Fairbanks Power Hammer Cross Head Part 4


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    In this segment of machining the Fairbanks Power Hammer Cross Head, I'll show using the K&T in the horizontal position to face mill the last remaining cast surface to specs using a large high speed steel face mill.
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    1. Jerry Plews

      Love watching these videos Abom. Facinating to watch.

    2. Ankur Das

      I think the same process can be done in lathe machine

    3. Ely Powell

      Adam, you should seriously think about teaching classes or even offering apprenticeships. If I could I would pay you for classes and I imagine a lot of other people think the same. The machine work you do is quickly being erased from our knowledge. For instance who could just walk up to this machine and set the speed and the depth of cut correctly and not break that fancy cutter wheel? Answer: Nobody.

    4. Thor Hammer

      shutter speed and cutter teeth are really messing with my mind. shaft turns CW and the cutter looks like it turns CCW.

      1. Joey Longfured

        Same here! Happens all the time.

    5. wilson quinche

      nice mejor qe ver una pelicula

    6. Nathan Quinlan

      Those sponge looking abrasives work great on surface rust as well as deburring. Just don't lead into an edge or they wear and and self destruct.

    7. KB9OAK

      I'm not a machinist so please excuse the question if already covered, but how did you make sure both faces were parallel?

      1. Charles

        He covered that in the previous video when he set it up on the table. He used a dial gauge.

    8. ShawnMrFixitlee

      Looking great Adam , Going to watch 5 now ! ENJOYED..

    9. scottgm321

      I keep hoping you’ll make an intro segment like HTR just for kicks. It’s always satisfying to watch you work, thanks for the videos.

    10. Schalk Jansen

      No update on Planer for the 26Acremaker :( :(

    11. Ilham Ramadhan

      Because im also a lathe and milling machine worker,i support your channel Success for u.....from indonesia🙋

    12. Itsnotme

      Yes it's a short one but I like the variety. Nice to see some less common milling techniques. Thanks Adam, keep up the great work 👍

    13. TechGrey 177

      Loving your videos as always. I just had this suggestion pop up on my SEprom, and I thought you may find it interesting; if not amusing. seprom.info/clone/video/0bSWc7GNcap9kq8.html It's an old fashioned product info film by the Colchester Lathe Company (Colchester, England). They demonstrate how their lathes were made, from foundry to factory floor.


      Hi Abom your videos are getting short at this rate it takes a month to see one project get completed

    15. Simon Aldred

      Nice video, but I think dogs make better pets if you are at home more👍👍

    16. Daniel

      SEprom most overrated machine channel. he mill two sides on one detail, missing when he turned large cylinders and not only thought about the number of clicks on you tube, thanks Cutting Edge Engineering Australia nowadays

    17. Kenneth Wright

      I need a part made for my 1912 lead would you be interested it’s part of the cross slide

    18. kokodin

      with this many miling and boring operations it is almost like it would be faster to mill out that part out of a solid block of cast iron instead of making corrections to a cast duplicate

    19. G. K

      will lube not work in that procedure?

      1. G. K

        @webtoedman thanks for the reply.great

      2. webtoedman

        Cast iron is cut dry. The graphite content acts as a lubricant. Oil tends to make the tool skid, and the mess is indescribable.

    20. Геша Казадоев

      Отличная у тебя оснастка мужик! Да и руки с головой золотые! Молодец!

    21. Bears Rod Shop

      After 4 days without power or internet, it's great to be back watching your's and my other favorite master's at work with awesome machinery,,,If we ever get another Blizzard here in TX, (Hoping never) can I come sweep chips for Free ???? Great to be back online in your shop,,,Bear.

    22. Bill Abernathy

      Nice work, Adam. I love seeing the K&T in action.

    23. Hammerstein

      so sad was 3 cuts , you could have milled off the entire small diameter with that rigidity , and then took a .02 finish cut higher RPM plus 40% feed

    24. Wyatt Shelton

      Great video as always, and you look great man!

    25. Double Dare Fan

      Are you going to be doing videos in 4K?

      1. Armando Rocha

        @Abom79 sorry, i read your answer with your voice... Excellent job, you’re amazing and a true inspiration, TNX. from south of the border.

      2. Abom79

        I don’t see the need yet, too much data. The 1080 vids seem to look great on tv.

    26. Stefan Börjesson

      Big toys for big boys. Well performed rigging in the previous video, and of course, well done, as usual.

    27. Jeff Rawe

      Never enjoyed using Shell mill’s..... if they broke they went off like a shell. !

