Fairbanks Power Hammer Cross Head Part 7: Finished!


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    This is the final video for the Fairbanks Power Hammer Cross Head machine work, in collaboration with @Hand Tool Rescue Here I'll machine the bronze bushings and get them pressed into the cross head. I'll also be showing hand reaming the holes to bring them to the bore size needed for a slip fit. This was a fun and challenging project that I enjoyed filming and sharing with everyone. I look forward to seeing this part on Eric's restored power hammer!
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    1. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    2. Robert Draper

      I admit to waiting and binge watching this project from beginning to ending, well worth the wait! Thanks Abom79 for delivering another informative series of videos! I will probably never machine anything myself but you explained each step and the reason for each step very well. Looking forward to seeing Hand Tool Rescue put this new & improved part to work. Keep up the Good Work!

    3. Uncle Duncan's Shack

      The work has turned beautifully, I enjoy watching you do stuff. All my measuring equipment is Insize, have had it for 10 years now. Very happy with it.

    4. Timothy Mckern

      You sir are a true artiste

    5. lars honeytoast

      What kind of tool post is that on the monarch

    6. Weaver H Christ

      The bushings are known as "Oilite or "OilLite" bushings

    7. MrBerniebling HVAC Chiller Mechanic

      Magical work. Did you use brass to safeguard against cracking the cast while pressing ?

    8. Fredrik van Lienden

      This was a great series Adam. I especially like how calm you are, taking your time, no yelling or loud music or anything. A series for a more..ehm..mature(?) audience. Keep them coming!

    9. Teunbaartman1

      Nice series Adam. Thx!

    10. david sellars

      I have seen at least one comment elsewhere about taking six videos to do this project. Thank you for doing it. I learned from each video at least one thing that I did not know how to do. Will keep watching and kicking in support as I can.

    11. Zahid Khan

      very good job and teaching.

    12. Andrew Hull

      I stumbled upon your channel. Watching from Scotland, I admit I’m a total and complete novice to Machining and Lathe work in general, I’ve found this fascinating and very interesting.. I’ve hit that Like and subscribe button and all notifications bell thank you for uploads🔥👍.

    13. Andrew G. Whitaker

      There are 2 kinds of lathe tool-post systems : 1. Swiss Multi-Fix type which is used here. 2. - everything else.

    14. Daniel Ladishew

      Thank you for passing on your knowledge to the unwashed masses.

    15. Richard Cox

      Adam I never thought about under cutting one end of the bushing to help with alignment, learn something new every day. What I have done in the past is to put the bushings in the freezer for a few minutes, they usually slide right in.

    16. Carl White

      Abom, another great series, Thanks.

    17. KaizokuSencho

      The sequence at 2:49 - look at that speed! What a master!

    18. Bob Craighead

      Chrysler used to have the patent on oilite bushings

    19. Larry Martin

      What did the washer Rockwell about 54-56 ?

    20. Jonathan Baxter

      Would love to see this installed.

      1. Richard Cox

        I would also.

    21. Bears Rod Shop

      Camera work really good too,,Keep 'em rolling,,If you get up to see Titan of CNC new facility, stop in, we are just west 30 min from them,,Bear.

    22. wiljam1968

      I remember the first time I turned centered bronze on a lathe, seeing the oil come out of the metal.

    23. Evan Lightner

      Adam what are those inside mics you’re using?? Never seen a set like that

    24. Paul DeHaan

      Very Nice.....thanks for sharing

    25. Jean-Jacques Herpes

      really adictiv channel :p , i'm totaly fan

    26. John Bonner

      Nice work Mr. Booth! Love watching you work.

    27. Ann Koehler

      I had forgotten just how much softer bronze is than steel. That stuff cut like BUTTAH!! Did anyone else take note on just how incredibly fast Adam was when he made his cuts on that first bushing? Sometimes I forget just how experienced he is. Yes, he explains so much with incredible detail, but to see him do that, what I would think is simple to him, with such speed and accuracy is just a delight!

      1. Jonathan Baxter

        I had exactly the same thought watching him do those bushings.

    28. Melvyn O'Connell

      To add to the earlier comments on machining the Oilite bearings. Oilite are happy to have machining operations as long as you use SHARP tools. They also recommend that you do NOT grind or hone as these will close up the pores. Reaming with an old used reamer would classify as using a dull tool, as Adam has measured a couple of thou' over I guess he is using a new reamer which would be sharp.

      1. Jos Bergervoet

        But is it true? (That you shouldn't grind it, I mean.. or is it just an urban myth? After all, during its lifetime the part will experience wear by definitely non-sharp 'tools' - the other moving parts of the assembly! So I find the whole reasoning not very convincing.)

    29. Jean Eitelman

      A piece of jewelry Adam

    30. Robert Shelton

      15:43 excuse me...

    31. 배상태

      I was watching for couple of years. you are a Masterpiece. Great JOB!!!

    32. WarGrade

      Could you not use the flex arm to ream?

    33. Jerry Coleman

      Adam, Awesome video series, Awesome project to see being machined Abom79 style, Thanks for sharing your videos.!.!.!.

