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    While in Chattanooga Tennessee I went over to my friend Michael Brandt's shop @Garage Bound, LLC to visit and see the 49 Packard Rescue Pig he has been building lately. This build has been a collaboration project between him and Chuck at Flame Tech. They wanted to build something really fun and different, and I believe they have achieved it! They can take the Rescue Pig out on the trails, through the mug bogs, or even to a mobile welding site. With all of the tools and machines one would need for mobile repair and welding services, found right on the car. This is a work in progress as they still have lots of other mods they will be doing to the car. Mike has also recently added a new plasma table to his shop and expanded his capabilities.
    Find Mike on Instagram also @garageboundllc

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    1. Cap'n Spicy

      damn, small world out here on the east coast, I'm just an old jeep head, know all these guys in one way or another, found your channel from watching Glen as I also love VW's and ducks are cool too, lol, and right back around to off road, great story, love the Rescue Pig.

    2. Drew Honderich

      Anybody get burned on that exhaust?

    3. Steve

      That is totally original !

    4. Mike A Drover


    5. Phill Huddleston

      Cool car but I hate to see such old classics modified like that, better to keep them original in the restoration because there are fewer and fewer originals as time goes on.

      1. Abom79

        Better that someone like Mike saved the car from rusting away and getting scrapped.

    6. throttle bottle

      I seen some brake pedal pumping going on, I'm assuming you have all the air bled out and still have long pedal travel/slow engagement. solution is likely installing "residual valves" in the lines, for drum brakes install 10psi residual valves and for disc brakes 2psi residual valves, put the somewhere in the front near the master cylinder :) it will make a world of difference if that's the issue.

    7. throttle bottle

      with your arms or head out the open window, your open to rocks and other debris flung by the wheels sticking out so far past the body/fenders. same for any off-road vehicle, I got bruised severely once by a big piece of a branch and took more than a few briar bushes that the wheels grabbed and flung, on road rather large gravel and random debris.

    8. Steven Booth

      That is really but wouldn't be road legal in the UK dues to the exhaust noise and the rear wheels extending beyond the body work. I'm surprised it's even road legal in the US.

      1. throttle bottle

        it's really not legal for the same reasons. if they wanted to be jack-wads about it they could, but in general you can get by with a lot. not driven daily and abused endlessly

    9. Kepo Irvine

      Some people are rich. Other's have money.

    10. Paul Lester

      I think he needs to bleed the brakes lol


      Amazing, it´s great

    12. David Davis

      That was really cool and unique!

    13. Jerry Coleman

      Adam, Awesome video, very insane vehicle/rig, enjoyed watching & thanks for sharing your video.!.!.!.

    14. William T. Musil

      Hiya Adam

    15. Joe Clarke

      Very neat. Now, where to mount the crane?

    16. take tak

      where is immortal joe? this is some thing from mad max! :)

    17. myhT

      that sound is lovley! cant get enough!!

    18. Ian Robinson

      That rig is INSANE. No way you could put it on the road in the UK!

      1. gordonjcp

        You could if you put rear wheelarches on, or took the unnecessary second set of wheels off.

    19. Richard Scott

      A remarkable young man.The longer the video progressed the more impressed I was. Seasons greetings Adam. Salut

    20. Kenneth Crips

      Jay Leno might be interested in featuring this beast on his show.

      1. Bill Gringo

        Good call, Kenneth!! Awesome.

    21. Larry Barnes

      What a great setup, the truck or the workshop, great stuff. Merry Christmas Adam and Michael.

    22. Dimwitt Flathead

      Do you accept requests for custom tools to be made? I would like to see a custom lathe made designed to "part off" the end of tanks like fire extinguishers, freon tanks, hvac compressors, old lp gas tanks, oxycetylene tanks, you name it.

    23. pmailkeey

      4:52 Judging by wear indications on that tyre, I'd say the tracking was out - looks like it's towing in too much.

    24. Ken Buswell

      I'll bet the neighbors like that.