    28. Janus Szakazu

      High q video. Awesome work. 👍👌

    29. Albert Einstein

      Nice having the digital readout on your K&T

    30. K4x4 Map

      wow.. changed notifications from personalized to 'all'..first vid to respond to the new settings Abom da man! thank ya and your lovely camera girl (your wife for respect) Abby thank you also! great stuff not sure if i had to unsubscribe then resubscribed for the changes to take effect but for them fleeting moments i was like hurry hurry reset update Siri, Alexa go to your rooms!

    31. steve shoemaker

      Thanks again....My friend...!

    32. Peter Spain

      Hey Adam haven’t seen that machine before in your shop is that a new addition.Mind you its been a while since viewing your channel but my loss im afraid fantastic

      1. Mark Davies

        It’s the K&T in disguise.

    33. Tom P

      Nothing like the sound a good piece of cast iron makes; when being machined with a sharp tool.

    34. flits62

      do you have to make a separate film of each act more than 4 parts of a simple thing is too much

    35. Ernest Storch

      As you said cast iron is usually easy to cut. But if you run into a hard spot or sand that can be a real problem. Sand can destroy a cutting edge pretty fast even using carbide cutters.

    36. DuDeZoNe

      Awesome as Always... wow Amazing finnish on that .Great series.thx Adam

    37. yambo59

      I was all set for something longer than a 9:46 video, wah -

    38. Larry Martin

      Were the two clamping pads symmetrical about centerline or off set ?

    39. donnyboy

      Sweet, you do nice work.!

    40. Jon O

      What’s the tolerance for the length calipers aren’t a accurate way to measure as they have to be held in the perfect position to be accurate.

      1. Ron M

        I bet this will be BY FAR the most accurately milled part on the Fairbanks. Aerospace tolerances need not apply.

      2. Jon O

        @Jonathan Baxter oh yes there is

      3. Jonathan Baxter

        @Jon O Not much cast-iron in aerospace :)

      4. Jon O

        @Ben Morris yeah so have I most likely being fractional a +-.030 tol. Parallelism and squareness more important for sure to the main bore.

      5. Jon O

        @Jonathan Baxter yeah it a close guestamate I got 30 years in gauges fixturing and aerospace so we always treated caliper checks as a rough check. Mics tend to be more accurate. But a certified height gauge and test indicator the most accurate. But as he said it was a fractional dimension so probably a +-.030 is good.

    41. Wolf Party

      Is that what the sea shells look like that she was selling at the sea shore...! 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Wolf Party

      :45 say that 10x fast!!!🤣🤣🤣🔥👍🏻

    43. Robert DeBusk

      Looking good, enjoyed the mill action. Be Careful and Stay Safe. Bob

    44. James Adams

      Hey Adam when are you going to start your diet

    45. bcbloc02

      Enjoyed getting to see the K&T eat!

    46. Brian Andrews

      Seeing all the doubters in the comments... I hope you are getting used to the new computer and software Adam. It's not easy switching from one setup to another. I'm enjoying this series, the bitesize chunks make it easier to understand each task.

      1. jonka1

        @Abom79 Life is a journey not a destination. Many of us here know this and enjoy it. Hammerstein clearly doesn't.

      2. Abom79

        Thanks Brian. I wanted to keep each machining op separated for the videos and make them more easily searchable. One long video, people complain. Several shorter videos showing more details, people complain. The vast majority that watch enjoy it all and never say a word. Others want it all right here and now, and want to move onto the next thing immediately. They fail to understand why I enjoy spreading out a project into segments.

    47. Anders 4u2

      Wow... you took us sooo close to the cutting edge😄 Great work and awesome closeups Adam👍🏼👍🏼🙋🏼‍♂️

    48. Vernon PGros Morne

      Love you Adam. But why 4 parts over 2 weeks on only this one part? Every little move is a new video. Its getting tedious.

      1. Chris Maj

        He's milking it.

      2. yambo59

        I agree, miss the old days of big metal and longer vids - but hes not at motion anymore so the big turnings stayed when he left- I was thinking the same thing, short vids are getting tedious, feel like im being teased--lol

    49. dcrahn

      Less than 10 minute video, seriously!

      1. Mr Nick

        More short videos = more views/week = more money.

    50. The Knackler's Workshop

      Nice work Adam...

    51. The Essex Hunter

      Nice work as ever, however I would have clamped vertical it to the do-all mill bed and took the material off like that then straight into the other opp. At 8 inches and big toe clamps it would have gone no where. Machining for TV !!

    52. alex 1

      it is very interesting to watch you working but one thing always cime to my mind and it is that kind of work must demand massive amount of patience, and very accurate eye sight when you measure or indicate. than you for very awesome viseos and hello from finland 👍👍 🇫🇮

      1. Larry Martin

        It's all about the process you can work in tolerances like .0002 as easily as .010 when you learn the process.

