Hello, my name is Adam. Welcome to my home machine shop. I like to take videos of my work and share them with others here. You may find some clips from some of the work I do at my other job as well mixed in. We are a family owned business that was started in 1972, and today I carry on the tradition as a third generation machinist. I try to be helpful and informative with my job and work descriptions in hopes that others my learn the machining trade as well. I like to use my GoPro HD cameras to make clear and enjoyable videos to watch. You may also find a few other personal videos of my family and I, as well as some road trip and local exploration videos of the Gulf Coast from time to time. Please feel free to post comments and questions about my work. I hope you guys enjoy!


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  1. Michael Smith

    WD-40 also does a great job of cleaning the coolant oil sludge.

  2. Sean Liddy

    You look so happy in your last few videos mate. Its great to see

  3. David Dorge

    So another video saying. Hey donate money to me because…..well I’m not making money being a machinist?

  4. Elric

    Just like checking to make sure tongs work by clicking them you gotta make sure your vacuum sucks by sticking your hand in front of it

  5. CaptJack

    You should get a mini Freddy to clean your large Freddy

  6. Chris Beck

    Hey Adam did you know that the life of a vacuum sucks.

  7. Michael Smith

    One of the many benefits to CNC machines is that the operator has time to sweep the floor while the machine runs. ;)

  8. Kimberzelik Zelik


  9. Mike Beacom

    Is this the glamor part of the machine shop?

  10. Joseph Citizen419

    The look on Adams face when he started in on that sludge. haha

  11. WD Hewson

    I hope the vac motor is brushless so the sparks don't ignite volatile hydrocarbon vapors. The explosion is easily lethal.

    1. dtiydr

      It is.

  12. M L.

    Note to self, don't drink the Ozzy Juice.

  13. Reelfoot

    Broadcast the very fine particles on your lawn. I expect it will make your grass dark green like you see if you apply prilled iron to the grass..

    1. Joseph Citizen419

      What the what? explain please.

  14. Octane Workholding

    Thanks for the shoutout Adam! Glad the tip helped. Coolant maintenance is definitely a big part of the job for any shop with multiple sumps.

  15. foxwood67

    Your new toy smile is priceless. Laughed my butt off

  16. Mike A Drover


  17. KillerDoxen

    I'd have went with Sunlight and hot water to wash out the sump. Never failed to clean up some greasy stuff for me. And much safer to use than the purple degreaser. Nasty stuff!!

  18. Herbst Johann

    Sorry Abrom 79 Bitte schreibe mir, welches Öl du mit Wasser mischen kannst, das du für deine drehmaschinen verwendest, bitte..... LG.Herbst Johann aus Österreich

  19. rick4adk

    This was SO much better with Abby filming. So much steadier and Abby you're great with zooming in and out and the like!

  20. Urban Adventures

    Something to be said about how fresh whole unpasteurized milk looks in a old lathe

  21. Henry Pasini

    IT VERKS!!!

  22. John Lanham

    04:13 damn... the filter used when transfusing blood is only 20 microns.. 🤣 Bro, I’ve heard you say it was a 10, a 100, and lastly 1,000 ... 🤷🏼‍♂️

  23. 1911wood

    The only way this could be better is if you could get Mike Rowe to come over and do it for you.

  24. thebear5454

    FREDDY is a shop vac on steroids. Awesome.

  25. Brendan Casey

    If you angle the vac towards the drain with a block of wood you should be able to drain more fluid before it starts to splatter everywhere.

  26. osgeld

    7:22 your such a gentlemen, I would have just plonked it in there :p

  27. MOMS

    If you use Distilled water, that coolant should last longer.

  28. frfrpr

    Looks like Adam got a kick out of the Freddy machine. Abby's filming was spotless. Sometimes it is hard to believe someone is back there holding the camera... until she zooms in. Fun to watch show. Thanks for sharing

  29. Chad Simmons

    I would be cool to see Adam melt down chips to make whatever the hell he wants to😁

  30. TC Ed

    Nice slimmers.....hated that job ....soon have to start doing it in my shop with my surface grinder...mister just doesn't work that good on that...

  31. dtiydr

    They should have made the bottom as the drain and in a light cone shape.

  32. Tim Hochstetler

    Very nice, could you use two filters at a time that way the you could keep any metal from getting into the bottom of Freddy. I would think you really don't want any metal going thru the pump impeller?

  33. Colin Kuntz

    The smile on Adam's face when a new thing works perfectly is priceless.

  34. Garth Clark

    Nice rig. Likely the Monarch had about 8 gallons of old coolant as over time, evaporation lost 2 gallons, as the bedpan filled just right with the 10 gallons. That coolant pump on the Monarch must be one rugged fella...the fine metal chips it passes through it in between coolant changes. Keeping up with maintenance makes for a better shop every time. Happy machine, happy operator !

  35. Alan Lentz

    Too bad it is not smell a vision, nothings beats the smell of old coolant.

  36. Jimmy Higgins

    hot water will soften the hose ... is i believe the reason for the hose kinking ....

  37. peter


  38. Eddy S.

    You could also start a cooking channel.... yummie!

    1. NebTheWeb

      His other channel covers a lot of his cooking, and traveling of course.