    25. Ken Budd

      I would call that the Pitmaster as in pitstop

    26. Aaron Buckmaster

      I grew up farming in central California and building hot rods and functional 4X4’s. I was mechanized infantry for several years and drove just about everything off road including test driving some gear. I did a lot of dirt biking in the mountains and Mojave desert. Was around many guys who built sand rails and desert runners. I say all this old BS to quantify saying that the Rescue Pig has got to be the coolest self sufficient off road mudder/crawler I have ever seen. Truly, I love that vehicle. What an awesome work shop he has to provide a living and joy. What a terrific success story. He looks and sounds so very happy and secure. I love this visit you shared. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. PS I loved that Boxer. “Tiggy”, what a perfect name.

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        Thanks for all the awesome words!!! Tiggy is my best buddy

    27. Kevin


    28. D Briggs

      Looks like a service truck from mad max.

    29. Minja Leoppky

      Stepper vs Servo motors.

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        That’s what i was trying to say

    30. Dakor jparie

      what a beautiful country :)

    31. Joe Public

      Now I don’t think Matt’s off road is so crazy for building the corvair

    32. Videos of no meaning Just to pass the time

      Sweet Rescue Pig! Adam, I went and bought them burning goggles the first video I saw you wearing them. My daughter still says ahhh bug eyes every time she sees me wearing them. Thank you for the videos!!

    33. Dale Lathwell

      I really enjoyed looking around the shop and the things that you make i like to make mad things should maybe make a channel myself

    34. jrb _sland

      Hi Adam, many thanks for introducing Mr. Brandt. He is well-spoken & clearly head-and-shoulders above the average grunt welder. Another demonstration that truly bright people can be found in any place you look, not just in the la-dee-dah coastal cities. Rescue Pig is fantastic! jlThe dogs are great, too...

    35. Juri Pelkonen

      Oh my god the engine sound 🤪

    36. Gary Walters

      Adom, take care of those knees.I've had both replaced,one 20 years ago and the other 15 years ago and there still going strong.Show them a little love. Great videos!

    37. Brian Conway


    38. Mateusz Haba

      Hey Adam... I wonder... Could you make a video about extracting some screws and bolts with broken tool end and tapers broken during work? I recently got load of those at my bench and it's allways pain in the "a" parts. Maby you have some tricks to share with us (and especially me)? :) ;)

    39. Dana Rasmussen

      Merry Christmas Adam

    40. nightreader

      What fun! It’s 11PM here and I feel I can smell the exhaust .

    41. Bears Rod Shop

      Darn it Adam,,,you have all the fun (@@)! Now I want to turn out 1958 Ford 2dr 300 into an off roader 4x4. Owned for 49 years,,,Oh yea!

    42. Bears Rod Shop

      Thxs Adam for sharing,,,really cool and out of the box thinking in the build, Bear

    43. Infinite Adam

      I just watched a video of yours about spray welding. Could You possibly repair a piston to a engine that has a huge dent in it? Pete from the channel "just a few acres farm" is rebuilding his family's tractor which is very rare and expensive in parts, the pistons are huge and missing metal, looks like a dent on the bottom of the piston. Maybe look at his channel to see what I am referring to, maybe you could help repair parts and save some money on the rebuild. Thanks for your videos, SEprom content like this adds so much value to the world. Thank You!

      1. Robert Ketcham

        FYI Adam is the owner and operator of a machine shop in Florida. Booth Machine I believe...either way Adam talks about it in the “ABOUT” section on his channel. I hope that helps to answer your question. Sorry I don’t have more info for you. Hope you can get in touch with him.

    44. Kevin Reardon

      "The first job I got when I got out of prison was at a fork lift maker." Whoever that was that did that hire deserves a medal. Obviously giving Michael a second chance did this World a favor. Michael s an artist and craftsman.

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        I definitely have not forgotten those that three the dice on me!

    45. Blake Crawford

      Gotta appreciate a guy who can talk freely about being in prison and show off the skills he learned along that journey. I’m a new subscriber to garage bound!

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        Thank you!!!

    46. Cliff Fassett

      Merry Christmas 🎄⛄ from our house to your house

    47. Karl Goebeler

      Merry Xmas

    48. Cliff Fassett

      Merry Christmas

    49. Ronald Jennings

      The expression on your face when he going to down that was worth a million bugs tell you had fun seeing you smile have a Merry Christmas

    50. Rusty Shackleford

      I'm pretty sure the USB ports in the dash were standard equipment on that Packard. You just have to grin ear to ear when they take it out for a spin! Wind shield wipers are for sissies BTW.