    34. insert good name

      Adam's work just stinks of quality!

    35. Harrison Katzz

      HI ADAM what is this thing I went to the channel and nothing ,

    36. jjb

      I'm sure glad you "enjoyed filming and sharing with everyone" because I get a whole lot of entertainment out of watching you work metal; I can't.

    37. ShawnMrFixitlee

      Great work Adam , Turned out SWEET ! sure ENJOYED,Thanks

    38. Randy Lofgren

      That tool rest is bad ass.

    39. billy Minihan

      Great work Adam.. master job man.

    40. Jesse Black

      Don’t mind watching a vid on “hand reaming” every now and then. 🤫😉

    41. pmailkeey

      17:16 Adam, the work you've done is excellent as always but at 17:16 you can see that top 'ear' has a crack to the right of the reamer where it meets the rest of the crosshead. I'd be looking at milling that crack out as being in the corner it could lead to being the start of a stress crack under repeated loads.

    42. Ernest Storch

      Also it's to bad there was only one piece. You ate up the entire setup on one piece. I run on to that when I grind tools. The customer wants only one piece. Two tools would drop price per piece dramatically. Most times almost by half .

    43. Randall Moore

      Hello Adam, Sure Looks Close To The Rocker Box Assy for The C46 And C66 Natural Gas Engines I Work on.

    44. Ernest Storch

      It's perfectly normal for your hole to shrink a little when you press your bushing in. The bronze bushings reminded me of my buddy's 1959 Triumph . It had SU carburetors. If they had made the throttle shaft holes with bronze bushings they would have been easily repairable when the holes wore out. But they didn't .

    45. pmailkeey

      9:00 If TOT put a piece of metal in there, you know it would come out as a cooked steak pie !

    46. Hand Tool Rescue

      Wow! What a job on this whole thing! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to do this. The power hammer shall live on forever because of it.

      1. W.A. van Buren

        Just don't tip it over lmao

    47. Rick

      excellent job ,I like to see that working , keep the good job

    48. David Fairbanks

      Great project as always. Appreciate it even more since my name is Fairbanks.

    49. Merescat

      Glad to see the pic is back of you, your dad and grandad. Always awesome work. Thoroughly enjoy your channel. Even got the t-shirt! (edit - really bad typo - sorry)

    50. pmailkeey

      Adam, not important for this but your inserting the bush into a collet full of chips. It could have done with a blast from an air line. You probably couldn't see the chips from your angle.

    51. Robert DeBusk

      Great job Adam, Should be good for the next owner or two. Thanks for sharing. Be Careful and Stay Safe. Bob

    52. Patrick Colahan

      NIce work Adam, enjoyed watching this project. Thanks again for sharing with us.

    53. Jeffrey Lee

      Take another look at the drawing, the counterbore depth P is taken from slot centerline, mystery solved, the sides were not meant to be machined, but the print did not indicate machined surfaces. Counterbore is a spot face for bolt/washer. Nice job.

    54. Jeffrey Lee

      Need to improve tooling on the hand press.

      1. pmailkeey

        I suspect he was 'doing it wrong' ;) (My 'in-joke' with Adam) The effort required to insert those was little enough that the piece could have been supported on the lower lugs and that would have been an easier setup.

    55. Tr Precision Machining

      very good job adam..thanks for your time

    56. Edwin Zackoski

      How can anyone dislike your videos? Love the channel!!!!!!

    57. Mark Schweter

      I REALLY love 💘 the collet lathe's moving headstock.👍 🤔😳😕🙄😏😉😁😎

    58. passenger671

      Another great job. Take a look at the casting at 17:12. The corner of that ear looks cracked Adam.

      1. pmailkeey

        Yeah, I'd have milled that out to avoid it being a nucleation point for a stress fracture later in its life.

    59. Jim Marriott

      @13:30 Looks like they both played in the same sandbox.

    60. Dudley Middleton

      7:40 haven't seen that type of micrometer before, and I bet they're not cheap! Hope you and Abbie are fine and stay safe guys! From the UK

    61. Spaced Marine

      Just out of interest how much did you charge for this job as theres a lot of setup time involved etc.seems like a few days work to me???

      1. pmailkeey

        Ask him to make you one - then you'd find out.

    62. Jay Pique

      I'm not sure you're supposed to ream those bushings...

      1. pmailkeey

        An interesting discussion ensues. My verdict ? I think you are correct but only partly. Even if 50% of the pores are blocked by reamering, there are still plenty of pores not blocked to permit oil to lubricate the shaft thus inserted. I know when we've fitted these, we've always prefilled them with oil. Smaller ones can be oiled between finger and thumb.

      2. Jay Pique

        @SkyWizardless See Goseplman's reply. There seems to be some weird idea here that any sort of suggestion or constructive criticism is not allowed. That ideas or information not strictly in keeping with his practices are to be discouraged. I don't get it.

      3. Bosted Tap

        Correct, a Roller Reamer should only be used.

