. He could have used a straight bar as a mandrel from the tailstock to guide the work trough the bore and then tighten the chuck around it, instead of one point indicating and eyeballing the od. As you could see, he was single side cutting the first pass towards the end of the bore. There's a number of ways to indicate and make this part run true. And it's not an easy task on rough castings. But I think he could have chosen a better method.

      4. operator0

        @Patrik Einarsson I think that could be easily seen with the naked eye. I could get within a .05 on those ears just by looking at it. In any case, it looks like he nailed it based on the bore breakout on those fillets.

      5. Patrik Einarsson

        @operator0 Yes, but the od might be too.



    80. Pete vougiouklakis

      Why don’t you use indexable boring bar? Cemented carbide tool bits went out with the 8 Track and the Hula Hoop!

    81. Bill Richardson

      I somehow was unsubscribed to your channel Abom....

    82. mrblackrock555

      Hey Abom! Ive wanted to say this for a while. Watching your content has helped me no end with confidence building when machining even the most basic stuff. Seeing yourself someone with lots of experience has helped someone ie me who is still learning the basics of maintenance and machining to be more confident and trusting in the tooling to do the job rather than freaking out thinking it's gonna go wrong 😂 cheers anyway and thanks for the content! Always nice to go over old videos in the evening for whatever reason just to chill with

    83. Stanley Kmiec

      Thanks Adam, always great to see craftsman take a casting and turn it into a machined piece of perfection. Take care

    84. larry sperling

      really interesting video. i especially liked your technique for lining up the casting in the lathe.years ago i worked with an old school machinist in our locomotive repair shop who never used an indicator he used the surface gage and chalk.

    85. Steven McLenachen

      Awesome stuff! As a current employee of FM and an amateur smith a Fairbanks hammer is on the some day wish list.

    86. jurrich

      Please consider running the audio through a low pass filter to cut out everything over ~8khz for the next video: while I'm sure you can't hear it, anyone young enough (or old enough but with ears that are rarely around constant loud sounds) is getting a face-full of surprisingly piercing high frequencies in this video (there's a big spike at 8650Hz that makes it impossible to watch the video without some utility installed to cut that out)

    87. gordon farmer's forge

      Abomb I don't normally comment on many people's channels but I was watching something and thought of you seprom.info/clone/video/mJiMpLZscaGZt4E.html

    88. Pjuklarven83

      As copper work hardens, do you ever have to soften it up again or change the pads? I assume the effect are lost after a few uses otherwise? Great video as always, keep up the nice work :)

    89. John Smith

      Would it not be better to indicate the piece in using the bore to begin with? I know that this was a casting and the bore isn’t necessarily concentric with the outside, I guess it all depends on what is more critical bore or OD.

      1. operator0

        The bore may have been cast off center to the ears. It would be much easier to bring the bore back to center than start cutting on the ears.

    90. Original Wolf

      Will from the Alec Steele Channel trie to restore one as well. Did not go well.

      1. Siggy in CR

        @Original Wolf I've seen big castings brazed and handle pretty significant loads afterwards. From what I understand about it, a good brazing job can be stronger than the original cast iron. Welding can be tricky, though it's also possible with good preheating and stress relieving afterward.

      2. Bobbywolf64

        @Original Wolf I am pretty sure you don't know who you are talking to. bcbloc02 dropped, broke, and repaired a MASSIVE radial arm drill press with huge castings. Have a look through his channel and series on it. Everything is fixable. You just need the motivation and know-how to do it.

      3. Original Wolf

        @bcbloc02 You can't weld the cast iron stuff in such a way it would hold up to the stress. The surface area is too big. The hammer is a big piece of scrapmetal.

      4. Siggy in CR

        @bcbloc02 went to Will's channel and he made a quick video about a month ago but didn't mention the power hammer. It might have become too much of a project for him to continue with.

      5. bcbloc02

        Surely they have it welded back together by now??

    91. Dennis Sheridan

      Adam, I'm curious to know why you didn't use the tail stock and a center to rough center the casting.

      1. Mr B.

        I imagine because there's no guarantee the core is in the centre of the casting.

    92. tmackinator

      You could face those inner bore surfaces with a reverse counterbore

      1. bcbloc02

        Yep back spot with the boring tool stuck out of the bar is how I would do it.

    93. Al Somethin

      Cant wait till I can afford to get a four jaw chuck.

    94. Sailing It'll Do

      LOL, He makes that look so easy. yeah, I could do that.....Not

      1. traitorouskin

        I agree. My trade has nothing to do with machining but you can tell when someone is good at what they do.

    95. Casey Smith

      Have been looking forward to this ever since you posted it on your Instagram a while back!

    96. Albert Einstein

      When you removed the casting from the chuck, that casted outside end was way off from the center hole you bored seen at 27:26 What's up with that???

      1. David Utidjian

        That is how it is sometimes with castings. I am not sure how much of the external featuers are going to be machined surfaces but it looks to me as if there will be plenty to go around and balance it out. If you recall as the boring bar reached the bottom (left end) of the cut that the amount of material being removed from each side of the bore was quite uneven. Adam made note of it in the video.

    97. Kenneth Pensyl

      Indicating such a thing is the first amazing thing.

    98. Alex Steel

      I saw this part being milled on Facebook dated April 2020. What’s going on? 🤔

      1. from the dark side of the moon

        @Hand Tool Rescue would it also be useful to machine the part out of tool steel and harden it? cast iron is good but not so easy to manufacture?

      2. Hand Tool Rescue

        Once the pandemic hit, the shipping services became too unreliable and we didn't want to risk losing such an important part. So he still has the part and will hopefully make it's way to me THIS year for the restoraiton.

    99. Samuel Gallezzo

      That job was 90 percent setup.

    100. Paja Pajic

      Bravo zasta vrhunski rad i zalaganje da se posao obavi kako treba.