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        Haha! Hope to have them soon. Waiting on a 12 volt wiper motor

    51. YZMOTO #80

      That Piranha is an amazing piece of equipment ! It sounds like some kind of Star Wars weapon when it’s cutting that plate !

    52. YZMOTO #80

      “When I got out of prison”. Good for you buddy ! When you can freely discuss your shortcomings with who ever will listen, you have reached the point in which you’ve thrown denial out the window, and it’s time to get busy building, which is way behind you already !! You my friend , have what will be, an incredible life story to live ! Keep focused, much respect ! Merry Christmas!!

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        Thank you very much!!! Life is full of exciting stuff!

      2. Rusty Shackleford

        Well said YZ.

    53. mindookas

      Lithuania is watching Your videos :) :) :) !!! Merry Christmas !!!

    54. MOMS

      LOL “When I got out of prison”

    55. Steve Hasebroock

      Well that was fun!!!!

    56. Vijayant Govender

      Thank you Adam I always enjoy watching your videos I am from South Africa

    57. Jake Kernan

      Garage Bound, LLC the end of that exhaust system looks like a 2&1/2" LR Weldbend 90

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        It is! Swooped it up from piping supply house!

    58. Tom J

      Great video Adam,

    59. CostaMesaPhotography

      I've watched MANY of your videos, and have enjoyed all of them! I ran across this video which think you would find interesting. seprom.info/clone/video/xqebf69tkZiUrIE.html

    60. Nathan Hunt

      Love the Roadkill name drop.

    61. OnlyTheEd

      "When I got out of prison." To me, that means he turned his life around. Not criticizing, just admiring his motivation.

      1. Andrew Bronson

        So true OnlyTheEd, so true!!! Just because someone's been to jail or prison doesn't make them a bad person, just mean at a time they made mistakes because they are human, and I know myself included regret our mistakes, learned from them, and pushed forward to try to better ourselves afterward! Sad thing is you can just about get locked up for anything these days in America, they made it big business which is totally appalling, and worst of all it is so hard to get above it all... Trying to earn trust back from friends, family, or employers... Especially if you were sentenced as a felon... These days there's no more "Paid your debt to society" for some people or organizations. Honestly it's the high and mighty ones doing some of the worst things to us Americans! Just remember people, don't judge a book by its cover, I promise you people that had their freedoms took in one fashion or another will be their for you than your "best friend" or even family and finally don't be the one to cast the first stone ya'll!

      2. oGt 92fromthe1stEp

        Love seeing people realize their priorities and talents and turn their life around I too was heading down the wrong trail did a bunch of overnighters and battles with courts but I finally turned my life around as well. Great job bud keep up the great work 💪💪💪

      3. Garage Bound, LLC

        @Chris Snelling thank you!

      4. Chris Snelling

        @Garage Bound, LLC good luck for the future !!!

      5. Garage Bound, LLC

        Yeah, prison was the best thing that happened to me. I really needed that time to reprioritize my life.

    62. Dudley Middleton

      This is just about the most practical vehicle ever built!

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        Get paid to go have super fun while working??? Sign me up!!! I will arrive in style!

    63. Ryan Y.

      Use hydraulic system for porta ram heads ? maybe?

    64. Jeremy Alford

      Seems like a really good guy... "when I first got out of prison" What was he in prison for? I like the guy either way but just curious.

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        @Jon Tisdall thanks so much!

      2. Jon Tisdall

        Kudos to you sir for your forthright and honest answer to that one. I doubt many were expecting that. Instant sub from me. Looks like a very interesting channel.

      3. Garage Bound, LLC

        @Jeremy Alford no problem! Good deal and thank you!

      4. Jeremy Alford

        @Garage Bound, LLC oh wow thanks answering! Glad to hear you're clean now and sorry for being nosey. I'll subscribe to your channel to make up for it lol.

      5. Garage Bound, LLC

        I was trafficking drugs. I have always been a hustler, was just hustling the wrong stuff back in the day. Been clean and sober since 2001. Now I hustle metal and welding!

    65. Gerry Walker

      I'm jealous

    66. filmer197

      That german shepherd is beautiful :)

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        He is a good dog. Belongs to my cuz. Dog’s name is Dax.