  39. Frank Graham

    Adam cut two slots one on each side at the end. This will prevent the tube from sticking.

  40. luviskol

    Well that's just nasty Now you've made this video you're going to have zero excuse next time the bathtub needs cleaning

  41. Денис Васильев

    I hate to clean up the place for the coolant, there is always mucus from oil, coolant and metal. The dirtiest place is this cistern.

  42. Christoph Herrmann

    Then you need the "Tiny Freddy" to clean the Freddy

  43. Fidd88

    Great video, I found it especially interesting to see the "house-keeping" side of things as well as your usual machining.

  44. Nick Thomas

    I don’t comment that often but when i do it’s because someone has done something right and it pleases me no end to see something done right thank you. Stay safe and be the machinist your father and grandfather raise. Again thank you and god bless 👍👍👍👍👍

  45. RJMsports

    Adam, watching your vids for years, I believe you are going to make that sump strainer straight again off camera, cuz that's the way you do things. A large mallet should do the job!

  46. Mark Nairn

    A lot of hard work being sucked up out of that pan.

  47. Doug Wray

    Nice work on the video Abby!

  48. Scott Brakeman

    Thanks for a great video

  49. Sorrea

    You can also try to hold the nozzle under the fluid level to minimize splashing and blow back, or extend the pipe a bit to get deeper into the jugs.

  50. mike s

    I had wondered if coolants were recirculated in the machines and all my questions were answered in this video. But I never knew a guy would smile about a new vacuum!

  51. 94XJ

    22:55 Had an appointment with the urologist this week....yall know what I'm talking about.😅

  52. Dan Mooney

    When you're using the "Freddy" you look like a kid at Christmas!

  53. Timothy Forney

    That was just a nice relaxing video. The Freddy worked great, sure made that a lot easier. How long about did the whole process take from start to final cleanup? Couple hours?

  54. Gerhard Schneider

    I liked the big grin when you where using the Freddy Micro.

  55. A Ademann

    You are the best!

  56. Tom

    Nice rig.

  57. NebTheWeb

    Watching that coolant pouring out near the end reminded me of Steve Summers's new video. He got sprayed with coolant (3:45)when a hose on his pump blew out. Quite funny He also mentioned you later giving credit to your video on the wood tool boxes from Gerstner. He recently got one (25:10)and it got damaged in transit. He even wore an ABOM79 tee shirt.

  58. Tom Oakhill

    It is good to see that Adam does not waste his time. Obviously, Adam spends all his time machining. He clearly has not cleaned that sump since he moved the Monarch into his shop.

  59. steve schumacher

    I sure wish I had one of those 2X speed buttons on me somewhere, sure looks like you get a lot more done than I do some days. :)

  60. mrbakerskatz

    Thanks for sharing !

  61. Nelson Glass

    Hose is collapsing because it's hot water

  62. Vidar Odinson

    Mm-mm, satisfying!

  63. Flash Gordon

    Recommend you switch from buckets to poly or metal drums. One open top with a lid and a second closed top with bungs. 55-gallon size may be cheaper, but 40-gallon are easier to move and should be enough capacity. This will cut down on the splash back. Also a drum dolly would take care of hauling buckets by hand.

  64. Robert Kilbon

    Thirsty shop vac! Nice clean out job.

  65. Nicholas Mcintyre

    20k people watching you clean a coolent tank. I wish people at work were so enthusiastic when I cleaned out the coolent tanks😅

  66. Stephen Davies

    One of the things I love about this channel is Adam's attention to detail. When he says "that'll do" it is because he has done it right, there is no shortcut to doing a job right.

  67. yoochoooob

    SPLASH-BACK ... get a lid for the bucket and cut a hole in it for the hose !!! lid & hole don't have to be a precision-fit, just approximate.

  68. OldPUP

    I'm glad I DON"t remember the number of times I had to manually clean out sumps when I was a rookie machinist. :)

  69. Tom Hall

    Something to add, which you did right is to always add water to soluble oil not the other way around, it goes lumpy and wont mix properly.

  70. David Carr

    That wasn't an 'oops' - you were just getting a head start on breaking the edges...😉

  71. Dale Pomraning

    Maybe you could do a product test on continuous coolant Circulation system with tramp oil collection

  72. D Briggs

    Add some dawn dish soap to the final rinse out and that would come out pristine.

  73. Weekend Wrench Turner

    I'm not a machinist, but this channel is on my top 3. Dirt Lifestyle, Taylor Ray, and Abom79👍👍👍

  74. Scott Dickens

    get the discharge hose low and off the loop, it'll push the waste water out easier

  75. Kris Jones

    When you are blowing the gunk out of the Freddy Adam, submerge the nozzle in the catch tank contents, then it won`t blow back at you buddy

  76. SirDumle

    what do you do with all those chips?? whould be cool if you took them to windy hill... and made some fun with them =)

  77. Mash Rien

    Obligatory dirty joke: Of course Adam's in love with it. It sucks AND blows, any guy would love it.

  78. Zack Martin

    Shame on you for letting it get that bad

  79. Mash Rien

    21:16 Just from Abby's little "No" surprise at how fast that vac emptied the bucket.. Can tell she wants one of them for the house lol

  80. captaincavern

    Freddy is HUUUNNNGRRYYY !