    53. leg'o'lam 88

      You should do a collaboration video series with will stelter. He could definitely use some help fixing his power hammer after dropping it on Alec Steele's channel

    54. Ronny Dowdy

      Cut like butter

    55. Johan Wennerberg

      How will you sharpen that tool after this partial cut? I assume it needs to be evenly sharp if you should use the whole tool on a surface?

    56. jouna84

      My 8y daughter heard the opening theme, and said, ”dad, you are wathching AAAABOOOOM videos again” 😂😂

    57. Oh well

      With all the BS on y-tube this is one of my go to channels for real work by a real machinist. Thanks for keeping it real !

    58. Bosted Tap

      Great machining Adam, thanks for sharing. Best regards from the UK.

    59. Vijayant Govender

      Thank you Adam I always watching your wonderful videos I am from South Africa

    60. Анатолій Козачук


    61. Mark Douglas

      A joy to watch

    62. Mea Tter

      As an armchair machinist watching a cluster of hobby machine videos, which are clever in various themes, I always chuckle when you say "Gonna take a light cut on the first pass"... and 1/4" of material vanishes. Heavy machining done by someone who knows what they are doing is great viewing. Thanks for sharing Adam.

      1. Astra-Werke

        As opposed to a Keith Rucker who gets all worked up about daring to attempt 10/1000 DOC on a 3 ton machine xD

    63. kes juoc

      Thenks from Lithuania.

    64. Da5id C

      I've been watching a David Wilks - a British machinist - reminded me how much I miss all the Abom size work

    65. Bradley Ford

      I see a C clamp restoration is needed. 😄😃😀

    66. jlucasound

      There is just something about milling cast iron.

    67. jlucasound

      Thanks Adam!! This is for Hand Tool Rescue, right? I love to see you guys work together. I heard Tony is trying to catch up with you. I don't know. Maybe I'm just hearin' things. Aw, shucks! Hi Mr. Wilson!! :-)

    68. take tak

      no shaper ?!?! :P

    69. JStephen Allington

      Watching this video reminds me just how much I love watching a cutter chewing through a part. The finish, the chips, the sound. The only thing missing is the smell! LOVE IT!

    70. Skitches

      You get to use all your toys on this project. It's awesome watching you use different methods than the norm to do things. I love your channel dude.

    71. Özgün Demir

      This is such a beautiful milling machine, I can't get enough of videos about it. How much does it worth?

    72. TheVanillagorilla12

      Am I the only one that saw a face in the mill

      1. 624Dudley

        Oh, hell no. 😳

    73. volksbugly

      Like butta!

    74. tbw357

      As I watch this series of videos I can't help but think back and cringe at what happened to Will Stelter's Fairbanks Power Hammer.

      1. GoFirst Website Design

        9 episodes to end up scrap. He done a Linus.

      2. Motor 2of7

        That was a very sad day. Watching Will fall to the ground in anguish was heart breaking.

    75. Carel Schilp

      Looks like you have a new camera man...

      1. Trains, Bangs, and Automobiles

        His wife, he has a funny blooper on his FB when she caught some hot chips during filming lol

    76. Aerodoc78

      You are THE man Adam. You're channel got me to become a hobby machinist and I absolutely love it. So far I've made a few muzzle breaks for my rifles and made some tools for my other hobby woodworking. I can now make chisels I could never afford before probably better honestly. Thank you

    77. sam yeates

      Thanks for sharing

    78. Pat Locke

      Whats that a Hitachi grinder

    79. Ken White

      A-bombs Precision is 2nd to none I don't why NASA isn't banging on His door....

      1. Jon O

        Most likely because with the tolerances of today cnc machines can be way more productive and accurate. Example I could do the whole part in one setup on a horizontal cnc 4 axis boring mill. And knock out a bunch of these just dropping in my setup clamping and go.

    80. Hand Tool Rescue

      I wish I knew how old this casting is.

      1. Cesar Knox

        @Edison Leonidas yup, been using Flixzone for months myself :D

      2. Edison Leonidas

        a tip : you can watch series at flixzone. I've been using them for watching lots of of movies lately.

      3. HouseGurke

        @Lefty eh Go on, tell him something about his own part 😂

      4. Lefty eh

        It's a new casting to replace an old part

      5. Trains, Bangs, and Automobiles

        Oh hai there!

    81. Pat Locke

      Man that FN ! cutter is wicked as F !!