    67. Me Now

      I wonder what his neighbors think about the noise he likes to make with that thing.

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        @Me Now neighborhood with home owners association

      2. Me Now

        @Garage Bound, LLC What is "an hoa" and why is it odd to live there?

      3. Garage Bound, LLC

        Oddly enough, we live in an hoa. Wife begged me not to to drive it home, but the neighborhood is full of young families. Their kids call it a monster truck and makes them happy. Happy kids happy parents. But when I drive it home I always lug it in 2nd gear and do my best not to be loud!

    68. Brian Evans

      That rug really ties the car together..

    69. detroit diesel

      Joyeux Noël !!! Adam!!

    70. OnlyTheEd

      I slipped over and subscribed.....thanks, Adam!

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        Thank you for that!!!

    71. OnlyTheEd

      Cops saying over the radio........."I'm in pursuit of a 1949 Packard going 100 MPH!"...........dispatch saying " You got a who-in-the-what-now?" :-/

      1. Bruce Kiszely

        LOL 😆

      2. Garage Bound, LLC


    72. Bo Nielsen

      Merry X-mas everyone.

    73. OnlyTheEd

      Barbie The Welder might get a kick out of this, also......she's a metal sculptor here in SEprom.....in New York.

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        Barbie is a friend. She loves this thing!

    74. OnlyTheEd

      He said "Plasma cutter", like doesn't everyone have one?

      1. Chas Carpenter

        Yes, a Hypertherm, great machine with no probs, cuts up to 3/4'' on mains power.

      2. YZMOTO #80

        He said “when I got out of prison”, like hasn’t everybody been there ?

    75. eric hoff

      Very imaginative and great workmanship. Please wear ear protection as the exhaust is past the damage threshold. Eric

    76. hikinghero17

      the best part was the dog

    77. Haze Anderson

      Welcome to Tennessee!! 👋😄

    78. Оlexandr Styshuk

      ABS controlled by human brain.

    79. gav2759

      No wipers?...Saves a little weight I guess.

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        New 12 volt wiper motor is on its way

    80. Nigel Harding

      Merry Christmas Happy New Year

    81. EMIL GABOR

      It is this legal to drive in USA? Becouse in my country you aren't allowed to change a light...

      1. Dark Winter

        Yeah, it is. Part of that is where you are - regulations vary from state to state; and part of that is that it’s a 1949, and only regulations from 1949 apply.

    82. JC

      111 people apparently don't like when you do car vids over machining vids 👎

      1. Phreadrick Hejrick

        No whining!

    83. Opinionator52

      Cool stuff,,, great video Adam,,, thank you.... :o) . O,,,

    84. Ronny Dowdy

      Great show and love the go getter Packard. Merry Christmas from Mississippi. Enjoy the vacation time see you in the shop.

    85. Sven Felsl

      This is as MadMax as it ever gets 10/10

    86. Terry Bloomfield

      It needs a chain pull from the ceiling for the train horns

    87. fire surfer

      This could be neutral support for Baja 1000.

    88. Logan M P E

      Ok, so it's loud, that was a forgone conclusion, the build is pretty cool but it gets old fast being so obnoxiously noisy, wow! The dogs are funny, the Shepard chases the Pit 👍😂😂 oh that's a Boxer, my bad!

    89. SKM 94

      It definitely sounds like how it looks

      1. SKM 94

        @Phreadrick Hejrick never loud enough. If your ears bleed you're getting close.

      2. Phreadrick Hejrick

        "Just one question... Is it loud enough?" :)

    90. SKM 94

      It's already cool and he's going to make it cooler

    91. delinquentdesign

      Awesome stuff guys keep up the good work!

    92. Nicko pick


    93. Kyle Greer

      Good video ! Love to see all the good people! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Give Abby a hello for me!

    94. watahyahknow

      actually dont like roadkill , the problem i have with it is that they pick verry restorable cars that are worth a lot to a real entuesiast and ruin them by hacking them up it isnt even needed as they are sponsored up the yahoo with all sorts of expensive stuff they treat like its worth nutting (leave it out in the rain twist wring together juryrig it so it breaks down for the extra 5 minutes difference in buildtime etc) some poeple have to work for a year to be able to aford sumting they get for free and i think they are disrespectfull to those hardworking people that work on theire one car because of their love for it or the brand they could leave say the 67 camaro firebird and use a more modern car like a crown vic to do their adventures with

      1. SKM 94

        @watahyahknow well it sounds like you just have a hard on for not liking him and what he does. Have a good one.