      4. Gospelman

        @SkyWizardless Problem is that these are not plain phosphor bronze bushings, they're sintered PhB. Should be bored with a single-point tool; a hand reamer smears the surface and obstructs the oil getting through to the bearing pin.

      5. SkyWizardless

        There is nothing wrong with reaming plain phosphor bronze bushes. The ones you can't ream are bushings that have some kind of lining in the inside e.g. ptfe.

    63. MrOrwellA

      You are he Shop teacher we wish we alll had! Beautiful work! Thank you!

    64. Hito Ortega

      Excellent work like always!!!!!

    65. Vijayant Govender

      Thank you Adam I always enjoy watching your videos I am from South Africa

    66. Taker vpp

      Насилу доробив :) тягнув наче кота за хвоста

      1. pmailkeey


      2. pmailkeey

        Google translated as: "Forcibly pulling :) pulling the cat by the tail"

    67. R Won

      how are these reamers made to size? That's what I want to know.

      1. pmailkeey

        Finely ground.

    68. Nathan Hawkins

      My 4 year old son and I really enjoyed watching this show thanks

    69. Thompson Jerry

      We would all like to know how much all that works costs.

      1. pmailkeey

        Submit your request for him to make you one - then you'll find out.

      2. Dustin Walden

        I see at least 8 hrs at $75/hr or $600 plus the cost of the bushings.

    70. bcbloc02

      Just like a new one! :-)


      Turned out great Adam, thanks for sharing with us, enjoyed this project ! 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻

    72. Paul Ciampa

      can you show the machine that this goes into?

      1. John Doe

        At 18:28 it literally says on screen, how to see what to do to see the machine it hoes into.

    73. اسامه عبد الله


    74. bcwrangler

      Great workmanship on this project!

    75. The Knackler's Workshop

      Hello Adam, I have enjoyed this little series of videos on the Fairbanks Power Hammer Cross Head... as always a good job done... Take care. Paul,,

    76. Jon O

      Or freeze them

    77. flits62

      7 parts I thought they would never stop

    78. Mitch Gates

      Damn the part looked a million bucks in the end. Oddly sad to see it go.

    79. Khail Kupsky

      I just wish he’d turn the work instead of making the camera go a couple hundred rpm...

    80. Bruce Boschek

      I guess I've just been watching too many hacks on SEprom. When he pulled out the hand reamer I thought, "OMG! I hope he doesn't turn it backwards." As if he would. Excellent work getting those bushings in there. Thanks for sharing.

    81. Robert Kutz

      NICE WORK.

    82. Aleksandr Liss

      Здрасти вам ...сделано с любовью или с душой красота

    83. Gril Nam

      Another youtuber is posting Adams material please like ms.nightshades post so it can get Adams attention.

    84. Mika Kuitunen

      Seeing you whip out the bushings with speed and accuracy was awesome. I'm still hoping one day I can have a shop to work in.

    85. The_Hate_Inside

      This was interesting machine work! Is there a good way to fix those holes that opened up in the casting, or is that not needed?

    86. Шурик Лобач

      Отличная работа

    87. Ben Lindner

      Man Adam did you put a lot of love into that part! Beautiful work, those oil impregnated bronze bushings look like jewelry on that casting Thanks for sharing the project..

    88. Michel Grenier

      Beautiful job and on spec. !

    89. kim003jm jm

      great job my friend ,

    90. Matthew Sykes

      Jesus heck...... watching you whip up those bushings was poetry in motion, that tool post is awesome.

    91. steve shoemaker

      Looking good...Thanks my friend.....!

    92. Matthew Thompson

      You have to show us a shot of this in action we have been on such a journey with it and such an unusual part. Nice work as always Adam.

      1. Matthew Thompson

        Posted before video finished - Hand Tool Rescue - got it :)

    93. Henrik Jörgensen

      Made that at "Abom79 style " ;-) Very well done and always nice too look at your videos

    94. Ralf Siegel

      Wouldn't have been bad to put holes to oil for the bushings. Or you would have set holes for lubricating nipples for the grease press. Otherwise, as always, it looks very nice.

      1. Jay Pique

        @mumblbee bee yeah, but the reaming may have smeared the pores closed

      2. mumblbee bee

        The bushings are oil-infused?

    95. Brandon Shehan

      Yous Abad man when it comes to machining some metal brother. I know nothing about it, but can tell perfection when I see it. Love it!!!

    96. Buzzard 1860

      What kind of tool post were you running when you cut down the bushings!?, it looks super convenient and looks like it aided a lot and you running that lathe at drag car like speeds!

      1. Barry Boyd

        Multifix 40 position Toolpost. The ones made in Europe are very expensive these days.

    97. Max Hammontree

      We’re you in the navy?

      1. mumblbee bee

        I think he did one better ;) he grew up in a machine shop, third gen machinist (at least)

    98. Videos of no meaning Just to pass the time

      Another fantastic, quality inspired lesson. Thank you Adam!

    99. My Synth Dungeon

      Excellent Job !! Enjoyed! Cheers!

    100. John Lockett

      Well done. Excellent work like always. All the best and keep safe