    82. Jeffrie Benedetti

      Why would you not use coolant in a situation like this is it because it's cast or is it because you're using a shell Mill.. also I love your stuff everything you do I watch I support you and your family thank you

      1. Jeffrie Benedetti

        @Andy B Thank you so much I am learning so much

      2. Jeffrie Benedetti

        @Fluffy Zyox Thank you so much I am learning so much

      3. Andy B

        Cast iron contains graphite which acts as a lubricant so it doesn't get as hot as steel would

      4. Fluffy Zyox

        Cast is soft, but being a hss shell mill coolant would be wise. Usually for videos people don’t run coolant.

    83. Jeff Anderson

      I love watching your machining videos. You are in your element.

    84. Jonathan Castillo

      How you do it to choose the rpm in the cutter?

      1. Abom79

        You have to know the proper surface speed needed for given material and diameter of the cutter to calculate Rpm.

    85. justme

      8:30 it's kinda scary how close that's getting to your shirt

    86. Pedal Man

      From one toolmaker to another. You are fantastic. I started as a Welder Fabricator. If you like using that for deburring. I suggest you try 3-M Unitized wheels. You will fall in Love with the results!!!!

    87. Mature Patriot Machining

      Nice work. Amazing how many operations needed to be performed on this casting.

    88. Cody McGill

      We're all wayyy more mature than this but...if anybody has seen the episode of SpongeBob where his drawing comes to life, there's a scene where the drawing uses his mouth as a pencil sharpener....that's all I could see when I saw the horizontal mill at work 🤣🤣🤣

      1. 624Dudley

        Cody, I don’t know the SpongeBob example, but for years I’ve been seeing faces in horizontal mills that have dual overarms like this one. Apparently, I’m not alone: there is a fabulous stop-motion sequence in a This Old Tony video in which he animates his horizontal mill, making it look as though the mill is a face showing amazement (at his workmanship). It’s outstanding!

      2. Will Johnson

        I see it. Horizontal mills will never look the same again.

      3. Mature Patriot Machining

        That is called face pareidolia

    89. Jeffrey Peters

      I’m glad to see you getting back to machining projects! For a while, you were showing other stuff (which I like) but the machining is going back to your channeled roots and the reason I follow you! Keep it up!!

    90. asher terry

      Now that's what you call a rigid setup.

    91. frfrpr

      Dynamite filming. Great shots by the camera.

    92. Shutter Bugg

      I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching your videos. Inspirational to the point I bought a vintage lathe and am restoring it. A mill will be next on the list.

    93. 07Stylist

      Your videos these days are so short and one step processes most of the time

    94. Cody Call

      This powerhammer for Alec Steel or Will by chance? Lol

      1. Pat Locke

        I left comments on both of their channels when Will broke his hammer and suggested can't remember the guy in Texas with way to much stuff ! and my opinion can't stand him !!

      2. Djamel Hamdia

        It is for Eric of "Hand Tool Rescue", he made a video a month ago talking about sending some parts to Adam as a collaboration.

      3. Shutter Bugg

        He said who it was for. I don't believe it is for either of them. Alec is back in the UK and has a large russian hammer now.

    95. Baron Fubar

      That strobe effect from the camera is something else. Looks like the head and holder spin opposite directions.

    96. tsmartin

      Those strip discs work great on removing mill scale.

    97. Rocker Pat

      Wonderful, I got my Milling Zen On without the Annoying Commercials!!!! Must be my lucky day!!! Keep Rocking it out!!!

    98. jjb

      I normally save your videos for end-of-day relaxation (instead of news). This one showed up right on that time. I really appreciate anything entertaining Tuesday through Thursday when no one else usually posts. Educational, too. Thank you so much!

    99. michael penoyer

      i like your content but this is short video, needs more steps

      1. kinda blue

        @Vernon PGros Morne Dude, he's posted over 60 minutes of video on this project in the past week, about 120 minutes in the past two weeks, plus another that showed he was having camera problems. Many YTers post only that much in a month. So he broke it up into pieces - maybe because that is how his time worked out, between the setups, the work, the editing, and just maybe he has other things to do than this freebie for a YT friend, stuff like money making projects, family, etc? Why do you feel so entitled to his time? You know you have the option to not watch at all, right? smh

      2. Vernon PGros Morne

        @kinda blue Dude it doesn't take him 2 weeks to work this small part. Hes been milking this project like crazy. Sure its free but at this point I feel like I'm only watching to support the channel these days.

      3. Andy B

        There's just no pleasing some people

      4. kinda blue

        No doubt the setup time for this was longer than the actual operation. Maybe that's all he had time for that day. He's published five videos in the past week. Instead of being a whiner, maybe try being thankful for what you did get for free.

    100. Mohabat khan Malak

      Wonderful, enjoyed watching. Its a simple component but has a lot of machining stages.