      2. watahyahknow

        @SKM 94 most if his collection collect rust out on his plot , there often go there on roadkill and he tells all about them , he never does anything with them though and he doesnt want to sell them , f bomb is inside a garage collecting dust he may have money but he uses it to stop other people buying their dreamcar to fix up , as a editor of hotrod he gets a lot of offers to buy cars sure but he could make other people happy with them , people who actually work hard to fix up one car from start to finish and do a good job of it

      3. watahyahknow

        @SKM 94 have you ever seen freiburgers private collection , there all sitting outside and he has more projects then hes even going to finish in his life even if he stops working alltogether and devoted his life to them , even f bomb is sitting ion his garage on flat tires and a empty battery

      4. SKM 94

        I mean look at Freiburgers personal vehicles, they're high horsepower vintage vehicles. The only reason they're high horsepower is because he works hard and wants to spend his money in that way.

      5. SKM 94

        Your just looking at it wrong. Most people hold onto them and let them rot, they're just showing you it doesn't matter what it looks like or what parts you put into it, it's about having fun with motor sports and staying out of trouble for the most part.

    95. Harry Hino

      I think this channel has lost its focus; for me anyway. I will continue to seek out channels that provide videos about home machine shop work. Thanks for the memories.

      1. OLD SCHOOL

        Interesting post- I just went back and clicked on some random Abom videos from 6-7 years ago- most of them had 3-4K likes and maybe 10-12 dislikes. Recently the likes have decreased and the dislikes have increased, and also the views are substantially lower on non-machine work topics. There is no doubt that the channel is now about 50% machine work and the rest in travel and infomercials.

      2. Harry Hino

        @BadBeaver Also, when I start skipping more videos than I watch; time to reassess my support.

      3. Harry Hino

        @BadBeaver Makes his living?? Patreon, paying jobs, sponsorship?? It is not just the last video either. The "unboxing" and setup of his new bandsaw amounted to close to 60 mins of footage. 10 mins would have sufficed (in my opinion). I too have to make a living so my time is precious, so I can't afford to waste watching things that don't interest me. Like I said before, I am just expressing my opinion. At least he knows why I have unsubscribed. I doubt whether my "vote" will count anyway.

      4. BadBeaver

        @Harry Hino you kidding me?? You leave because he posts one video of something that isn't specifically machining, even further, most people into machining would also be into this. Look at all the videos before this one. Don't watch if you don't want to, but no reason to unsubscribe, he has a relatively small channel and this is how he makes his living.

      5. Harry Hino

        @SKM 94 I know, but unless I express my opinion he won't know why I unsubscribed. Those that are happy with the content will remain, those that are not will leave. At least I have the intestinal fortitude to say why. Just saying.

    96. Wayne Turner

      Sweet ride ,defently needs 4 point seat harness


      Great job Adam, cool Packard. Nice shop. Thanks for sharing with us.👍👍👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    98. Rusty Shackleford

      What a great video. I've never seen Abom smile this much in all the vids.. really cool!. So.... I guess nobody else will ask about the prison thing......

      1. Garage Bound, LLC

        @Rusty Shackleford thank you!

      2. Rusty Shackleford

        @Garage Bound, LLC That's awesome. You are a great example of perseverance. I cant wait to see more of your projects! Keep up the good work.

      3. Garage Bound, LLC

        @Kent Sawyer haha! Yeah! Sucked so bad I never want to go back! I was a drug addict (always will be) just haven’t used sine 2001 ... and wouldn’t you know ... life gets great without drugs and alcohol!

      4. Garage Bound, LLC

        Drug trafficking! Long long time ago. I was like 24. Best thing to happen to me so I could turn my life around!

      5. Kent Sawyer

        Prison is a building in which people are legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed or while awaiting trial. Theres your answer.

    99. Rosco The First

      Shop dogs are the best 🐕

    100. m9 ovich

      Matt from Winder towing needs to see this LOL.